HPPSC NAIB Tehsildar Sample Question Paper 2017 (Part 01)

HPPSC NAIB Tehsildar Sample Question Paper 2017 

Dear Readers, As we all know that few days left for HPPSC NAIB Tehsildar Exam 2017 Here we are sharing some Sample Papers for HPPSC NAIB Tehsildar Exam 2017. and you will daily get this series till Exams, Stay tuend and visit again for more questions, quiz and Mock tests.

HPPSC NAIB Tehsildar Question Paper

1.Who dubbed emergency (declared on 26th June, 1975) as "Anushasan Parva"?
a.Devkant Baruah

b.Vasant Sathe
c.Vinoba Bhave
d.Shrimati Indira Gandhi
Answer - c

2.Who was the moving force behind the reconstruction of vandalised Somnath Temple after independence?
a.Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
b.Dr K M Munshi
c.Dr Jeev Raj Mehta
d.Dr Rajendra Prasad
Answer - a

3.Why did Dr. Ambedkar turn down the offer of Rs. Nine Crores made by Nizam of Hyderabad in case he embraced Islam along with his followers?
a.He feared his followers will desert him
b.He was not a purchasable commodity
c.Very offer was against his grain
d.Dissociation from his moorings was totally unacceptable to him
Answer - d

4.To whom Mahatma Gandhi called his "Conscience Keeper"?
a.Chakravarti Raj Gopalachari
b.Sardar Patel
c.Kasturba Gandhi
d.Denn Bandhu Andrewz
Answer - a

5."Posterity shall scarcely believe that such a mortal of flesh and bone ever trod this earth." Who has made this observation about Mahatma Gandhi?
a.Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
b.Romin Rolland
c.Albert Einstein
d.Louis Fisher
Answer - c

6.Where did Lord Buddha deliver his first sermon?
a.Bodh Gaya
b.Sarnath (Mrig Dav)
c.Raj Griha
Answer - b

7.The first "Tirthankar" of Jainism was
a.Rishabha Dev
Answer - a

8.Which Ramayan contains the following couplet highlighting the glory of motherland?
a.Valimik Ramayan
b.Anand Ramayan
c.Adhyatma Ramayan
d.Kritvasee Ramayan
Answer - b

9.Among the following for which temple "Rathyatra" happens to be principal celebration?
a.Varanashi (Vishvanath Temple)
b.Jammu (Raghunath Temple)
c.Madurai (Meenakshi Temple)
d.Puri (Jagannath Temple)
Answer - d

10.In which scripture do we find the division of human life in four Ashramas?
a.Shatpath Brahman
b.Manu Smriti
c.Aitareya Brahman
d.Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta
Answer - a

11.The marriage of King Dushyanta and Shakuntla fall in which category of marriage?
a.Anulom Vivah
b.Pratilom Vivah
c.Gandharva Vivah
d.Brahma Vivah
Answer - c

12.Which work of antiquity is known as Pancham Vada (Fifth Veda)?
a.Natyashastra of Bharat Muni
d.Brahma Sutra
Answer - b

13.Gindar, Gidda, Terah Talee and Bihoo happen to be
a.Folk dances
b.Religious festivals
c.Marriages rituals
d.Songs of Separation
Answer - a

14.The Ajanta mural paintings depict episodes from
b.Jataka stories
c.Shiv Purana
Answer - b

15.Out of the following fundamental rights which right has been termed as "The soul and heart of Indian Constitution" by Dr. Ambedkar?
a.Right against exploitation
b.Right of freedom of religion
c.Right to equality
d.Right to constitutional rededies
Answer - d

16.Among the following Chief Justices of India who acted as President of India?
a.M. Hidaytullah
b.P B Gajendra Gadkar
c.Yashwant Vishnu Chandrachud
d.P N Bhagvati
Answer - a

17.When does the general debate on any bill take place in the Lok Sabha?
a.At the time of introduction of the bill
b.At the time of second reading
c.At the reporting stage
d.At the time of third reading
Answer - b

18.Which schedule of Indian Constitution is related to languages?
Answer - b

19.By which method the members of Constituent Assembly were elected?
a.Directly by the people
b.Nomination by Indian National Congress and Muslim League
c.Indirect Election by Provincial Assemblies
d.Nomination by British Government
Answer - c

