HPPSC NAIB Tehsildar Sample Question Paper 2017 - Part -2

HPPSC NAIB Tehsildar Sample Question Paper 2017 - Part -2

Dear Readers, As we all know that few days left for HPPSC NAIB Tehsildar Exam 2017 Here we are sharing some Sample Papers for HPPSC NAIB Tehsildar Exam 2017. and you will get this series everyday till Exams, Stay tuned and visit again for more questions, quiz and Mock tests.

1) Which pass joins Kinnaur to Garhwal?
  1.          a) Duggi Jot
  2.          b) Kamilaga
  3.          c) Mulari Jot
  4.          d) Dulchi
2) Between which two mountain ranges is Danwin Valley of Bilaspur District of     H.P.?
  1. a) Tieun and Sriun
  2. b) Dhar Naina Devi and Dhar Kot
  3. c) Dhar Bachhretu and Dhar Kot
  4. d) Dhar Bahdurpur and Dhar Bandla
3) Who was ally of Shambar in his war with the Aryan king, Divodas?
  1. a) Verchi
  2. b) Sudasa
  3. c) Arjun
  4. d) Pradyumna
4) Which community has been mentioned by Justice Tek Chand for its high sense of service, dignity and duty?
  1. a) Ghirath
  2. b) Sood/Sud
  3. c) Gaddies
  4. d) Tarkhans
5) Which figure is found on the coins of Kunindas?
  1. a) Saraswati with Veena
  2. b) Visnu with lotus
  3. c) Shiva with trigent
  4. d) Indra with thunderbolt
6) Which tribe is living along Chandra Bhaga in Lahaul Spiti district of Himachal       Pradesh?
  1. a) Swangla
  2. b) Gaddi
  3. c) Kunnu Khampa
  4. d) Neondi Khampa
7) Who founded a state in the upper Ravi Valley with Brahmapura as its capital       around the middle of sixth century AD?
  1. a) Ram Gupta
  2. b) Kumar Gupta
  3. c) Kunala
  4. d) Maru Varman
8) Which of the following hill states was not founded by Rajput adventurers from     the plains?
  1. a) Rampur Bushahar founded by Pradyumna son of Lord Krishna
  2. b) Mandi
  3. c) Bilaspur (Kehloor)
  4. d) Sirmaur
9) Which scion of Dhameri Nurpur was sent by Jahangir to capture Nagarkot fort     that joined hill chiefs plundered the imperial territory and later in fled to Mau     fort?
  1. a) Jhet Pal
  2. b) Pahari Mal
  3. c) Bhakt Mal
  4. d) Suraj Mal
10) Who led the campaign against the Ghurkhas in Chopal, Jubbal and Rawingarh areas?
  1. a) David Ochterlony
  2. b) James Baillie Fraser
  3. c) Martindell
  4. d) Gillespie
1 1) Which Raja of Kangra organised all the hill chiefs between Jammu and Kangra     in 1588-89 against Akbar?
  1. a) Bidhi Chand
  2. b) Trilok Chand
  3. c) Jai Chand
  4. d) Bhim Chand
12) Which ruler of Kutlehr expelled the Sikhs from fort of Kotwalbah during the first  Sikh war?
  1. a) Ram pal
  2. b) Rajendra Pal
  3. c) Brij Mohan Pal
  4. d) Narain Pal
13) What is Dhattu?
  1. a) A vegetarian dish in lower Himachal
  2. b) A form of folk dance in upper Himachal
  3. c) A musical instrument
  4. d) A headwear of women in rural areas
14) Who divided the dialects spoken in Bilaspur into six categories?
  1. a) A. Grierson
  2. b) Graham Bailey
  3. c) Govind Chatak
  4. d) Hardev Bahri
15) When was chief commissioner replaced by Lieutenant Governor in Himachal        Pradesh?
  1. a) November, 1951
  2. b)   March, 1952
  3. c) October,1952
  4. d) December, 1952
16) Who was the first and the only chairman of H.P. territorial council?
  1. a) Thakur Karam Singh
  2. b) Y.S .Parmar
  3. c) Thakur Ram Lal
  4. d) Pandit Gauri Prasad
17) How long does the Shivratri fair at Mandi (in H.P.) last?
  1. a) One day
  2. b) Three days
  3. c) Seven days
  4. d) Ten days
18) What is the name of Gaddan with whom Raja Sansar Chand of Kangra fell in     love?
