SSC CHSL 2017 Job Profile, Salary, Promotion and Career Growth

SSC CHSL 2017 Job Profile, Salary, Promotion and Career Growth

SSC CHSL 2017 Exam is expected to release on 18th November 2017. But do you have a fair idea about the Job Role you will apply for? Just like the SSC CHSL Salary and SSC CHSL Vacancy, aspirants should also have a crystal clear idea of the job responsibilities for which they are going to compete. 

This article "SSC CHSL 2017 Job Profile, Salary, Promotion and Career Growth" contains all required information related to SSC CHSL. Right from their Job Profiles to Salary Packages and Promotion Policies.

SSC CHSL Job Profiles

SSC CHSL Exam is conducted every year for recruitment of 4 dedicated positions –
  1. Lower Division Clerk (LDC)
  2. Data Entry Operators (DEO)
  3. Postal/Sorting Assistants
  4. Court Clerk

SSC CHSL Lower Division Clerk (LDC) Job Profile & Salary  Career Growth

SSC CHSL Lower Division Clerk Career Scope

  • Lower Division Clerk is generally the first level of clerks in any Government Organization. 
  • They are associated with daily office tasks and required to take responsibility to maintain the data, files and documents of the office in a systematic manner. 
  • Below we are mentioning the roles and responsibilities that a Lower Division Clerk needs to fulfill. 

SSC CHSL (LDC) Job Profile, Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Let’s have a look at the Job Profile and Roles of a SSC CHSL Lower Division Clerk. 
  • Dealing with the Entire Clerical Work and Maintaining the Work Flow in Office
  • Registration of Mails 
  • Entering Data on Computer 
  • Indexing, Registering and Maintaining File Registers in an efficient manner. 
  • Receiving Documents and Maintaining the Record of the same. 
  • Getting the Important Files and Documents for their Seniors. 
  • Typing Official Letters, Notices, Notifications and other official documents
  • Preparation of Simple Drafts and Statements. 
  • Making Salary Slips of the Staff. 
  • Fetching up the Important data from the library of information and bring them for the seniors. 
  • Supervision of Correction of Reference Books. 
  • Lower Division Clerk are ordinarily entrusted with work of routine nature. Above we have mentioned all the tasks that a LDC must perform while working with any Government Organization.

SSC CHSL (LDC) Salary Structure

Post Name
Grade Pay 
Gross Salary
In Hand Salary
Lower Division Clerk (LDC)
22000 – 23000

Promotion and Growth Chart

Beginning your career journey with the first level of clerk i.e. LDC will take you to the promotion on the following positions –
  1. Assistant / UpperDivision Clerk
  2. Division Clerk
  3. Section Officer.

SSC CHSL Data Entry Operator (DEO) Job Profile & Salary  Career Growth

SSC CHSL Data Entry Operator (DEO) Career Scope

  • Data Entry Operators are hired to operate data entering, maintaining, and updating on a routine basis. Government Organizations have huge amounts of user and client data that needs to be filtered and managed accordingly.
  • A well-trained person with a good typing speed in either of the languages be it Hindi or English along with basic to elementary computer knowledge is considered eligible for working as a DEO. 
  • Right from collecting and maintaining data in database, a DEO does all the tasks efficiently. 
  • Below we are presenting the roles and responsibilities of a DEO. Please read them out for better guidance! 

Job Profile of SSC CHSL Data Entry Operator (DEO) 

  • Handling Computers. So, Candidates are required to have a sufficient knowledge of Computers. 
  • Typing, a good typing speed is must for a DEO. 
  • Working with Software like MS Excel, Word and Power Point. 
  • Preparation of Notes and Reports. 
  • Entering and Managing the Data. 
  • Insert customer and account data by inputting text based and numerical information from source documents within time limits. 
  • Collecting all the important information, tables and structure of the company to prepare a proper database for the company. 
  • Inputting the Data and Fetching out the Outputs. 
  • Scanning and printing the important documents. 
  • Research and obtain further information for incomplete documents. 
  • Make it easy for others to access the files and provide them relevant information about the data entered in the file. 
  • Apply Data Program Techniques and Procedures. 
  • Writing Letters and Handling the Work in the absence of SSC CHSL LDC. 
  • Right from the details of the company to its products, clients and sales reports, SSC CHSL DEO maintains all the necessary records. 
  • Ultimately, a successful Data Entry Operator will be responsible for maintaining accurate, up-to-date and useable information in the Company’s systems. 

