SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2 July 2019: Shift 1

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2 July 2019: Shift 1

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2 July 2019: Shift 1

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2 July 2019: The second day of SSC CHSL Tier I Exam process has been started. The first shift started at 10:00 AM and lasted for 1 hour i.e 11:00 AM. The examination will continue till 13, July 2019. Students who have their exams ahead of today's first shift must be inquisitive about the level of the questions asked. Well, the difficulty of examination touches Moderate level due to two sections namely Quantitative Aptitude and General Awareness.

SSC CHSL 2019 - Exam Highlights

  • The overall level of SSC CHSL 2018-19 was Easy – Moderate 
  • The order of exam was: 1. Reasoning 2. GK 3. Quantitative Aptitude 4.English.
  • English section was easy.
  • Maths section was moderate but calculative. Students who are yet to appear for the CHSL exam should formulate a strategy to save enough time for Maths section. You can follow the below-given strategy: 
  • Those who have followed aimsuccess for Gk & Current Affairs can score decent marks in General Awareness as many questions were directly taken from our quizzes.
  • No Reading Comprehension questions were there.

Section-Wise Exam Good Attempts

Section Subject No of Questions Good Attempts
1 General Intelligence and Reasoning 25 22-23
2 General Awareness 25 14-16
3 Quantitative Aptitude 25 15-18
4 English Comprehension 25 19-21
Total 100 70-76
  • There is a negative marking of 0.5 marks in all sections.
  • The duration of the exam is 80 minutes for candidates who are visually handicapped.

SSC CHSL Exam 2019 : Section-wise Analysis

Most of the questions in General Awareness section of SSC CHSL 2018-19 examination were asked from Current Affairs and other questions from history polity etc were repeated from previous year Examinations conducted by SSC. Quantitative aptitude section of SSC CHSL 2018-19 examination was easy but a little bit calculative in nature, if you’re basics are clear and calculations are fast then you can easily attempt 23-24 questions, which will help you achieve a good score in SSC CHSL 2018-19 examination. English section of SSC CHSL 2018-19 was easy. For other details like type of questions asked in SSC CSHL 2018-19 examination, questions asked in SSC CHSL 2018-19 and questions were asked from which topics in SSC CHSL 2018-19 examination you can continue reading this article below.

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis: English Language

English Language in SSC CHSL exam may give nightmares to some while its an easy task for others. In SSC CHSL Tier-1 Exam 2018-19, English language section was of Easy Level.
  1. Synonym – Hind , Innuendo
  2. Antonym- Succinct
  3. Idioms & Phrases- Throw in the towel
  4. Idioms & Phrases- To wash linen in public
S.No. Topics No. Of Questions Level
1 Fill in the Blanks 2 Easy
2 Sentence Improvement 2 Easy-moderate
3 Error Detection 2 Easy
4 Sentence Rearrangement 2 Easy-moderate
5 Idioms and Phrases 2 Easy
6 Synonyms 2 Easy
7 Antonyms 2 Easy
8 Active Passive 1 Easy
9 Direct Indirect 1 Easy
10 Phrase Substitution 2 Easy-moderate
11 Spelling Correction 2 Easy
12 Cloze Test Passage 5 Easy-moderate
Total 25 Easy-Moderate

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis: Quantitative Aptitude

The Quantitative aptitude section needs time management as the questions asked may be time-consuming for many aspirants considering advance and arithmetic maths. In SSC CHSL Tier-1 Exam 2018-19, Quantitative Aptitude was of Easy-Moderate Level
  1. If a triangle of sides 25cm, 24cm & 7cm and G is the centroid of BG. Then find the circumradius?
  2. ABC triangle, D & E are points given with DE:BC = 3:5 & DE is parallel to BC. Find Area of ADE : area of BCDE [ans is 9:16]
  3. a3+ b3+ c3 = 125, a2+ b2+ c2 = 27, a+ b+ c = 5. Then find 4abc?
  4. Sin^2A – Cos^2A – 3 Cos A+ 2
S.No. Topics No. Of Questions Level
1 Percentage 1 Easy
2 Average 1 Easy – Moderate
3 Number System 1 Easy
4 Simplification 1 Easy
5 Time & Work 1 Easy – Moderate
6 Speed & Distance [Train] 1 Easy – Moderate
7 S.I. & C.I. 1 Easy – Moderate
8 Profit & Loss 2 Easy
9 Algebra 3 Easy- Moderate
10 Geometry 2 Easy
11 Mensuration 3 Easy- Moderate
12 Trigonometry 3 Easy- Moderate
13 DI [Bar Graph] 5 Easy
Total Questions 25 Easy- Moderate

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis: General Intelligence & Reasoning

The General Intelligence and Reasoning section is always considered easiest of all sections in the SSC exams. Candidates should try to attempt above 20 in this section to score good marks. In SSC CHSL Tier-1 Exam 2018-19, General Intelligence(Reasoning) questions was of Easy – Moderate Level
  • Venn Diagram- Mission, Labour, Raw material
  • Spoke : wheel :: word : sentence
S.No. Topics No. Of Questions Level
1 Analogy 2-3 Easy
2 Odd One Out 2-3 Easy 
3 Series 2 Easy 
4 Statement & Conclusions 1 Easy – Moderate
5 Directions
6 Sequence 3 Easy
7 Coding-Decoding 3 Easy
8 Mathematical Operations 1 Easy
9 Matrix
10 Blood Relation 1 Easy 
11 Mirror Image 2 Easy 
12 Venn Diagram & Syllogism 2-3 Easy 
13 Paper Folding Image 1 Easy
Total 25 Easy

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis: General Awareness

In SSC CHSL Tier-1 Exam 2018-19, General Awareness questions were asked from all aspects of GA, especially from the Science section, if you have basic knowledge of Science, then you can easily score good marks in GA Section. In Current Affairs, 4-5 questions were asked.
  1. Who is MSME minister?
  2. Who was Pan Singh Tomar?
  3. Bhupendra hazarika Dam connect Assam to which state?
  4. China shares logest border with which state of India?
  5. Who was the Founder of sayyid dynasty?
  6. Which state seperate Bhutan & Nepal?
  7. Who was the director of “Narender Modi”?
  8. Who was the captain of 2018 women hockey team?
  9. Who was the writer of “Kamayani”?

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