  1. a) Murklu
  2. b) Dwarku
  3. c) Suharu
  4. d) Nokhu
19) Which Raja of Guler was a great patron of art, particularly painting?
  1. a) Goverdhan Chand
  2. b) Ram Chand
  3. c) Rup Chand
  4. d) Karan Chand
20) Who built the Lakshmi Narayan temple in Chamba town?
  1. a) Sahil Varman
  2. b) Bhuri Singh
  3. c) Meru Varman
  4. d) Mushan Varman
21) What is the new name of the first Mughal Garden laid out by Babur in India        which he had named as Aaram Bagh?
  1. a) Mughal Bagh
  2. b) Babur Bagh
  3. c) Ram Bagh
  4. d) Delhi Bagh
22) Which committee has recommended a single act for All central universities in  India?
  1. a) N. Pathan Committee
  2. b) Yashpal Committee
  3. c) Arun Grover Committee
  4. d) Ved Parkash Committee
23) Where is Rong-tong hydel project of 2 mw capacity?
  1. a) Kinnaur
  2. b) Kullu
  3. c) Lahaul – Spiti
  4. d) Chamba
24) Which organisation is opposing the order of the Himachal Pradesh high court of    banning animal sacrifice at religious places?
  1. a) Kinnaur temple committee
  2. b) Chamba Mandir Sangh
  3. c) Mahasu Kardar Sangh
  4. d) Kullu Devi Devta Kardar Sangh
25) Where is horse breeding farm in Himachal Pradesh?
  1. a) Lari in Lahaul – Spiti
  2. b) Nether in Kullu district
  3. c) Jeori in Shimla district
  4. d) Dagshai in Solan district
26) At which place in Himachal has the government of India sanctioned a handloom  cluster for which    first instalment has already been realised?
  1. a) Janjehli
  2. b) Tissa
  3. c) Jawali
  4. d) Ghumarwin
27) Which is the nodal agency for the execution of urban infrastructure            development scheme for small and medium towns in Himachal Pradesh?
  1. a) HP, PWD
  2. b) HP, IPH Department
  3. c) Municipal and small town committees
  4. d) HIMUDA
28) At present how many Panchayat Samities are there in Himachal Pradesh?
  1. a) 55
  2. b) 66
  3. c) 77
  4. d) 88
29) In Himachal Pradesh where is Disaster Recovery Centre for monitoring and      control of unmanned 33 kV and above power sub stations?
  1. a) Sundernagar
  2. b) Paonta Sahib
  3. c) Gagret
  4. d) Theog
30) Which country is assisting in swan river watershed management project Una?
  1. a) Canada
  2. b) Germany
  3. c) Japan
  4. d) France
1) What is the name of comprehensive integrated scheme for persons with        disability which was launched by Himachal Pradesh government in 2008-09?
  1. a) Sahyog
  2. b) Sahara
  3. c) Suraksha
  4. d) Samriddhi
32) In which year was the Directorate of Medical Education, Training and Research     established in Himachal Pradesh?
  1. a) 1996-97
  2. b) 1998-99
  3. c) 2004-05
  4. d) 2006-07
3) To which country did David Haines who was recently beheaded by IS belong?
  1. a) S.A.
  2. b) Britain
  3. c) Germany
  4. d) France
34) Who is Mark Tully?
  1. a) A Hollywood actor
  2. b) A French scientist
  3. c) A British journalist and writer
  4. d) A German athlete
35)Which leader of Scottish national party is spearheading the demand for independence of Scotland?
  1. a) Ed Milland
  2. b) Nick Clegg
  3. c) Alex Salmond
  4. d) Alasdair darling
36) Who is the author of not just an accountant?
  1. a) Natwar Singh
  2. b) Daman Singh
  3. c) Vinod Rai
  4. d) Khushwant Singh
37) What does Montreal protocol of 1987 deal with?
  1. a) Disarmament
  2. b) Environment
  3. c) Free trade
  4. d) Fight against terrorism
38) What is the name of institute whose 24 students were drowned in the Beas recently?
  1. a) Jyoti institute
  2. b) Gyan jyoti institute
