First Person in Himachal Pradesh (in different Fields)

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First in Himachal Pradesh

  • First Chief Commissioner - Sh. N.C. Mehta (I.C.S)
  • First Chief Secretary – Sh. K.L. Mehta (I. C. S)
  • First Chief Justice – Lt. Justice Hamidulah Beg
  • First Women Chief Justice – Mrs. Leela Seth
  • First Chief Minister – Dr. Y. S. Parmar
  • First Chairman of HPPSC – Lt. Gen. K. S. Katoch
  • First Chairman of H.P.S.S.S.B. Hamirpur - Sh. K.C. Malhotra
  • First Member of Rajya Sabha- Sh. Chiranji Lal Verma
  • First Governor died in office – Sh. Surendra Nath
  • First Women Minister in the Union Cabinet – Rajkumar Amrit Kaur
  • First Vice-Chancellor of Horticulture University, Nauni (Solan) – Dr. M. R. Thakur
  • First Vice-Chancellor of Agriculture University, Palampur (Kangra) – Dr. Het Ram Kalia
  • First Chariman of H.P. Administrative Tribunal – Justice Hira Singh Thakur
  • First Deputy Chief Commissioner – Sh. E. P. Moon
  • First Deputy Speaker - Sh. Krishna Chander
  • First Private Uniuversity in Himachal Pradesh – Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat (Solan)
  • First Army Chief From Himachal Pradesh – Gen. V. N. Sharma
  • Fist Hydro Electric Project with underground switch yard – Sanjay Vidyut Pariyojna (Kinnour)
  • First Railway Line - Kalka –Shimla (9 Nov, 1903)
  • First Lok Sabha Election - 1952
  • First Five Year Plan – 1951-1956
  • First Pucca House in Shimla – Klennedy House (1822 A.D.)
  • First Governor Genral to Visit Shimla – Lord Amherst (1827 A.D.)
  • First PArshuram Avard Reciepient (Sports) – Suman Rawat
  • First Person from Himchal Pradesh to become Chief Justice of India – Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan
  • First Mughal Ruler of Kangra – Akbar
  • First Winner of Vir Chakra – HavildarTopge
  • First Winner of Param Vir Chakra – Major Somnath Sharma
  • First to climb Mount Everest – Sunil Sharma
  • Youngest Girl to Scale Mount Everedst – Dicky Dolma
  • Oldest Democracy in the world – Malana (Distt. Kullu)
  • Oldest Princely State - Trigarta (Kangra)
  • Oldest Himachali Newspaper - Kshetriya Tej

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First Person in Himachal Pradesh (in different Fields)


Q. 1. Who was first Chief minister of Himachal pradesh ?
A. Shanta Kumar

B. Pandit Padam Dev

C. Yashwant Singh Parmaar

D. Virbhadra Singh

Q. 2. First Governor of Himachal Pradesh ?
A. Bajrang Bahadur
B. Sheela Kaul
C. MS Himmat Singh
D. S. Chakraborthy

Q. 3. Who was first Female governor of Himachal Pradesh ?

A. Vidhya Stokes

B. Urmila Singh
C. Sheela Kaul
D. None of the above

Q. 4. Who was first speaker of Himachal pradesh Legislative assembly ?
A. Hamidulla begh
B. Bajrang Bahadur
C. M.R Thakur
D. Jaiwant Ram

Q. 5. What is name of six time Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh ?
A. YS Parmaar
B. Virbhadra Singh
C. Shanta Kumar
D. Prem Kumar Dhumal

Q. 6.Who was first chief justice of Himachal pradesh high court ?

A. Mehar Chand Mahajan

B. Vishwanath Ratnam
C. RKS Gandhi
D. Hamidulla Begh

Q. 7. Who was first Chancellor of Himachal Pradesh University ?

A. Ram Karan Singh

B. H.R. Kalia
C. Dr. M.R. Thakur
D. one of the above
Q. 8. Who was first Vice-Chancellor of Agriculture University Palampur Himachal Pradesh ?
A. N.c Mehta
B. Ram Karan Singh
C. Dr. H.R. Kalia
D. None of the above

Q. 9. First president of Himachal Pradesh public service commission ?

A. S.R. Chaudhary

B. K.S. Katoch
C. Charan Singh
D. None of the above

Q. 10. First governor of Himachal Pradesh who was in officer in Indian Air Force ?

A. Vishwanath Ratnam

B. Amrita Kaur
C. R.K.S. Gandhi
D. None of the above

Q. 11. First governor of Himachal pradesh who was Justice in Indian court?

A. Vishwanath Ratnam

B. R.S Pathak
C. Vyas Dev Mishra
D. V. P. Bhatnagar

Q. 12. Who was first women Governor of Himachal Pradesh?

A. Amrit Kaur

B. Chandresh Kumari
C. Leela Devi
D. Sheela Kaul

Q. 13. Which women justice was first chief justice of High court?

A. Leela Seth

B. R.S Pathak
C. Vyas Dev Mishra
D. V. P. Bhatnagar

Q. 14. First women speaker of Himachal Legislative assembly?

A. Chandresh Kumari

B. Vidhya Stokes
C. Leela Seth
D. Amrita Kaur
Q. 15. Who was first Chief minister who became governor outside state?
A. Virbhadra Singh
B. Shanta Kumar
C. Thakur Ramlal
D. Prem Kumar Dhumal

Q. 16.Who was first Rajya Sabha member?

A. Chiranji Lal Sharma

B. Thakur Ramlal
C. Leela Devi
D. Shanta Kumar

Q. 17. Who was first Himachali women became Health minister in Indian Government and also first women Lok Sabha member?
A. Vidhya Stokes
B. Kinkri Devi
C. Amrit Kaur
D. Sheela Kaul

Q. 18. Name of first women Rajya Sabha member?

A. Leela Devi

B. Suman Rawat
C. Amrit Kaur
D. Vidhya Stokes

Q. 19. Which player from Himahal Pradesh got first 'Padma Shri' award?

A. Vijay Kumar

B. Suman Rawat
C. Charan Singh
D. None of the above

Q. 20. First actress in bollywood from Himachal Pradesh?

A. Preity Zinta

B. Kangana Ranaut
C. Rubeena
D. None of the above

Q. 21. First player of himachal pradesh got Arjun Award?

A. Vijay Kumar

B. Suman Rawat
C. Ajay Thakur
D. Suman Rawar Mehta

Q. 22. First TV actress from Himachal Pradesh?
A. Rubeena
B. Ishani Sharma
C. Preity Zinta
D. None of the above

Q. 23. First Himachali women player who became captain of Indian hockey team?

A. Seeta Gosai

B. Suman Rawat
C. Kinkri devi
D. None of the above

Q. 24. 'Pahari Gandhi' of Himachal Pradesh?

A. Pandit Padma Dev

B. YS Parmar
C. Baba Kanshiram
D. None of the above

Q. 25. 'Kavi Raj' of Himachal Pradesh?

A. Pandit Padma Dev

B. YS Parmar
C. Baba Kanshiram
D. None of the above

Q. 26. Founder of Himachal Pradesh ?

A. Baba Kanshiram

B. YS Parmar
C. Pandit Padma Dev
D. None of the above

Q. 27. First Himachali player who got two awards(Padma Shri and Khel Ratna)?

A. Ajay Thakur

B. Vijay Kumar
C. Rishi Dhawan
D. None of the above
Q. 28. First YS Parmar state award winner?
A. Vijay Kumar
B. Ashwani Kumar
C. Miya Goverdhan Singh
D. None of the above

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