SSC CHSL Data Entry Operator (DEO) Salary Structure

Post NameGrade Pay 
Gross Salary 
In Hand Salary 
Data Entry Operator (DEO) 2400 5200-20200 31000 – 33000

SSC CHSL Data Entry Operator (DEO) Promotion and Growth Chart

Like LDC Position, Data Entry Operators are also first level position in any Government Organization. Based on their performances, such candidates are promoted to the positions given below – 
  1. Data Entry Operator Grade B
  2. Data Entry Operator Grade C
  3. Data Entry Operator Grade F (System Analyst)

The ideal candidate has essential data entry skills, like fast typing with a familiarity with spreadsheets and online forms.

SSC CHSL Postal/Sorting Assistant Job Profile & Salary  Career Growth

SSC CHSL Postal/Sorting Assistant Career Scope

  • Postal Assistant (PA) is a clerical cadre post that has the same rank as Sorting Assistant. These posts are usually offered in the Postal Department of the Indian Government. 
  • Being posted as Postal Assistant has an advantage that you can get the job in your home town because language proficiency is the essential criteria for the candidates who are seeking to get recruited as PA in any Govt. Organizations. 

Job Profile of SSC CHSL Postal/Sorting Assistant

  • The candidates must be aware of the Job Profile, Roles and Responsibilities of a Postal Assistant. 
  • However, the duties may vary from department to department. But to have a clear idea about the PA Roles, you can check below. 
  • Disposal of Mails and Maintaining the Data. 
  • Customer Support. Handling Customer queries and providing them a feasible solution. 
  • Monitoring all the tasks that are related to your work. 
  • Locating the correct address of the addressee, if not located, locating the address of sender. 
  • Returning the Mail to Sender in case of not being able to locate the address of the Receiver. 
  • Intra-city transmission of mail between Mail Offices and Post Offices. 
  • Transmission of Foreign articles through the Post office network. 
Above, we have given a brief description of a Postal Officer’s tasks. With these you can have an idea about the roles that you must handle after being recruited as Postal Officer/Sorting Officer in any Government Organizations.

Departments for Postal Assistants SSC CHSL

  • Army Postal Service
  • Circle Office & Regional Office
  • Foreign Post Offices
  • Mail Motor Services
  • Post Offices
  • Postal Stores Depots
  • Railway Mail Service
  • Saving Bank Control Organization

SSC CHSL Postal/Sorting Assistant Salary Structure

Post Name Grade Pay 
Gross Salary 
In Hand Salary 
Postal Assistant 2400 29000-35000 30000-32000

Promotion and Growth Chart

The candidates aspiring the Postal Assistant position will have the career path as follows – 
  • Lower Selection Grade (LSG) i.e. Supervisor
  • Higher Selection Grade (HSG) II i.e. Senior Supervisor
  • Higher Selection Grade (HSG) II i.e. Chief Supervisor

SSC CHSL Court Clerk Job Profile & Salary  Career Growth

SSC CHSL Court Clerk Career Scope

  • Court Clerk is the newly introduced position in SSC CHSL Exam. The candidates who are recruited as Court Clerks perform administrative duties in the criminal and civil justice systems, assisting other officers of the court as well as judges and lawyers. 
  • They are either appointed for each court by the dedicated judge to that court or selected by the state level or country level exams. They perform the tasks like Administrative Assistants.

Job Profile, Roles and Responsibilities of SSC CHSL Court Clerk 

  • Maintaining the Court Records and Placing them at Rack to Find out easily when required. 
  • Administering Oaths during Court Hearings. 
  • Document the Receipt of Legal Documents. 
  • Sealing up the Copies of the Courts’ Orders and Judgements. 
  • Perform Accounting and Bookkeeping Duties. 
  • Preparing Meeting Agendas. 
  • Issuing the Licenses or Permits. 
  • Preparation of Draft Agendas or Bylaws for Town or City Councils. 
  • Answer Official Correspondence. 
  • Research and Document Information for Judges. 
Being a Court Clerk is like having an honorable position in Society. If you are passionate about the Court Clerk Job, then you should be very well updated of all the laws and Government Policies. 

Salary Structure of SSC CHSL Court Clerk 

Post Name 
Grade Pay 
Pay Band 
In Hand Salary 
Postal Assistant 1900 5200-20200 19000 

SSC CHSL Court Clerk Promotion and Growth Chart

The career path for a Court Clerk will proceed as follows –
  • Assistant Clerk
  • Bench Clerk
  • Head Clerk.
Above, we have covered every required information regarding the Job Profile, Roles, Salary and Promotion Structure of all the four positions offered by SSC CHSL Exam. We hope the information will be helpful to you. Kindly leave your comments and suggestions in the section given below.

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