HPAS Prelims Exam 13 September 2020 Answers Key (Solved Paper with Explanations)

Total Marks: 100                                                                        Exam Duration: 1 hours 

1)           Which among the following variables/factors are not used in constructing Human Development Index of India?
a)      Life Expectancy at birth
b)      Real GDP per capita
c)       Morbidity
d)      All of the above

Answer: (c)
Explanation: Life expectancy at birth, Real GNI per capita and Mean & Expected Years of schooling are taken into account to formulate HDI in India.

2)           Disguised Unemployment means
a)      Marginal Productivity of labour is zero
b)      Marginal productivity of labour is positive
c)       Marginal productivity of labour is negative
d)      Both a and b

Answer: (a)

3)           Human Development does not use which parameter while measuring gender inequality
a)      Sex Ratio
b)      Health
c)       Education
d)      Command over economic resources

Answer: (a)
Explanation: In the 2014 HDR, HDRO introduced a new measure, the GDI, based on the sex-disaggregated Human Development Index, defined as a ratio of the female to the male HDI. The GDI measures gender inequalities in achievement in three basic dimensions of human development: health (measured by female and male life expectancy at birth), education (measured by female and male expected years of schooling for children and mean years for adults aged 25 years and older) and command over economic resources (measured by female and male estimated GNI per capita).

4)           SANKALP is launched to provide:
a)      Better healthcare for rural poor
b)      Better healthcare for urban poor
c)       Quality education
d)      Market relevant training to youth

Answer: (d) 
Explanation: Skills Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness for Livelihood (SANKALP) is an outcome-oriented programme of Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) with a special focus on decentralised planning and quality improvement. It is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme which is collaborated with the World Bank. It aims to implement the mandate of the National Skill Development Mission (NSDM).
The main objectives of the scheme are:
·         Convergence: Creating convergence among all skill training activities, both State-led and Government of India funded, at the state level.
·         Quality: Improving the quality of skill development programs through building a pool of quality trainers, developing model curriculum and content, and standardizing assessment and certification.
·         Evaluation System: Establishing a robust monitoring and evaluation system for skill training programs.
·         Inclusiveness & Opportunity: Providing access to skill training opportunities to the disadvantaged sections. Creating industry-led and demand-driven skill training capacity.
·         Similar to SANKALP scheme, the government has also launched the STRIVE scheme for skill development.

5)           Golden rule of fiscal policy in India is____?
a)      Borrowing only for current expenditure.
b)      Borrowing only for public investment
c)       Borrowing only for repayment of debt
d)      Borrowing for budget expenditure

Answer: (b)
Explanation: The "Golden Rule" of government spending is a fiscal policy stating that a government should only increase borrowing in order to invest in projects that will pay off in the future. Under the Rule, existing obligations and expenditures are to be financed through taxation, and not issuing new sovereign debt.

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6)           Which of the following is an example of management performance indicator?
a)      Raw material used per unit of product
b)      Number of complaints from public or employees
c)       Containment concentration in surface soil
d)      Change in ground water level

Answer: (a)

7)           Which of these is a dimension of CSR?
a)      Physiological
b)      Political
c)       Ecological
d)      Philanthropic

Answer: (d)

8)           NGOs are recognized as        to focus and fix the problems present in the development process.
a)      Favoured child
b)      Unfavoured child
c)       Magic bullet
d)      Unmagic bullet
Answer: (c)

9)           Which of the following is the primary goal for sustainable development?
a)      Increasing emissions
b)      Eliminating wastes and emissions
c)       Decreasing emissions
d)      Moderating emission and wastes
Answer: (d)

10)       Eco mark label of India is
a)      A blue bird
b)      An earthen pot
c)       A red rose
d)      White Rabbit

Answer: (b)
Explanation: Ecomark or Eco mark is a certification mark issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (the national standards organization of India) to products conforming to a set of standards aimed at the least impact on the ecosystem.

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11)       Mass extinction of species do not occur due to which of the following factors:
a)      Global cooling
b)      Falling sea level
c)       Excessive rainfall
d)      Predation

Answer: (d)
Explanation: All other options: global cooling, sea level change and excessive rainfall may lead to mass extinction.

12)       A 40 watt bulb is used 6 hrs everyday. Number of electric unit consumed in 30 days:
a)      12
b)      1.2
c)       2.4
d)      7.2

Answer: (d)
Explanation: 40 watts x 6 hrs x 30 days = 7200 Wh = 7.2 kWh (1 unit = 1kWh)

13)       In nuclear fission of U235 with a slow neutron bombardment produces energy approximately:
a)      50 MeV
b)      100 MeV
c)       200 MeV
d)      930 MeV

Answer: c)
Explanation: The total binding energy released in fission of an atomic nucleus varies with the precise break up, but averages about 200 MeV* for U-235 or 3.2 x 10-11 joule.

14)       Dental alloy for teeth filling ontains:
a)      Silver, mercury, tin, copper and zinc
b)      Siler, gold, tin, copper and zinc
c)       Silver, mercury, tin, copper and aluminium
d)      Gold, mercury, tin, copper and zinc

Answer: (a)

15)       Which of the following substances are not responsible for water hardness?
a)      Calcium carbonate
b)      Magnesium carbonate
c)       Calcium nitrate
d)      Calcium hydrogen nitrate

Answer: (c)

16)       Different plant parts in which leukoplasts are present are:
a)      Roots and underground stem.
b)      Green leaves
c)       Flowers and fruits
d)      Green parts of young stems

Answer: (a)
Explanation: Leucoplasts are non – chlorophyll pigment organelles present in non-photosynthetic parts of plants.

