Important Economic Committees in India

Important Economic Committees in India

Listing below the Important Economic Committees in India. Reports of these committees are important in Indian Economy as well as Indian Polity.

Mahalanobis Committee

  • Appointed in 1949
  • Chaired by Prof. PC Mahalanobis
  • To review Distribution of Income and levels of living
  • Prof. Dr Gadgil and Dr. VKRV Rao as members
  • First report presented in 1951.

Goswami Committee

  • In 1990
  • Headed by late Shri Dinesh Goswami
  • For Proposals on electoral reforms

Abid Hussain Committee

  • Headed by Abid Hussain 
  • On small scale Industries
  • To review the implementation of the textile policy of June 1985. 

Hazari Committe

  • Headed by Dr. R. K. Hazari
  • To review the Industrial Licensing System under Industries Development and Regulation Act, 1951.
  • Report Submitted in 1967

Raja Chelliah Tax Reforms Committee

  • Headed by Prof. Raja Chelliah
  • To layout agenda for reforming India’s tax system
  • Three reports submitted in 1991, 1992 and 1993 respectively.

Wanchoo Committee

  • Headed by N. N. Wanchoo
  • To examine and suggest legal and administrative measures for countering evasion and avoidance of direct taxes.
  • Had recommended the demonetization of high value currency notes.

L K Jha Committee

  • Headed by LK Jha
  • For tax reforms
  • Suggested introduction of value added tax (VAT) in India.

V S Vyas Committe

  • Headed by Prof VS Vyas
  • An RBI advisory committee on flow of credit to agriculture.

R V Gupta Committee

  • Headed by R V Gupta
  • In December 1997
  • For suggesting measures for the removal of the constraints faced by the commercial Banks in increasing flow of credit to agriculture.

Suresh Tendulkar Committee 

  • Headed by Suresh Tendulkar
  • In 2005 by planning commission
  • To look into the people living under poverty line in India. (methodology of estimation of poverty)
  • The current estimations of poverty are based upon the recommendations of this committee.

Malhotra Committee

  • Headed by R N Malhotra
  • To propose recommendations for reforms in the insurance sector.
  • Report submitted in 1994

SS Tarapore Committee (एसएस िारापोर सममति)

  • In 1997 headed by SS Tarapore
  • The committee on Capital Account Convertibility (CAC)
  • Constituted by the RBI for suggesting a road map on full convertibility of Rupee on Capital Account.
  • Report submitted in 1997

Rangarajan Committee

  • In 1993
  • Headed by Dr. C. Rangarajan
  • Constituted by the government for making recommendations in context with the disinvestment.
  • Report submitted in June 2014.

Bhagwati Committee

  • Headed by B. Bhagawati
  • The final report focused on causes of farmer distresses and the rise in farmer suicides
  • Recommended addressing them through a holistic national policy for farmers.
  • Report submitted in 1973

Swaminathan Committee

  • In 2004
  • Headed by Prof. MS Swaminathan 
  • Constituted by the government of India to address the nation wide calamity of farmers suicides in India.
  • The National Commission on Farmers (NCF).
  • Five reports submitted through the period December 2004 – October 2006.

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