20.What is the official language of Sikkim?
Answer - b,c

21.How much amount does an MP get annually including pay and various allowances?
a.Rs 25 lakh
b.Rs 30 lakh
c.Rs 20 lakh
d.Rs 15 lakh
Answer - a

22.Which ministry has got jurisdiction in the matters of National Flag, National Emblem and National Bird?
a.Home Ministry
b.Minister of Human Resources
c.Forest and Environment Ministry
d.Ministry of Agriculture
Answer - a

23.Who has termed Indian Federal System as Quasi Federal?
a.Morris Jones
b.Sir Ivor Jennings
c.Professor Harold J. Laski
d.Professor K C Wheare
Answer - d

24.Among the following directive principles which is in consonance with Gandhian philosophy?
a.Equal pay for equal work
b.Empowerment of Gram Panchayats
c.Free Legal Assistance
d.Separation of judiciary and executive
Answer - b

25.Who administers oath of office to the speaker of Lok Sabha?
a.The President
b.Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
c.Chief Election Commissioner
d.Oath no required
Answer - d

26.Tata group has taken over GCIL, a large company in the field of chemicals. After this takeover in which field Tata group shall become second largest company?
a.Production of Soda Ash
b.Production of Nylon
c.Production of Sodium Chloride
d.Production of Sulphuric Acid
Answer - a

27.Who endorses finally the five year plan of India?
b.National Development Council
c.Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
d.Ministry of Finance
Answer - b

28.The major factor conducive for rapid growth of Indian exports to
a.Imposition of import duty
b.liberlisation of economy
c.recession in other countries
d.diversification of exports
Answer - d

29.Which is the correct statement about the Planning Commission of India?
a.A constitutional body
b.A statutory body
c.created by executive order
d.quasi judicial body
Answer - c

30.Among the following which is the larges trade union, so far as membership is concerned?
a.Bharative Mazdoor Sangh
c.Hind Mazdoor Sabha
Answer - a

31.For which purpose World Bank provided a loan of 600 million dollar to India in the Year 2007?
a.To strengthen rural co-operative structure
b.To increase agricultural production
c.Urban infrastructural development
d.Rural electrification
Answer - a

32.Among the following industrial companies with which company Venu Gopal Dhoot is associated?
Answer - b

33.Which one is not a correct statement regarding the Nav Ratna companies?
a.Right to joint enterprises
b.Autonomy to invest upto Rs 2000 crores in joint enterprises
c.Right to raise indigenous or foreign capital
d.Right to make structural changes
Answer - b

34.Who determines the share of states in the central taxes?
a.Finance Commission
b.Ministry of Finance
c.Central Cabinet
d.Planning Commission
Answer - a

35.The principal aim of "Vision Statement" adopted recently for North-Eastern states is
a.Decisive thrust against militancy in the North-East
b.To bring seven sisters in the main stream
c.Expansion of hydro-electric power potential
d.To enable the North-Eastern states to attain national economic eminence
Answer - d

36.The oldest mountain range of India is
d.Adawala (Aravalli)
Answer - d

37.Where is the famous Simhgarth fort?
d.Madhya Pradesh
Answer - b

38.Where is the forest area known as Silent Valley?
d.Arunachal Pradesh
Answer - a

39."Kiang", a variety of Asiatic wild ass is found in
a.Rann of Kuchh
c.Corbett National Park
Answer - b

40.Plateau refers to
a.Land surrounded by mountains
b.Land covered by snow
c.A broad stretch of high land
d.None of the above
Answer - c

41.Which city of India is known as "Sun City"?
Answer - c

42.At which place river Ganga is formed as a result of confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi?
a.Dev Prayag
b.Rudra Prayag
c.Karna Prayag
d.Vishnu Prayag
Answer - a

43.Which Indian state is introduced as "God's own country" by its tourism department?
a.Jammu and Kashmir
b.Himachal Pradesh
Answer - d

44.The river that flows between Vindhya mountain range and Satpura is
Answer - a

45.Which state government has given Cabinets Minister's rank to its eminent singer in order to honour him?
b.West Bengal
Answer - c

46.Who was the first ever woman Chief Minister of any state of Indian union?
a.Nandini Satpathi
b.Sucheta Kriplani
c.Jai Lalita
d.Janki Ramchandran
Answer - b