17)       Pteridophyta do not have
a)      Leaves
b)      Stem
c)       Roots
d)      Flowers

Answer: (d)
Explanation: Pteridophytes comprise of a group of 12000 species of vascular plants that reproduce via spores and have neither seeds nor flowers. Eg. Fern. They differ from moses by being vascular (i.e. having water conducting vessels). They have stems and leaves like other vascular plants.

18)       In which group of animals, Coelom is filled with blood?
a)      Annelida
b)      Arthropoda
c)       Nematoda
d)      Echinodermata

Answer: (b)
Explanation: Circulatory system of arthropods consists of heart, blood vessels and blood filled homocoel.

19)       Lack of oxygen in muscles often leads to cramps among athletes. The reason for this is
a)      Conversion of pyruvate to ethanol
b)      Conversion of pyruvate into lactic acid
c)       No conversion of glucose o pyruvate
d)      Conversion of pyruvate to glucose

Answer: (b)
Explanation: In deficiency of oxygen when breakdown of glucose happens, pyruvate is converted into lactic acid which causes cramps.

20)       Physiographically Palampur, Dharamshala and Jogindernagar in Himachal Pradesh are situated in which of the following zone?
a)      Humid Sub Tropical
b)      Sub Temperate
c)       Sub Humid Tropical
d)      Wet Sub Temperate

Answer: (d)
Explanation: Physiographically, the State can be divided into five zones:
·      Wet Sub-temperate sone comprises Palampur and Dharamsala of Kangra District, Jogindernagar area of Mandi district and Dalhousie area of Chamba district,
·      Humid Sub-temperate zone comprises the districts of Kullu, Shimla, parts of Mandi, Solan, chamba, Kangra and Sirmour,
·      Dry temperate-Alpine High lands include major parts of Lahaul-Spiti, Pangi and Minnaur,
·      Humid Sub-tropical zone consists district Sirmaur, Bhattiyat valley of district Chamba, Nalagarh area of district Solan, Dehragopipur and Nurpur areas of district Kangra,
·      Sub-humid tropical zone Sirmour and Indora area of district Kangra.

21)       Which of the following was not a princely state or Thakurai which was clubbed to form the Mahasu district in 1948?
a)      Koti
b)      Darkoti
c)       Ghund
d)      Ani

Answer: (d)
Explanation: Himachal Pradesh appreared on the administrative map of the country on the 15th April, 1948 and the states of Bhagat, Baghal, Kunihar, Kuthar, Mangal, Beja, Darkoti, Ghund Keonthal, Koti etc. formed a part of the then Mahasu District

22)       'Zahor' is Tibetan name of which of the following district of Himachal Pradesh?
a)      Kinnaur
b)      Mandi
c)       Lahul and Spiti
d)      Kullu

Answer: (b)
Explanation: According to the Tibetan tradition, Padam Sambhav (750-800 AD), the great Buddhist Patriarch, who was summoned by king Tisong-De-Tsen of Tibet for preaching Buddhism, hailed from Zahor(or Mandi), which represents the country round about Rewalsar. On the basis of this it is concluded that Mandi must have been a great place of Buddhist learning about this time.

23)       Which snow clad peak of Himachal Pradesh is shaped somewhat like Matterborn in Switzerland?
a)      Gyephang
b)      Reo Purgyil
c)       Jorkhanden
d)      Manirang

Answer: (b)

24)       Which of the following combination is not correct?
a)      Pangwal-Doghri
b)      Kinner or Kinnaura-Janckang
c)       Gaddi- Batta-satta
d)      Swangla- Jhanjrara

Answer: (d)
·      Pangwals: Dogri: Marriage by Exchange
·      Kinner: Janetang: Legal marriage
·      Gaddi: Batta Satta: The boy gets his partner in exchange of his real sister or a cousin.
·      Jhanjara is also a marriage system of Gaddi

25)       Match List I and List II and select the correct Answer from the codes given below
List I                                 List II
                             I.   Kayang                             (A) Sirmaur
                           II.   Jhanjar                              (B) Una
                        III.   Keekli and Bangra           (C) Chamba
                        IV.   Jhoori                               (D) Lahul
(E) Kinnaur
a)        i-E, ii-A, iii- D, iv- C
b)       i-E, ii-C, iii- B, iv- A
c)        i-D, ii-C, iii- B, iv- A
d)       i-A, ii-C, iii- B, iv- D

Answer: (b)
·      Kayang: Kinnaur
·      Jhanjhar : Chamba
·      Keekli is a playful dance performed by young girls. The girls hold their hands in crosswise manner and rotate fast on their toes. Bhangra is a popular male dance originated in the plains of Punjab and popular in districts of Kangra, Hamirpur and Una.
·      Jhoori is a type of song that celebrates extramarital romance. It is popular in Mahasu and Sirmaur, and is accompanied by a female dance called jhoomar.

