Reading Comprehension for SBI Clerk/IDBI

Reading Comprehension for SBI Clerk/IDBI 

Reading Comprehension for SBI Clerk/IDBI

Directions (Q. 1-10): Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words/phrases are given in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.
A linguist is a person who is accomplished in several languages. One day one such linguist arrived at the gate of the palace of King Krishna Dev Rai and began talking to the guards in Kannada language. There were some other guards from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. He began talking to them in Telugu and Tamil languages. There were also some other guards with whom he talked in Marathi and Malayalam languages. But all that he conveyed in so many different languages was that he wanted to see King Krishna Dev Rai.
“Could you tell me why is it that you want to see the King?” enquired the head of the guards.
And then without waiting for a reply from the stranger, the head of the guards discussed the matter with the other guards and allowed him to go in and see the King.
The stranger entered the court and bowed before King Krishna Dev Rai. After finishing his talk with his royal guest, who had come from some other country, the King turned towards the stranger and said, “You must be coming from a distant place. Tell me, why is it that you wanted to see me?
“My Lord! I am only a traveller,” said the stranger, “I do not want any undue favour from you.
“I do not want any money either. I have come to pay a visit to your court. Your ministers are said to be the best brains in India. I would like to know if there is anyone at your court who can tell my mothertongue.”
“It’s quite a challenge. Isn’t it?” said King Krishna Dev Rai with a smile, “You must have mastered a number of languages I guess. I am happy to learn that you have no greed for reward or for anything. But at least you can accept our hospitality. You will be our royal guest. Get fresh, have your dinner. We shall discuss the matter tomorrow. I too will be glad to know the number of languages that you have accomplished.”
Meanwhile a courtier began talking to him in Gujarati. The stranger smiled and answered him in Gujarati.
“He is a Gujarati, My Lord,” said a courtier who was from Gujarat.
But the stranger smiled and said that he was not a Gujarati.
“He is a Marathi, My Lord,” said one of the two soldiers with whom he had talked in Marathi.
But the stranger said that he was not Marathi either.
“His mothertongue is Tamil, My Lord,” said an official with whom he had talked in Tamil. “He is either from Madras or from Pondicherry.” But he denied being a Tamil also.
The stranger said, “I shall disclose neither my identity nor my mother-tongue. If I go on suggesting to you like that, you will ultimately know what my mother-tongue is.”
King Krishna Dev Rai began feeling uneasy, sitting in his throne.
“Is there no one at my court who could take the challenge? I have got so many erudite scholars, so many learned ministers at my court, and there is none who can accept his challenge,” said the King.
“I shall take the challenge,” said Tenali Ramakrishana from a corner of the court. “My Lord! As already said by you, I would also request him to get fresh, have a nice dinner and take rest at night. The rest may be discussed tomorrow.”
So the stranger was taken to the royal guest­house and offered a nice dinner after he had had his bath. The stranger was happy that at least there was someone who accepted to take his challenge.
It was midnight. The stranger was sleeping peacefully on his cot. Suddenly a tall figure, covered from head to foot under a blanket, entered his room. The tall figure put out the lamp. The mysterious figure tiptoed into the room, took out a matchstick from his pocket and inserted it lightly into the nostrils of the sleeping man. “Ha, ha, hachhoo!” The stranger suddenly woke up sneezing loudly. He saw a tall figure, covered under a blanket, in front of him.
“O Ma Kali! Save me from this ghost,” yelled out the stranger in Bengali.
“So you are a Bengali,” said the tall figure, “Please come in, My Lord. The mystery has been solved. He is a Bengali.”
Then to his utter surprise, the stranger saw King Krishna Dev Rai, followed by other courtiers, ministers, and guards. And the man covered under blanket was none other than Tenali Ramakrishna, who had accepted his challenge. They all looked happy and smiling.
“When someone is suddenly frightened by something, he speaks in his mothertongue,” said Tenali Ramakrishna to the stranger, “You prayed to your God in Bengali, and I am sure you are a Bengali.”
The stranger bowed before King Krishna Dev Rai with respect and said, – ”Now I can tell everyone that there is at least one person at your court who cannot be fooled. I happily accept my defeat.”

1. What did the linguist tell the king about the purpose of his court visit?
        1) He said that he wanted to meet the king.
        2) He said that he wanted to know as to how many languages his courtiers knew.
        3) He said that he wanted to establish that he knew many more languages than his courtiers did.
        4) He said that he wanted to test the intelligence of his courtiers.
        5) All the above

2. What was the real intention of the linguist behind his conversing in so many different languages?
        1) He wanted to show that he was a scholar of literary knowledge.
        2) His real intention was to meet King Krishna Dev Rai.
        3) His real intention was to prove that he could speak many different languages equally well.
        4) His intention behind doing so was to establish that all the courtiers were fools.
        5) None of these

3. Why did the linguist deny the guesses of the courtiers? Select the most appropriate option among the given options.
        1) He denied the guesses of the courtiers because he wanted to prove that he was clever.
        2) He did so because he did not want to disclose his identity to King Krishna Dev Rai.
        3) Because he was very proud of his wit.
     4) Because he knew that if he did not deny, the courtiers would ultimately guess his actual whereabouts and mother tongue.
        5) None of these

4. Why was King Krishna Dev Rai in so hurry of letting the linguist sleep so early?
        1) Because he wanted to get sufficient time to chalk out a plan to defeat the linguist.
        2) Because he was afraid of his wit.
        3) Because he did not want to spend more time with the stranger.
        4) Because he did not like his rude behaviour.
        5) Because it was already very late.

5. Why did Tenani Ramakrishna disguise himself like a ghost?
        1) He disguised himself like a ghost because the king had told him to do so.
        2) He did so because he was aware of the fact that everybody fears ghost.
        3) Because he knew that whenever someone is extremely frightened he prays to his God only in his mothertongue.
        4) Because he wanted to take revenge on the stranger because of his irritating behaviour.
        5) Because he wanted to tease the stranger and have  fun.

Directions (Q. 6-8): Choose the word/group of words which is MOST SIMILAR in meaning to the word printed in bold as used in the passage.

6. Conveyed
        1) disposed            2) carried               3) bore
        4) quarrelled         5) communicated

7. Hospitality
        1) admitting in hospital      2) cordiality
        3) party                                  4) entertainment         
        5) request

8. Accomplished
        1) completed        2) partner              3) performed
        4) proficient          5) colleague

Directions (Q. 9-10): Choose the word/group of words which is MOST OPPOSITE in meaning to the word printed in bold as used in the passage.

9. Undue
        1) unnecessary     2) needed              3) justified
        4) excess                5) fully paid

10. Erudite
        1) fool                    2) competent        3) scholar
        4) intelligent          5) bilingual


  1. 4
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. 1
  5. 3
  6. 5
  7. 2
  8. 4
  9. 3
  10. 1

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