History MCQ for SSC CHSL 2018

History MCQ for SSC CHSL 2018

History MCQ for SSC CHSL 2018

Q1. At which of the following place were the third Sangam Assemblies held?
(a) Thanjavur
(b) Kanchipuram
(c) Madurai
(d) Vanji

Q2. Sangam literature is -
(a) Classical Sanskrit literature patronised by the Guptas
(b) Pali literature dealing with the history of the Buddhist sanghas
(c) Early Tamil literature attributed to the history of ancient Southern India
(d) Sanskrit works of Puranic nature dealing with the sanctity of the place where there is the confluence of rivers in Prayaga

Q3.The first Tamil Sangam is said to have been presided by -
(a) Tiruvalluvar
(b) Parasurama
(c) Mamulanar
(d) Agastya

Q4. Gita Govinda was written by -
(a) Jayant
(b) Jayadeva
(c) Jayasimha
(d) Jayachandra

Q5.The study of inscription is known as-
(a) Archaeology
(b) Epigraphy
(c) Anthropology
(d) History

Q6. Gandhara School of art developed during the time of -
(a) Sungas
(b) Kushans
(c) Guptas
(d) Mauryas

Q7.Ashoka called the Third Buddhist Council at?
(a) Pataliputra
(b) Magadha
(c) Kalinga
(d) Sarnath

Q8.The leader of the Bardoli Satyagraha (1928) was -
(a) Vallabhbhai Patel
(b) Mahatma Gandhi
(c) Vithalbhai Patel
(d) Mahadev Desai

Q9.With which one of the following movements is the slogan "Do or Die" is associated ?
(a) Swadeshi Movement
(b) Non-Cooperation Movement
(c) Civil Disobedience Movement
(d) Quit India Movement

Q10.Who called Gandhiji ‘half naked beggar’?
(b) Warren Hastings
(c)Winston Churchill

Q11.When First Round Table Conference was convened by British Government?
(a) Nov. 1929
(b) Nov. 1930
(c) Dec. 1930
(d)Nov. 1931

Q12. In which year was the Capital of India moved from Calcutta to Delhi?
(c) 1912
(d) 1913

Q13.Who of the following was the first woman ruler of medieval India?
(a) Razia Sultan
(b) Chand Bibi
(c) Durgavati
(d) Noorjahan

Q14. Arrange the following in correct chronological order-
1.Bombay Association 
2.Madras Mahajan Sabha
3.Indian National Association
4.Indian League

Q15.Who was the Governor General of India during the Sepoy mutiny?
(a) Lord Dalhousie
(b) Lord Canning
(c) Lord Hardinge
(d) Lord Lytton

Answer Key : 

Sol. The third Tamil Sangam was held in Madurai. Nakkirar was the chairman of 3rd Tamil Sangam held at North Madurai.

Sol.The Sangam literature is the ancient Tamil literature of the period in the history of ancient southern India  spanning from c. 300 BCE to 300 CE. This collection contains 2381 poems in Tamil composed by 473 poets. Sangam literature is still the main source for the early Cholas, the Pandyas and the Cheras.

Sol.The first tamil Sangam was held to the south of Madurai under the patronage of Makeerthy, the Pandyan king. Agastya was the president of first Sangam.

Sol.The Gita Govinda is a work composed by the 12th-century Indian poet, Jayadeva. It describes the relationship between Krishna and the gopis of Vrindavana, and in particularly with Radha.

Sol. Epigraphy is the study of inscriptions on rocks, pillars, temple walls, copper plates and other writing material.

Sol.The Gandhara School of art had also developed in first century AD along with Mathura School , both Shakas and Kushanas were patrons of Gandhara School.It’s influence is in the north western portion of India(includes Afghanistan and Pakistan).

Sol.Third Buddhist council was held in 250 BC at Pataliputra under the patronage of King Asoka and under the presidency of Moggaliputta Tissa. The teachings of Buddha which were under two baskets were now classified in 3 baskets as Abhidhamma Pitaka was established in this council, and they were known as “Tripitaka”. It also tried to settle all the disputes of Vinaya Pitaka.

Sol.The Bardoli Satyagraha of 1928, in the state of Gujarat, India during the period of the British Raj, was a major episode of civil disobedience and revolt in the Indian Independence Movement. The movement was eventually led by Vallabhbhai Patel, and its success gave rise to Patel becoming one of the main leaders of the independence movement.

Sol. Mahatma Gandhi In 1942 organized Quit India movement and gave the slogan of 'Do or Die'.

Sol.Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once called Mahatma Gandhi "a seditious Middle Temple lawyer, now posing as a fakir...striding half-naked up the steps of the Viceregal Palace." In other words, Churchill called Mahatma Gandhi -A Half Naked Beggar(Fakir).

Sol.The First Round Table Conference officially inaugurated by His Majesty George V on November 12, 1930 in Royal Gallery House of Lords at London and chaired by the British Prime Minister, Ramsay MacDonald.

Sol.On 12 December 1911, during the Delhi Durbar, George V, then Emperor of India, along with Queen Mary, his Consort, made the announcement that the capital of the Raj was to be shifted from Calcutta to Delhi.

Sol. Razia Sultan was the first woman ruler of Medieval India.

Sol. Year for formation of different association are -Bombay Association - 1852, Madras Mahajan Sabha- 1884, Indian National Association- 1876, Indian League-1875.

Sol.Lord Canning served as Governor General of India from 1856 to 1862. Lord Canning also served as first Viceroy of India. The important events during his tenure is the Mutiny of 1857.

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