IBPS Clerk : Job Profile, Salary, Work Profile & Promotions


IBPS Clerk : Job Profile, Salary, Work Profile & Promotions

IBPS has its official Notification for CWE of Clerk-VII. It is the best opportunity if you want to be a banker and you must start your preparation for IBPS Clerk Recruitment. Candidates clearing the IBPS Clerk 2017 exam, will be placed in any of the 19 participating banks. But before anything else, it’s crucial for you to know more about the career prospects, work culture, salaries, etc. of a Clerk. Read this article to know about IBPS Clerk : Job Profile, Salary, Work Profile & Promotions & Growth in detail.

All the candidates selected for IBPS Clerk will be on a probation period of six months. After this period, you will be confirmed as permanent employee only after an assessment through a test or review of your performance in the probation period.

IBPS Clerk Job Work Profile:

The work profile of a Clerk in PSB is related to single window operator. Clerk is the first point of contact for inquiries & guidance.  It is the starting designation in the hierarchy of bank jobs. 
  1. A clerk deals with the front desk work and customer handling operations.
  2. A clerk works at the single window operations like managing inquiry corners, withdrawal, managing receipts etc.
  3. A clerk also deals with opening new accounts, cash collection, issuing bank statements and handling mails and delivery.
As a Clerk you will be trained for either some or all of the following duties in the probation period:


  • The following duties shall form part of the normal duties of an IBPS Clerk like receipt of cheques, drafts, cash passing and cash payment.


  • The head cashier’s duties will involve holding the bank’s cash, bank keys and other such valuables in safe custody, jointly with an officer and being accountable and responsible for the streamlined running of the cash department.


  • The Special Assistant’s duties will be looking after and checking the work of other clerks and sub staff and also he/she will be accountable and responsible for running of their concerned department/section.


  • The Universal teller’s duties will be to receive cheques, withdrawal forms etc, update pass books, verify customer’s account details, signature etc. And explain the features of Bank’s various products and services to customers,


  • In addition to the duties of clerical cadre, Agriculture Assistant’s duties will work in the issues related to agriculture.

IBPS Clerk Salary:

A Clerk in a Public Sector Bank can get a salary of Rs.18000 to Rs.21000 during the training period. After training period the perks and emoluments are added and it may vary from bank to bank. The Basic Salary Component of Bank Clerk may vary in the range of Rs 11,500 – Rs 13,000. (with a scope of promotion.)

IBPS Clerk Basic Pay: 

The Pay Scale of Bank Clerk is: Rs 11,765 – Rs 42,020. 
The Basic pay thus amounts to be Rs 11,765 
After completion of 1 year, the basic pay will be increased by a specific amount say Rs. 400/. 
After it from 2nd year onwards, increment will be 500 for next 3 years. 

IBPS Clerk Allowances:

The main allowances that an IBPS Clerk, working in any of the 15 Public Sector banks, avails are

1. Dearness Allowance: 

DA is adjusted for every 3 months ie Quarterly increase happens in DA .The DA will be changed according to the consumer price index (CPI).So Based on CPI declared by the banks, the DA can go up or down with change in CPI.

2. House Rent Allowance:

As we all know that rent of house is different in different types of cities. So keeping that in mind, HRA is given as per the city of posting.
  • If you are posted in metro cities HRA will be 8.50% of Basic Pay. 
  • If you are posted in cities with population more than 5 lakh, HRA will be 7.50% of Basic Pay. 
  • If you are posted in any other metro cities HRA will be 6.50% of Basic Pay. 

3. Medical Allowance:

This allowance is fixed at Rs 20000 and is paid annually.

IBPS Clerk Career of Promotions: 

As we all know that IBPS Clerk is the starting point of job in any Bank. That means you will get plenty of opportunities to get promoted to an officer cadre. 
  • As an IBPS Clerk you will be confirmed after 6 months of service. 
  • After a span of few years, you will become eligible for a promotional exam. If you clear this exam you can become a Trainee Officer(TO). 
  • After that he comes at the same level of PO, and all the future promotion prospects will be same to him as that of a PO.

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