26)       Lohri has been declared as state level festival and 'First Lohri festival' was celebrated on 13th Jaunary 2010 at which of the following place?
a)      Santokhgarh
b)      Pragpur
c)       Nalagarh
d)      Paonta Sahib

Answer: (b)

27)       Which of the following temple is believed to be constructed by two merchants 'Ahuka' and 'Manyka'?
a)      Baijnath temple
b)      Chintpurni Temple
c)       Lakshmi Nayarayn temple Chamba
d)      Masroor Temple

Answer: (a) 
Explanation: Baijnath Temple is a Nagara style Hindu temple situated in a small town of Baijnath located in Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, India, and was built in 1204 A.D. by two local merchants named Ahuka and Manyu

28)       The loargest collection of 'Kangyur and 'Tangyur' is placed in the library of which of the following Gompa?
a)      Gemur
b)      Kardang
c)       Tayul
d)          Sashur

Answer: (b)
Explanation: The library of Kardang Gompa is huge and contains full volumes of Kangyur and Tangyur (sacred Buddhist texts).

29)       Which of the following statement is not correct?
a)      The Arki school of painting was founded by Raja Jagat Singh
b)      The Basholi school of painting came into prominence from the time of Raja Kripal Pal
c)       The Kangra paintings have got Geographical indicator.
d)      Chamba was one of the principal centre of Pahari miniature paintaings.

Answer: (a)
Explanation: The earliest of Arki paintings are the portraits of Rana Mehar Chand (1727-1743) and Rana Bhup Chand (1743-1778).

30)       In which of the following valley, Himachal Pradesh Language, Art and Cultrue Academy found 600 years old manuscript that deals with the Ayurvedic System of Medicine?
a)      Sangla Valley
b)      Kullu Valley
c)       Balh valley'
d)      Spiti Valley

Answer: (d)
Explanation: In 2011, Himachal Pradesh Language, Art and Culture academy found 600 year old manuscript in Spitti valley. It is written in Bhoti language and deals with Ayurvedic system of medicine.

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31)       Which of the following combination is not correct?
a)      Fatehpur Fort                    : Bandla Dhar
b)      Tiun Fort                            : Tiun Dhar
c)       Devi Badoli Temple           : Jhanjiar Dhar
d)      Dagoga Malhot                  : Kot Dhar

Answer: (a)
·          Fatehpur Fort                     : Naina Devi Dhar

32)       The only coin special to Chamba, five of which makes an 'anna' is the:
a)      Dhela
b)      Pi
c)       Chakli
d)      Ratti

Answer: (c)
Explanation: - According to the Gazette of Chamba State, the copper coin was called chakli, five of which made an anna.

33)       Who amongst the following was the first to examine the archaeological remains in Chamba and Bharmour?
a)      Colonel Reid
b)      Mr. Vigne
c)       General Cunningham
d)      Sir Henry Davies

Answer: (c)
Explanation: In February 1839, Chamba was for the first time visited by a European person vigne,i°s and in the same year by General Cunningham who was the first to examine the archaeological remains in the state at capital and Bharmour.

34)       What is the script of earliest rock inscription found at Pathiar and Kanihara?
a)      Brahmi
b)      Kharoshti
c)       Pali
d)      Sharda

Answer: (b)

35)       What is the name of an opera festival which is annualy held at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts(TIPA) at Mcleodganj and was an annual feature in Lhasa prior to 1959?
a)      Losar
b)      Shoton
c)       Thanka
d)      Dajyur

Answer: (b)
Explanation: - Lhamo, or Ache Lhamo, is a classical secular theatre of Tibet with music and dance that has been performed for centuries, whose nearest western equivalent is opera. The biggest Tibetan opera performances are held in Norbulingka Summer Palace in Lhasa during Shoton Festival in August. The opera part of the festival is called the Xuedun Festival or the "Tibetan Opera Festival".

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36)       Which of the following valley is without exception the most rugged glen of Kinnaur district?
a)      Tidong Valley
b)      Baspa Valley
c)       Bhabha Valley
d)      Lippa Valley

Answer: (a)
Explanation: The Tidong valley is without exception the most rugged glen of the district. It is often called ‘a scene of savage grandeur’.

37)       'Jeyeshthang' and 'Kanishthang' are the names given to which of the following?
a)      Local Deities of Kinnaur District
b)      Valleys of Lahul Spiti
c)       Upper House and Lower house of village khap of Malana
d)      Mountain peaks in Sanla valley

Answer: (c)
Explanation: Earlier, all domestic cases of the Malana village were settled by the village khap known as ‘The Parliament’ comprises an upper house called ‘Jeyeshthang’ and a lower house called ‘Kanishthang’, but with the passage of time people are losing faith in the system and now a number of cases are pending in civil courts.

38)       Which of the following country was relegated to second position by Lahul Spiti by achieving the highest per hectare production of potato?
a)      Belgium
b)      Spain
c)       Netherland
d)      France
Answer: (c)

39)       The first mention of which of the folllowing place came in 19=817 from the diary of the Scottish officer brothers?
a)      Dharamshala
b)      Shimla
c)       Kasauli
d)      Subathu

Answer: (b)
Explanation: First mention of Shimla, comes in 1817 from the diary of Scotish officers, Lt. Patrick and Alexander Gerrad.

40)       Climate change vulnerability assessment is being undertaken from which of the following river basin, covering 9258 villages of four districts with more than 1200 panchayats?
a)      Ravi
b)      Satluj
c)       Beas
d)      Chenab

41)       What is the name of web based software implemented by the department of Transport of Himachal Pradesh for issuing Driving Licences?
a)      Vahan
b)      Sarathi
c)       Sathi
d)      Sahyogi

Answer: (a)
Explanation: The web based Vahan software has been implemented in all the 8 Registration and Licencing Authorities of the District. The software is used for registration of New Vehicles, Transfer of Owner, Addition and Removal of Hypothecation, Issuance of NOC to other RLA, Change of Address etc.

