Questions Asked in IBPS RRB PO Prelims 11th August 2018 - (All Slots)

Questions Asked in IBPS RRB PO Prelims 11th August 2018 (All Slots)

Questions Asked in IBPS RRB PO Prelims 11th August 2018 (All Slots)

IBPS RRB PO Prelims Exam has been already started & IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 Prelims Exam will be held on 11 August 2018 and Spanning a period of one week (ending August 18, 2018), the exam is held in four-time slots — two each in morning and evening.. In this article, we are sharing the Questions Asked in IBPS RRB PO Prelims 11th August 2018 (All Slots) which is important to analyse your exam. This will be beneficial for the aspirants who are going to appear for IBPS RRB PO Prelims  Exam on further dates


Questions Asked from Quantitative Aptitude

1. Number Series
  1. 250, 260, 291, 314, 340, 370, 405 (Find Wrong Number)
  2. 1, 15, 119, 475, 949, 947, 473
  3. 1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 64, 127
  4. 750, 535, 411, 348, 322, 314, 315
  5. 2, 7, 27, 107, 427, 1708, 6822
2. Data Interpretation
  • Based on 2 Company Data
  • Based on 4 year Tiger Reserve Data on 2 National Parks
  • Caslet Based DI where 2 College Students’ Data was given who were seeking admission in Foreign University.
3. Caselet DI - Undergraduate students(Male + Female) from 2 college clarksville and Sirro, who have applied to college abroad for Graduation. From clarksville 75%male and 25%female applied and total number of male +female is 550 consisting 55% of total student strength. Total strength of sirru is twice that of clarksville, out of which 1200 are male. Total number of male in sirru is twice of that of clarksville. Half of male students and 720 female students from sirru have applied.

4. Quadratic Equations
  • 4x - 21x + 20 = 0
  • 3y - 19y + 30 = 0
  • x + 12x + 35 = 0
  • 5y + 33y + 40 =0
  • x - 11x + 24 = 0
  • y - 12y + 27 = 0
  • 4x +9x + 52 = 0
  • 3y + 5y + 2 = 0
  • 2x - 20x + 96 = 0
  • y = 64

IBPS RRB Officer Pre Exam Analysis 11 August 2018 (Slot 1)

      Questions Asked from Reasoning Ability

      • 5 Puzzles based on the following:
        • Circular Based Puzzle where 5 people are looking inside whereas 3 people are looking outside
        • Linear Arrangement based on rows where 14 people were placed from A to G & more.
        • Box based puzzle where 11 boxes were placed on one another
        • Scheduling based on 5 movies released on Monday to Friday at different timings

      • The Word ‘Doctrine’ was given were you have to alphabetically replace the letters
      • Number Arrangement of 6145267
      • Direction: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.Fourteen people E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q and R are sitting in two parallel rows containing seven people in each row, in such a way that there is an equal distance between adjacent persons. The persons who are seated in row 1 facing south, and the persons who are seated in row 2 facing north. Therefore, in the given seating arrangement each member seated in a row faces another member of the other row, but not necessarily in the same order.Neither Q nor N sits immediately next to F. P faces the one who sits one of the middles of the row.  H sits on one of the extreme ends but not immediate neighbour of O. N does not face immediate neighbours of G. There are more than one persons between E and O who does not sit on one of the extreme ends. There is no one between M and G who does not face O. There is one person between K and I and none of them sits immediately next to E. There are more than one persons between P and J. There are two persons between P and F who sits second to the left of R. E faces R but does not face North direction. J does not face K.Question:-
      • Q1. Who among the following faces L?
        Q2. Which among the following pair is different among the others?
        Q3:. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence form a group. Which of them does not belong to the group?
        Q4. Who among the following faces G?
        Q5. Who among the following faces the one who sits second to the left of M?

      • Scheduling - 5 movies ABCDE releasing from monday to friday each movie have different time. Movie A is releasing on tuesday. No movie released between A and movie which have 75 minute time duration. One movie release between 75 min movie and 100 min movie. Movie B release immediately after 100 min movie. More than two movies released between C and D. Movie C released immediately after 130 minutes movie. One movie have time duration 20 min more than movie E.
      • Single Row Linear Arrangement Puzzle - All the persons were facing North direction. The total number of persons were not mentioned.
      • Double Row Linear Arrangement - People sitting in 2 rows, those sitting in row 1 were facing North, and those sitting in row were facing South.
      • Circular Seating Arrangement - 8 people sitting in a circular arrangement. 5 were facing towards the centre, 3 were facing outside the centre.
      • Box Puzzle - 11 boxes has to be placed one above the other.
      • No dolls are fans. Some fans are air. No air is food.
        Conclusion (i) All air being dolls is never be a possibility.
        Conclusion (ii) Some food is not a doll is a possibility.
        Conclusion (iii) All fans being food is a possibility.
        Conclusion (iv) Some dolls can never be food.
      • Some arrows are weapons. Some weapons are pistol. Some rifles are weapons. Some pistol are guns.
        Conclusion (i) All weapons can never be guns.
        Conclusion (ii) All pistols can never be arrow.
        Conclusion (iii) All guns being pistol is a possibility.
        Conclusion (iv) All rifles being weapons is a possibility.
      • Comparison Puzzles - MNOPQR are six friend each having different hight. N is taller than Q but shorter than M. Only 2 person are taller than M. R is taller than both Q and O. Q is not the shortest. 2nd shortest person is 154 cm long.
        Q1. If P is 181cm long and taller than R. Then find the which of the following statements are true. I) No one is taller than P. 2) O is shortest among them. III) difference between hight of P amd Q is 27cm.
        Q2. How many people are shorter than N.
        Q3. If M is 19 cm taller than Q then find the height of M?
      • Q1. 6145267 how many such combinations are possible where they have as many numbers as between them in numbers systems.
      • Q2. With 2nd 4th 7th and 8th letter of word FRACTION how many meaningful word can be formed. If more than one answer X if no word then answer Y.
      • Q3. If each the letter of word Doctrine is replaced with immediate next number as per English alphabet and then arrange them in alphabetical order then find fourth letter from right.
      Linear arrangement Few people ade sitting in row facing north. M is fourth to right of S. There are 5 people between M and P. T is to the left of S. U is 4th to the right of P. As many people between M and U is as between S and T. There are two person between N and U. No one is sitting to the right of N. T is sitting at one of the extreme end.
      • Q1. How many total people are in the row?
      • Q2. Position of U with respect to S.
      • Q3. How many total person is between N and P.
      • Q4. Which of the statements with respect to U is false?
      • Q5. Which of the statements is true?
      Dual Row Linear ArrangementFourteen people are sitting in 2 rows facing each other. ABCDEFG are sitting in row 1 facing north. PQRSTUV Are sitting in row 2 facing south. G is sitting 3rd to left of C. Neither C nor G is sitting at end of row. The one facing C is immediate right of T. Only one person is sitting between between Q and T. The one who is facing Q is immediate neighbour of D. U is sitting to the right of Q and is not facing G or D. A is 2nd to left of F. B is sitting to the right of E. There are 4 persons between Pand one who facing F. R is not immediate neighbour of Q. V is sitting to the right of S.
      • Q1. Which statement is true regarding S?
      • Q2. Which statements regarding E is true?
      • Q3. Position of A with respect to person facing U.
      • Q4. Odd one out (basically 4 extreme was given and one middle was goven so middle was odd one out)
      • Q5. How many person between T and V.


