Agriculture Knowledge Quiz

Agriculture Knowledge Quiz

Agriculture Knowledge Quiz 

1. Which of the following organisms helped in N2O formation in the soil?
A. Thiobacillus thioparus                                                       
B. Thiobacillus denitrificans
C. Thiobacillus thiophilus                                                       
D. Paracoccus denitriiicans
2. The Black rust of wheat is caused by
A. Xanthomonas graminis
B. Puccinia graminis
C. Puccinia recondite                                                               
D. None of these
3. Which one of the following has the correct order regarding thermal conductivity of soils?
A. Peat > Clay > Loam > Sand                                               
B. Clay > Loam > Sand > Peat
C. Loam > Sand > Peat > Clay                                               
D. Sand > Loam > Clay > Peat
4. Beta vulgaris belongs to the family of
A. Poaceae                                                                                  
B. Amaranthaceae        
C. Cruciferae                                                                               
D. Liliaceae
5. Ammonium fixation process occurs in the soil due to:
A. Fungus fixation                                                                    
B. Microbial fixation
C. Nutrient deficiency                                                             
D. Soil exchange reaction
6. The soil property which has no effect of cropping and cultivation?
A. Bulk density                                                                          
B. Particle density
C. pH of the soil                                                                         
D. EC of the soil
7. Mist sprayer nozzles has the drop size of  
A. 25-55 μm                                                                                 
B. 50 - 100 μm
C. 100-150 μm                                                                             
D. 155-190 μm
8. Which one of the following is not a pest of apple?
A. Quadraspidiotus perniciosus Comstock                     
B. Eriosoma lanigerum Hausman
C. Archips termias                                                                     
D. Nodostoma subscota
9. Cartap hydrochloride, a contact & stomach poison insecticide is isolated from
A.  Streptomyces grisea                                                          
B.  Streptomyces avermiti/is
C. Lumbriconeseis heteropod                                               
D. Bacil/us sub/ilis
10. The flood jet nozzle is used for
A. To minimize the drift of chemicals                                
B. To decrease the droplet size
C. To enhance the covering area                                       
D. Better adhesion of spray fluid

  • 1 (D) 
  • 2 (B) 
  • 3 (D) 
  • 4 (B) 
  • 5 (D) 
  • 6 (B) 
  • 7 (B) 
  • 8 (D) 
  • 9 (C) 
  • 10 (A)

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