42)       Name the Suprintendent of Botanical Garden who set up 'Delhi Tea Estate' in 1852?
a)      Major Straut
b)      Dr. Jameson
c)       Alexander Couts
d)      Samuel Stokes

Answer: (b)
Explanation: In 1852 superintendent of Botanical garden Jamson set up Delhi Tea Estate. Which was renamed Nishan Tea Estate. In 1866 major straut purchased Delhi Tea estate.

43)       After an intensive research and success of the project which district of H.P.is likely to emerge as pistachios bowl of the state?
a)      Lahul Spiti
b)      Una
c)       Kangra
d)      Kinnaur

Answer: (c)

44)       Where is the first 'Emu' breeding farm of H.P. set up by Multi level marketing company 'Easy Way with'?
a)      Gandwal in Una
b)      Jeori in Shimla
c)       Paonta Sahib in Sirmaur
d)      Jwali in Kangra
Answer: (a)

45)       Who amongst the following were the two wild life experts who were main force behing setting up Himachal's first 'Bird Ringing Station ' at Salopra?
a)      Col. Napier and Donald Macleed
b)      Henry Hardinge and Hugh Gough
c)       Franscis Bunar and T. H, Walkar
d)      William Finch and Thomas Coryat

Answer: (c)
Explanation: Francis Buner, a senior conservation scientist with the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, and T.H. Walker of the British Trust of Ornithology imparted training to the staff in bird identification and ringing at Salopra.

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46)       Which of the following has been included in the 8 wonders of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)?
a)      Bhimbetka caves
b)      Golden Temple
c)       Statue of Unity
d)      Amber Fort

Answer: (c)
Explanation: The Eight Wonders of the SCO are:
·          India — the Statue of Unity
·          Kazakhstan — the Archaeological Landscape of Tamgaly China — The Daming imperial palace complex Kyrgyzstan — Lake Issyk-Kul
·          Pakistan — The Great Mughals’ heritage at Lahore
·          Russia — The Golden Ring cities Tajikistan — The Palace of Nowruz Uzbekistan — the Poi Kalon complex

47)       To which country gifted a 'Made in India' patrol vessel named 'KAAMIYAAB'?
a)      Sri Lanka
b)      Maldives
c)       South Africa
d)      Bangladesh

Answer: (b)
Explanation: - India in December 2019 gifted a 'Made in India' Patrol Vessel named "KAAMIYAAB” to the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) as part of Delhi's efforts to be net security provider in the region amid China's increasing forays in the Indian Ocean Region.

48)       Which Indian Air Force aircraft decommissioned on December 27,2019?
a)      MiG-27
b)      MiG-29
c)       Sukhoi-30
d)      MiG-21

Answer: (a)
Explanation: Indian Air Force aircraft decommissioned MiG-27 in December 2019. The plane has been at the frontline and has proved its worth in the 1999 Kargil War.

49)       Which Tribal refugee community will now be given permission to settle in Tripura following the signing of a historic agreement on January 16, 2020?
a)      Jayantia
b)      Bru-Reang
c)       Tengma-Bodo
d)      Deori-Garo

Answer: (b)
Explanation: During 1997-98, about 5000 Bru-Reang families i.e. around 30,000 Bru-Reang tribals were displaced from Mizoram to Tripura because of ethnic violence in Mizoram. In the North Tripura, these people were living in temporary camps. To permanently rehabilitate these refugees, the Government of India, since 2010 has been making sustained efforts. Bru-Reang tribes are one of the 21 scheduled tribes of the Tripura state in India. They are the second largest tribal community of Tripura and are recognised as the 75 primitive tribes in India. The Bru tribes are found in Tripura, Mizoram, Assam, Manipur, and Bangladesh.

The Bru-Reang agreement is signed between the Government of India, Presided by the Home Minister for Home Affairs, Shri Amit Shah, Governments of Tripura and Mizoram and Bru-Reang representatives. After the agreement about 34,000 Bru refugees will be settled in Tripura. Centre will provide help to these tribes for their all-round development and for this around Rs 600 crores were sanctioned. According to the Home Minister, each displaced family would be given a residential plots, for 2 years they will be given the aid of Rs 5000 per month, Free ration for 2 years and about Rs 1.5 lakh aid to build their house.

50)       What is the ranking of Indian Passport in Henry Passport Index 2020?
a)      40
b)      52
c)       66
d)      84

Answer: (d)
Explanation: Henley & Partners, the residence and citizenship planning firm has published the Henley Passport Index for 2020 according to the number of destinations the respective passport holders can access without a prior visa. The ranking is based on data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), a trade association of some 290 airlines, including all major carriers. The index includes 199 different passports and 227 different travel destinations. The Henley Passport Index was launched in 2006 with the aim of providing a global picture of freedom of travelling.
Japan has the world’s strongest passport whereas Afghanistan (107th rank) has the weakest. Japan has been topping the Index for three years continuously. Singapore, in second place (same as in 2019) followed by Germany and South Korea both shares the third position in the index. The Indian passport is closer to the bottom, ranked 84th in the world.

51)       Where is the headquarter of Global Tiger Forum (GTF)?
a)      Kathmandu
b)      New Delhi
c)       Dhaka
d)      Beijing

Answer: (b)
Explanation: The GTF is the only intergovernmental international body established with members from willing countries to embark on a global campaign to protect the Tiger. It was formed in 1993 on recommendations from an international symposium on Tiger Conservation at New Delhi, India. It is located in New Delhi, India.