  3. c) Jyoti gyan institute
  4. d) Vigyan jyoti institute
39) On the bank of which river is Shoni Mahiwal point?
  1. a) Chenab
  2. b) Tawi
  3. c) Ravi
  4. d) Beas
40) In which sector of Indo Tibetan is Chumar?
  1. a) Northern Ladakh
  2. b) South eastern Ladakh
  3. c) Northern Arunanchal Pradesh
  4. d) Kinnaur
41) How much journey is involved from earth to mars?
  1. a) 666 million kms
  2. b) 777 million kms
  3. c) 888 million kms
  4. d) 999 million kms
42) Recently who spear headed the debate on political and humanitarian situation in Kashmir in British parliament?
  1. a) David Ward
  2. b) David Cameron
  3. c) Ed Miliband
  4. d) Douglas Alexander
43) With which of the following is united Abdul Rashid Khan associated?
  1. a) Sitar
  2. b) Qawwali
  3. c) Table
  4. d) Classical vocal
44) To which country does Massimiliano Llatorre accused of killing two Indian    fishermen belong?
  1. a) England
  2. b) Spain
  3. c) Italy
  4. d) Belgium
45) In which district of J & K Sadhota village which was recently buried under debris?
  1. a) Kargil
  2. b) Udhampur
  3. c) Kathua
  4. d) Kishtwar
46) What does Volkar report deal with?
  1. a) Role of Natwar Singh and his son in oil in exchange for food grains in Iraq
  2. b) Role of A. raja in 2 g scam
  3. c) Role of Suresh Kalmadi in commonwealth games
  4. d) Karnataka mining scandal
47) Who were the first women to reach Everst twice?
  1. a) Fantong
  2. b) Santosh Yadav
  3. c) Hainelor
  4. d) Junco Tabai
48) In which Halima, a woman of Indian origin, became the speaker of parliament?
  1. a) Canada
  2. b) S.A.
  3. c) Maldives
  4. d) Singapore
49) In which year did Arvind Kejriwal get the Magsaysay award?
  1. a) 2004
  2. b) 2006
  3. c) 2009
  4. d) 2012
50) What is the venue of 6th meeting of home ministers of SAARC countries?
  1. a) New Delhi
  2. b) Kathmandu
  3. c) Thimpu
  4. d) Male
51) Which ancient work tries to impart instructions on different aspects of life through stories in which animals are the speakers?
  1. a) Dashkumarcharita
  2. b) Kadambri
  3. c) Kathasaristagara
  4. d) Panchatantra
52) Which ancient school of philosophy tries to reduce all existence to two fundamental categories: Purusa and Prakriti?
  1. a) Samkhya
  2. b) Nyaya
  3. c) Mimamsa
  4. d) Vaisheshika
53) Which of the following is a Vedanga?
  1. a) Ayurveda
  2. b) Jyotisha
  3. c) Aranyaka
  4. d) Brahmanas
54) Besides Nalanda, which was the other important university in Bihar during the    ancient times?
  1. a) Texila
  2. b) Vikramashila
  3. c) Vallaboha
  4. d) Nagarjuna
55) Who among the following was a pupil of Ramanuja?
  1. a) Ramananda
  2. b) Kabir
  3. c) Guru Nanak
  4. d) Chaitanya
56) Which of the following saints belongs to Bengal?
  1. a) Namadeva
  2. b) Chaitanya
  3. c) Tukarama
  4. d) Jnaneshwara
57) What is the subject matter of LILAWATI of Bhaskaracharya?
  1. a) Mathematics
  2. b) Music
  3. c) Economics
  4. d) Politics
58) Who was founder of Arya Samaj?
  1. a) M. Munshi
  2. b) Swami Vivekananda
  3. c) Lala Lajpat Rai
  4. d) Swami Dayananda Saraswati
59) At which place in Uttarakhand is a mysterious lake Rup Kund?
  1. a) Chamoli
  2. b) Nainital
  3. c) Almora
  4. d) Pithoragarh
60) Who is the chairperson of national commission for women?
  1. a) Maneka Gandhi
  2. b) Lalitha Kumarmangalam
  3. c) Bimla Kashyap
  4. d) Hemanta Kheria

HPPSC NAIB Tehsildar Sample Question Paper 2017 - Part -2

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