Important Deserts of the World

Important Deserts of the World

Important Deserts of the World

Deserts cover a good number of questions making it an important topic to cover in SSC Exams.  Around 1-3 questions asks from this topic which surely makes it important for you to study the topic well for upcoming SSC and Other Competitive Exams.Here is important deserts & its facts for SSC Exams  which you should not ignore.

Important Deserts of the world 

Desert : A desert is a barren area of land where little precipitation occurs and consequently living conditions are hostile for plant and animal life. in desert their is less precipitation.
1. Continent: Antarctica
  • Desert Name: Antartic
2. Continent : Asia,Europe , North America
  • Desert Name: Arctic desert
3. Continent: Asia
  • Desert Name: Karakorum, Thar desert,Kyzyl Kum,Taklamakan

4. Continent:Africa

  • Desert Name: Kalahari,Namib,Sahara,
5. Continent: Australia
  • Desert Name: Gibson,Great Sandy,Great Victoria,Simpson,Tanami
6. Continent: Europe
  • Desert Name: Arabian,Dasht-e Kavir,Dasht-e Lut
7. Continent: North America
  • Desert Name:Great Basin,Mojave,Sonoran
8. Continent: South America
Desert Name: Atacama,Patagonian

Important Points to be remember about Important Desert of the World

Desert Name:Antartic

  • largest desert in the world
  • largest cold desert in the world
  • present in south pole
  • area: 1,38,29,430 square km
  • Type: polar

Desert Name:Arctic Desert

  • second largest desert in the world
  • area:1,37,26,937 square km
  • Type: polar
  • present in south pole
Desert Name: Gobi
  • present in asia
  • area:1,300,000 square km
  • cold winter desert
Desert Name: Sahara
  • largest hot desert
  • present in africa
  • subtropical deseert
  • 94,00,000 square km
Desert Name: Atacama
  • The Driest Desert on the Earth
  • area 1,40,000 square km
  • present in Chile
  • Type: Cool Coastal
Desert Name: Great Basin
  • Type: Cold Winter
  • Present in US
  • area: 4,92,000 square km

Types of Question can be Asked in Exams

  1. Which is the largest desert of the world : Antarctica Desert
  2. Which is the largest cold desert in the world: Antarctica Desert
  3. Which is the largest hot desert of the world: Sahara Desert
  4. Which is the largest desert of india: Thar Desert
  5. Which is the largest driest desert of the world: Atacama desert ( Present in chile in south america )
  6. Which is the second largest desert of the world: Arctic Desert
  7. Where is aklamakan desert : China
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