52)       What is 'BOID QIT', which was in the news recently?
a)      Biodiversity conservation techniques
b)      Digital monitoring of the borders
c)       DNA editing tool
d)      F-16 Missile equipment

Answer: (b)
Explanation: The Union Home Minister has inaugurated the project BOLD-QIT (Border Electronically Dominated QRT Interception Technique). The project has been constructed under the CIBMS (Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System) on India-Bangladesh border in Dhubri District of Assam.

53)       What is the status of House Sparrow in India as per the State of India's Birds 2020 Report?
a)      Stable
b)      Uncertain
c)       Strong Decline
d)      Data not available

Answer: (a)
Explanation: The House Sparrow has been found to be stable across the country as a whole, although declining in the major cities. It has been declared as the “State Bird of Delhi” to save the species and enhance awareness about their life and habitat.

54)       India signed an agreement with which country to establish Addu Tourism?
a)      Maldives
b)      Bhutan
c)       Afghanistan
d)      Nepal

Answer: (a)
ExplanationIndia and Maldives have signed 5 MoUs for establishing the Addu Tourism zone in five islands of Addu atoll. The tourism zone is expected to generate local employment and enhance eco-tourism opportunities in Addu

55)       What was India's rank among 156 countries in the Global Happineness Index 2019?
a)      140th
b)      124th
c)       132nd
d)      137th

Answer: (a)
Explanation: India's happiness ranking drops to 140; way behind Pakistan, China, Bangladesh. The world happiness report for 2019 has put Finland on the top spot on the most-happiest country for the second consecutive year. According to reports, Finland is the happiest country amongst 156 nations surveyed by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. India has dropped down seven spots in the happiness rankings as compared to its 2018 ranking.

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56)       Which state Government has launched 'One family, one job' scheme?
a)      Uttarakhand
b)      Sikkim
c)       Meghalaya
d)      Madhya Pradesh

Answer: (b)

57)       Which cities are called 'Non-attainment cities' in India?
a)      The cities where solid waste management system has not been implemented
b)      The cities that are not following water quality standards
c)       The cities which are not complying noise pollution norms
d)      Consistently showing poorer air quality than National Ambient Air Quality Standards

Answer: (d)
Explanation: Consistently showing poorer air quality than National Ambient Air quality standards. CPCB maintains the list of non-attainment cities which do not meet the NAAQS.

58)       Which country topped the list of Global Diplomacy Index 2019 released by Sydney based Lowy institute?
a)      USA
b)      Russia
c)       France
d)      China

Answer: (d)

59)       Which country has criminalized offences related to match fixing?
a)      Pakistan
b)      South Africa
c)       Bangladesh
d)      Sri Lanka

Answer: (d)
Explanation: Sri Lanka has become the first South Asian country to criminalise match-fixing and sports betting.

60)       'Bada Dashain' is the festival celebrated in which country?
a)      India
b)      Nepal
c)       Myanmar
d)      Sri Lanka

Answer: (b)

61)       What is the campaign theme of the 'International Women's Day 2020'?
a)      Planet 50-50 by 2030
b)      Equality for women
c)       Think Equal, Act Equal
d)      Each for Equal

Answer: (d)

62)       The term 'Operation Car Wash' that was making news recently, is related to which country?
a)      Brazil
b)      South Africa
c)       Russia
d)      Argentina

Answer: (a)
Explanation: "Operation Car Wash" is said to be the largest criminal investigation in history of Brazil.

63)       Which country will host the UN climate Summit "COP26'?
a)      USA
b)      UK
c)       France
d)      India

Answer: (b)
Explanation: Glasgow in UK will host the meeting in 2021, which was originally scheduled in November, 2020.

64)       In a latest report (2019) World Bank appreciated India's efforts and policies to
a)      Reduce Poverty by half since 1991
b)      Provide clean and wholesome water to all
c)       Immunization all the children in the age group 0-5 years
d)      Achieve gender parity in primary education

Answer: (a)
Explanation: In recent years, the country has made a significant dent in poverty levels, with extreme poverty dropping from 46 percent to an estimated 13.4 percent over the two decades before 2015. While India is still home to 176 million poor people, it is seeking to achieve better growth, as well as to promote inclusion and sustainability by reshaping policy approaches to human development, social protection, financial inclusion, rural transformation, and infrastructure development.

65)       The nobel Prize 2019 for Economics has been awarded to Abhijit Bhanerjee, Esher Duflo and Michael Kremer for:
a)      To discover the most effective ways to tackle poverty in the developing world
b)      To discover consumption pattern among rural mass
c)       To discover decision making under aymmetric information
d)      To discover role of no-economic factors on trade distortions

Answer: (a)
Explanation: The research conducted by this year’s Laureates has considerably improved our ability to fight global poverty. This year’s Laureates have introduced a new approach to obtaining reliable Answers about the best ways to fight global poverty. In brief, it involves dividing this issue into smaller, more manageable, questions – for example, the most effective interventions for improving educational outcomes or child health. They have shown that these smaller, more precise, questions are often best Answered via carefully designed experiments among the people who are most affected.

66)       Why is there a great concern about the 'microbeads' that are released into environment?
a)      They are considered harmful to marine ecosysmtem
b)      They are considred to cause skin cancer in children
c)       They are small enough to be absorbed by crop plants in irrigatioed fields
d)      They are often found to be used as food adultrants.