      Questions Asked from Quantitative Aptitude

      1. Missing Number Series was asked.
      2. Quantity based questions were asked where 2 quantities were given & the relation between them had to be found. Questions were asked from arithmetic topics like Simple & Compound, Time & Work etc.
      3. Quadratic Equation was fictionalization based
      4. 3 Questions on Data Interpretation was asked:
        1. 2 Table Chart
        2. Caselete

      IBPS RRB Officer Pre Exam Analysis 11 August 2018 (Slot 2)

      Questions Asked from Reasoning Ability

      • Syllogisms was based on old pattern where 2 Questions & 3-4 questions were given
      • Direct Question was asked from Inequality. However, there was no question on Coded Inequality
      • Puzzles:
        • Circular based puzzle where 10 people were facing centre
        • Linear Based Puzzle where 12 people were sitting in 2 rows (6 each) where some are facing north & some are facing south
        • Floor Based Puzzle where 11 floors & 11 people needed to be arranged
        • Linear Random Puzzle where no. of people was not given
      • Alphanumeric Series & Direction sense was asked where a simple set of alphabets & numbers were given.
      • Question based on Sentence Coding was asked in Coding Decoding


      Questions Asked from Quantitative Aptitude

      1. DI based on Tabulation & Ratio of Students
      1. Bar Graph based on Male & Female
      2. Caselete DI based on graduate & non-graduate people.
      2. Number Series - Find the wrong term in the given series.
      1. 2, 3, 7, 22, 89, 459
      2. 2, 4, 12, 48, 240, 1448
      3. 60, 20, 30, 45, 90, 225, 695
      4. 2, 3.4, 6.8, 11.14
      5. 900, 896, 912, 848, 1104
      3. Pipes & Cisterns - Pipe A can fill an empty tank in 16 hours while B can empty the full tank in 24 hours. If pipe A was open for 4 hours, and pipe B open for 2 hours, then, how much part of the tank will be filled?
      4. Tow trains running in opposite direction. The speed of the train 15 m and 5 m. How much time cross each other distance 1188?
      5.  Pipe A fill the empty tank in 16 hours and Pipe B fill the empty tank in 24 hours. If pipe A was open for 4 hours and pipe B open for 2 hours, then how much part fill in a fraction?

      IBPS RRB Officer Pre Exam Analysis 11 August 2018 (Slot 3)

        Questions Asked from Reasoning Ability

        1. Puzzle + Seating Arrangement – 6 Qs
        1. 7 people are where 3 people have to buy stamp
        2. Linear arrangement where people were facing north & south
        3. There is a square where 4 person sitting in the corner & 4 people in the middle
        4. 9 people were given where question was asked on people purchasing car
        2. The word ‘OBSTRUCT’ was given where you have to +1 to vowels & -1 to consonants. Make a meaningful word with the given result.
        3. Single Row Seating Arrangement - 
        • People sitting in a single row, facing North. No of people was not mentioned. The question is mentioned below:
        • There are 5 people between M and P. M sits 4th to the right of S. U sits 3rd to the right of P. As many people sits between S and T same as between M and U. N is the immediate neigbour of U. Q is on immediate right of T. No one sits to the right of N. Q is 2nd from left end of the row.

        4. Circular Seating Arrangement - People were sitting in a circular arrangement. Their ages were mentioned.
        Comparison puzzle based on coins

        QUESTIONS ASKED IN SHIFT 04 - 11th AUGUST 2018

        Questions Asked from Quantitative Aptitude

        Updating Soon

        IBPS RRB Officer Pre Exam Analysis 11 August 2018 (Slot 4) 

          Questions Asked from Reasoning Ability

          1. Circular Arrangement puzzle - 8 people sitting in a circular arrangement, 3 of them facing the center and 5 of them facing outside the center.
          2. Day Based Puzzle - Consisting of 6 days starting from Monday to Saturday. 2 more parameters consisting of persons and the movie they love to watch
          3. Linear Puzzle - 10 persons sitting in a row, and facing North.
          4. Box Puzzle - 11 boxes has to be arranged one above the other.

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