Answer: (a)
Explanation: Microbeads are small, solid, manufactured plastic particles that are less than 5mm and don’t degrade or dissolve in water. They may be added to a range of products, including rinse-off cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products. Microbeads are used as ingredients in these products for a variety of purposes. This includes as an abrasive or exfoliant, a bulking agent, for controlled timed release of active ingredients, and to prolong shelf life. They are also a relatively cheap ingredient.

Microbeads are not captured by most wastewater treatment systems. If they are washed down drains after use, they can end up in rivers, lakes and oceans. Once in the water, microbeads can have a damaging effect on marine life, the environment and human health. This is due to their composition, ability to adsorb toxins and potential to transfer up the marine food chain. These tiny plastics persist in the environment as they are almost impossible to remove. The best way to reduce their impact is to prevent them from entering the environment.

67)       Among the following which one is the largest exporter of rice in world in last 5 years?
a)      China
b)      India
c)       Myanmar
d)      Vietnam

Answer: (b)
Explanation: India surpassed Thailand to become no.1 rice exporting countries in world.

68)       Which country's capital name is renamed as "nursultan'?
a)      Kazakhstan
b)      Uzbekistan
c)       Azerbaijan
d)      Kyrgzstan

Answer: (a)
Explanation: Kazakhstan's capital city Astana was renamed as noor Sultan in 2019.

69)       Which of the following are called Brettonwoods Twins?
a)      IMF & IBRD
b)      IMF & WTO
c)       IBRD & WTO
d)      None of the above

Answer: (a)
Explanation: The Bretton Woods twins refers to the two multilateral organizations created at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944. They are: The World BankIBRD. The International Monetary Fund.

70)       Which state got a separate high court on 1 January 2019, which is the 25th high court of India?
a)     Telangana
b)     Mizoram
c)      Sikkim
d)     Andhra Pradesh

Answer: (d)

71)       Which of the following states do not have a bicameral legislature?
a)      Jammu & Kashmir
b)      Telanagana
c)       Karnataka
d)      West Bengal

72)       Which state first adopted the Panchayati Raj in India in 1959?
a)      Rajasthan
b)      Karnataka
c)       Gujarat
d)      Punjab

Answer: (a)
Explanation: Nagaur district in Rajasthan

73)       Which of the following is/are true regarding Panchayati Raj system?
                         I.    The act wont apply to Darjeeling district of West Bengal.
                      II.    Allotment fo seats in constituencies for Panchayat elections cannot be questioned in court of law.
a)      Only I
b)      Only II
c)       Both I and II
d)      None of these

Answer: (c)
Explanation: Both statements are correct. The act is not applicable is Darjeeling district and courts are exempt to interfere in electoral matters including delimitation of constituencies.

74)       Which of the following are recommendations of the L.M. Singhvi Committee?
                        I.          Nyaya Panchayat should be created for a cluster of villages.
                     II.          Constitutional recognition for Panchayati Raj institutions.
                  III.          More financial resources for village panachayats.
a)       II & III
b)      I & III
c)       I & II
d)      All of these

Answer: (d)

75)       PAHAL Scheme is related with?
a)      Agricultural loan
b)      Direct transfer of LPG subsidy
c)       Women education
d)      Child Education

Answer: (b)

76)       Under which Schedule of Constitution of India can the transfer o tribal land to private parties for mining be declared null and void?
a)      Third schedule
b)      Fifth schedule
c)       Ninth schedule
d)      Twelfth schedule

Answer: (b)

77)       Rajya Sabha can delay the finance bill sent for the consideration by the Lok Sabha for a maximum period of
a)      14 days
b)      15 days
c)       1 month
d)      6 months

Answer: (a)

78)       The Constitution 86th amendment Act, 2002 deals with:
a)      Right to Education a Fundamental Right for children in the range of 6 to 14 years
b)      Right to employment a fundamental right
c)       Right to employment a fundamental right for rural people
d)      Right to education a Fundamental Right for children in range of 5 – 13 years.

Answer: (a)

79)       National Human Rights commission is a
a)      Constitutional Body
b)      Extra Constitutional body
c)       Statutory body
d)      Public Private body

Answer: (c)

80)       Which Union Ministry has launched a new portal Santusht for effective delivery of public service?
a)      Ministry of Education
b)      Ministry of Environment
c)       Ministry of Labour and Employment
d)      Ministry of Finance

Answer: (c)
Explanation: The Ministry of Labour and Employment has launched ‘Santusht portal’ to monitor the implementation of labour laws at the grassroots level.

Download HPAS Prelims 13 Sep 2020 Explained Solution_Set-D (2)

81)       Which state topped the good governance index (GGI), launched by the Central Government on 25th December, 2019?
a)      Tamil Nadu
b)      Maharashtra
c)       Kerala
d)      Gujarat

Answer: (a)
Explanation: The event was organised by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions to celebrate the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister (PM) Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Tamil Nadu (TN) won the 1st position in the composite ranking for good governance index (GGI).

82)       Which on the following was not an Arya Samajist?
a)      Lala Hansraj
b)      Baba Ramchandra
c)       Bhai Parmananda
d)      Lala Lajpat Rai

Answer: (b)
Explanation: Lala Hansraj, Lala Lajpat Rai and Bhai Parmanand all were the Arya Samajists. Baba Ram Chandra was an Indian trade unionist who organised the farmers of Oudh, India into forming a united front to fight against the abuses of landlords in 1920s and 1930s. He was also an influential figure in the history of Fiji, and owed his inspiration to take up the cause of the down-trodden to his 12 years as an indentured labourer in Fiji and to his efforts to end the indenture system. He is one of the prime characters in Kamla Kant Tripathi's history based novel "Bedakhal".

83)       Which of the following organization was the last to be established?
a)      Rashtriya Swayamseval Sangh
b)      Hindu Mahasabha
c)       Satya Sodhak Samaj
d)      Hindustan Republican Association

Answer: (a)
Explanation: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, RSS is an Indian right-wing, Hindu nationalist volunteer organisation.
·      The RSS was founded on 27 September 1925.
·      Hindustan Republican Association (HRA) was a revolutionary organization of India established in 1924. The HRA was also socialist in its attitude and was inspired by Bolshevik Russia. Their manifesto stated the railways and other means of transportation and communication, the mines and other kinds of very great industries shall be nationalised. Instead of private and unorganised business enterprise, the Party prefers co-operative unions.” Amongst other goals stated by the manifesto are universal suffrage, supremacy of the legislature and religious freedom.
·      Hindu Mahasabha was established in 1915, the Mahasabha (known previously as the Sarvadeshak Hindu Sabha). In 1921 it changed its name to Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha.
·      Satyashodhak Samaj (Truth-seekers' Society) was a social reform society founded by Jyotirao Phule in Pune, Maharashtra, on 24 September 1873.

84)       When was the 'Vernacular Press Act' passed?
a)       1878
b)       1881
c)        1884
d)       1887

Answer: (a)
Explanation: Vernacular Press Act, in British India, law enacted in 1878 to curtail the freedom of the Indian- language (non-English) press. Proposed by Lord Lytton, then viceroy of India (governed 1876–80), the act was intended to prevent the vernacular press from expressing criticism of British policies— notably, the opposition that had grown with the outset of the Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878– 80). The act excluded English-language publications. It elicited strong and sustained protests from a wide spectrum of the Indian populace.

85)       Which one of the following regions did the 'Pabna' Revolt (1873-76) take place?
a)      Punjab
b)      Gujarat
c)       Bengal
d)      Malabar

Answer: (c)
Explanation: Pabna Peasant Uprising (1873–76) was a resistance movement by the peasants ("Ryots") against the lords of the lands in Bengal ("zamindars") in the Yusufshahi pargana (now the Sirajganj District, Bangladesh) in Pabna.

86)       In which year was first session of the 'Chamber of Princes' held?
a)     1858
b)     1905
c)      1921
d)     1935

Answer: (c)
Explanation: The Chamber of Princes was established in 1920, by King-Emperor George V's proclamation on 23 December 1919, after the Government of India Act 1919 was given royal assent. The creation of the chamber followed the abandonment by the British of their long-established policy of isolating the Indian rulers from each other and also from the rest of the world. The Chamber first met on 8 February 1921 and initially consisted of 120 members.

87)       Who presided over the commission appointed on Famine Policy in 1880?
a)      James Lyall
b)      Richard Strachey
c)       Anthony Mac Donnel
d)      John Lawrence

Answer: (b)
Explanation: The great famine of 1876-78 was perhaps the most grievous calamity experienced since the beginning of the 19lh century. It affected Madras, Bombay, Uttar Pradesh and the Punjab. About five million people perished in a single year. The Government made half-hearted efforts to help the famine-stricken. The government famine machinery was inadequate and ineffective and the unwise policy was amply clear. In 1880, the Government of Lytton appointed a commission under Richard stretchy to formulate general principles and suggest particular' measures of preventive or protective character.
ü   Famine commissions during British period
ü   Campbell Commission 1866
ü   Stretchy Commission 1880
ü   Lyall Commission 1896
ü   McDonnell Commission 1900

88)       Which one of the following attended the 'Congress of Opposed Nationalists' at Brussels in 1927?
a)      Mahatma Gandhi
b)      Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad
c)       Dr B.R. Ambedkar
d)      Jawaharlal Nehru

Answer: (d)
Explanation: In February 1927, Jawaharlal Nehru on behalf of the National Congress attended the Congress of Oppressed Nationalities at Brussels organised by political exiles and revolutionaries from the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America suffering from economic or political imperialism. The Congress was called to coordinate and plan their common struggle against imperialism. Many left wing intellectuals and political leaders of Europe also joined the Congress.

89)       What was 'Ulgulan'?
a)      A Munda Revolt
b)      A Khasi Revolt
c)       A bhil Revolt
d)      A Koya Revolt

Answer: (a)
Explanation: Munda Rebellion is one of the prominent 19th century tribal rebellions in the subcontinent. Birsa Munda led this movement in the region south of Ranchi in 1899-1900. The ulgulan, meaning 'Great Tumult', sought to establish Munda Raj and independence. Statue of Ulgulan is a proposed 150 feet tall statue of Birsa Munda, a tribal freedom fighter from the Eastern Indian state of Jharkhand. The statue will be built on NH 33 Ranchi-Jamshedpur national highway near Bundu.

90)       Which one of the following organization was the last to be established?
a)      East India Association
b)      Madras Mahajan Sabha
c)       Indian Association
d)      Poona Sarvajanik Sabha

Answer: (b)
·      The East India Association was founded by Dadabhai Naoroji in 1866, in collaboration with Indians and retired British officials in London.
·      Poona Sarvajanik Sabha was formed in 1870 by S. H. Chiplunkar, Ganesh Vasudeo Joshi, Mahadev Govind Ranade.
·      The Indian Association was the first avowed nationalist organization founded in British India by Surendranath Banerjee and Ananda Mohan Bose in 1876.
·      Madras Mahajana Sabha was established by S. Ramaswami Mudaliar and P. Anandacharlu in 1884.

91)       When did the British Prime Minister declare in the British Paliament that transfer of power to responsible India hands will be done by June,1948?
a)      January 26, 1947
b)      February 20, 1947
c)       March 20, 1947
d)      January 20, 1947

Answer: (b)
Explanation: On 20th February, 1947, The Prime Minister (Mr. Attlee) Government announced their intention of transferring power in British India to Indian hands by June, 1948.

92)       Which of the following works was written by 'Sachindranath Sanyal' to attract the youth to Revolutionary Nationalism
a)      Bhavani Mandir
b)      Manifesto of Navjawan Sabha
c)       Philosophy of the Bomb
d)      Bandi Jivan

Answer: (d)
Explanation: Sachindra Nath Sanyal: The unsung hero who pioneered Indian armed resistance against the British. Sanyal was known for his maverick views and revolutionary ideas. At the age of 20, he opened a branch of Anushilan Samiti in Patna. Anushilan Samiti was a Bengali Indian organisation that existed in the first quarter of the twentieth century and expounded revolutionary violence as the means to end the British Raj in India.

Sachindra Nath Sanyal played a pivotal role during the Gadar party conspiracy. It was an anti- British mutiny modelled on the great uprising of 1857. Sanyal, however, was caught and sentenced to jail in the Cellular prison in Andaman & Nicobar Island. There he wrote his famous book titled Bandi Jeevan (A Life of Captivity, 1922). He was briefly released from the jail since then. The agony he endured in prison did not deter him from continuing his subversive activities after his release from the prison. Following the end of Non-Cooperation movement, Sanyal, Ram Prasad Bismil and other revolutionaries founded the Hindustan Republican Association in October 1924. He was the author of the HRA manifesto, titled The Revolutionary. Sanyal was once again incarcerated in 1925 and sent to the Cellular prison in the Andamans for being allegedly involved in Kakori conspiracy. He died while serving his second term in cell prison on February 7, 1942.

93)       Which one of the following is not a soil type in India?
a)      Arid
b)      Peat
c)       Laterite
d)      Choes

Answer: (d)
Explanation: Choes are seasonal streams flowing down the shiwaliks.

94)       Jalandhar doab is closely related to which of the following?
a)      Area between Ghaggar and Sutlej
b)      Area between Beas and Ravi
c)       Area between Chenab and Ravi
d)      Area between Beas and Sutlej

Answer: (d)
Explanation: Jalandhar is located in Bist doab between beas and Sutlej rivers.

95)       Which of the following is the highest peak in the eastern ghats?
a)      Madugula Konda
b)      Arma Konda
c)       Gali Konda
d)      Vagai Konda

Answer: (b)
Explanation: Arma Konda or Sitamma Konda , is a mountain peak in the northern part of the Eastern Ghats and located in Godavari river basin. At 1,690 metres (5,540 ft), Arma Konda or Seethamma Konda is the highest mountain peak in the state of Andhra Pradesh as well as in the Godavari river basin. It is also the tallest peak of the Eastern Ghats. The peak is named as Sitamma Konda in Survey of India maps.

96)       Khetri has rich deposits of:
a)      Mica
b)      Salt
c)       Copper
d)      Gypsum

Answer: (c)
Explanation: Khetri are famous copper mines located in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan.

97)       49th parallel is associated with:
a)      Portugal and Spain
b)      Canada & USA
c)       Germany and Poland
d)      Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan

Answer: (b)
Explanation: Roughly 2,030 kilometres of the Canada–United States border was designated to follow the 49th parallel from British Columbia to Manitoba on the Canada side, and from Washington to Minnesota on the U.S. side.

98)       Lena river in Russia empties in :
a)      Laptev Sea
b)      Lake Baikal
c)       Sea of Okhotsk
d)      Barents Sea

Answer: (a)
Explanation: At the end of the Lena River there is a large delta that extends 100 kilometres into the Laptev Sea and is about 400 km wide. The delta is frozen tundra for about seven months of the year, but in May the region is transformed into a lush wetland for a few months.

99)       Barren Falls are associated with which structural division of Australia?
a)      Eastern Highlands
b)      Western Plateau
c)       Central Lowlands
d)      Barkley Tableland

Answer: (a)
Explanation: The Barron Falls is a steep tiered cascade waterfall on the Barron River located where the river descends from the Atherton Tablelands to the Cairns coastal plain, in Queensland, Australia. Atherton Tablelands are part of the Great Dividing Range, also known as Eastern Highlands.

100)  Winnipeg in Canada is famous for:
a)      Fur trapping
b)      Softwood collection
c)       Saw mills
d)      Newsprint

Answer: (b)
Explanation: In our understanding Winnipeg is in the Minitoba Province of Canada and is famous for paper and pulp industries or for manufacturing Newsprint which has a great market in USA. Ontario and Quebec Provinces are also famous for Softwood collection and Newsprint industries.

Download HPAS Prelims 13 Sep 2020 Explained Solution_Set-D (2)


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