47.Amon the following awards founded by K K Birla foundation which award is given to a man of letters belonging to a particular state?
a.Shankar Award
b.Vachaspati Honour
c.Bihar Award
d.Vyas Honour
Answer - c

48.According to the report of forest ministry the forest area of Himachal Pradesh had increased during the 2003-2005 A.D. How much increase has been reported?
Answer - b

49."Khanjan Nayan", a novel written by renowned Hindi novelist Amrillal Nagar depicts the life and creation of a Krishna devotee poet. Who is that eminent poet?
b.Soor Das
c.Nand Das
d.Kumbhan Das
Answer - b

50.Birth anniversary of which prominent figure of Indian renaissance was declared to be celebrated as 'Youth Day' every year by Government of India in the year 1985 AD?
a.Raja Ram Mohan Roy
b.Keshavachandra Sen
c.Swami Vivekananda
d.Sri Aurbindo
Answer - c

51.Which phase of Mahatma Gandhi's life is the subject-matter of widely acclaimed novel "Pehla Girmitiya"?
a.Stay in England
b.South Africa Days
c.Champaran Satyagraha
d.Civil Disobedience Movement
Answer - b
52.From which book Mahatma Gandhi adopted the concept of "Sarvodaya"?
a.The kingdom of God is within you
b.Unto this last
c.Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta
Answer - b

53.Who refuted the existence of Gandhism during the life-time of Mahatma Gandhi?
a.Indian Communists
c.Muslim League
d.Mahatma Gandhi himself
Answer - d

54.Which plan of British Government was rejected by Mahatma Gandhi by terming it as "a post-dated cheque drawn on an insolvent bank"?
a.Cabinet Mission Plan
b.Montague-Chelmsford Reforms
c.Cripps Mission Plan
d.Wavell Plan
Answer - c

55.To whom Mahatma Gandhi acknowledged as his political mentor?
a.Dada Bhai Naoroji
b.Gopal Krishna Gokhle
c.Madhav Govind Ranaday
d.Madan Mohan Malviya
Answer - b

56.Who was the composer of Mahatma Gandhi's favourite bhajan "Vaishnav Jan To Tere Kahiye"?
a.Meera Bai
b.Narsingh Mehta
c.Jala Ram Bapu
d.Kundnika Kapdiya
Answer - b

57.What was sent as wedding gift by Mahatma Gandhi to British Queen Elizabeth II on the eve of her marriage?
a.His autobiography
b.Good wishes message
c.Khadi Handkerchief
Answer - c

58.In which city of India Asian Development Bank has opened its residential office?
b.Bangluru (Bangalore)
c.New Delhi
Answer - c

59.Where was Mahatma Gandhi's Headquarter prior to establishment of Sabarmati Ashram?
Answer - c

62.The shrine of Renuka is associated with
a.Lord Krishna
b.Sansar Chand
c.Bhargva Parshu Ram
Answer - c

71.Which temple of Kangra was destroyed by the force of Mahmood Ghaznavee?
a.Mahakal Temple
b.Chamunda Temple
c.Brajeshwari Temple
d.Jwalamukhi Temple
Answer - c

72.The first Sikh Commander to invade Kangra in the later half of 18th century AD was
a.Jai Singh Kanhaiya
b.Hari Singh Nalwa
c.Jassa Singh Ramgarhiya
d.Banda Bahadur
Answer - c

73.Name the ruler of Nurpur who was taken as a prisoner to Lahore in 1558 AD by Bairma Khan and was put to death there?
a.Paharee Mal
b.Bhkhta Pal
c.Kailash Pal
d.Kakro Pal
Answer - b

74.Who was the first President of Himalaya Riyasate Prajamandal?
a.Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar
b.Baba Kanshi Ram
c.Padma Dev
Answer - c

75.Where did the martyrdom of Pratap Singh took place who inspired the masses to rise against Britishers in 1857?
c.Jonginder Nagar
Answer - a
76.Wazir Ram Singh of Nurpu, who gave sleepness nights to British commanders during the secon Anglo-Sikh War, was exiled to
Answer - c

108.Which is the seat of Indian Institute of Advanced Studies?

b.Sunder Nagar
Answer - c

109.The new year festival in "Chandra" and "Bhaga" valley is called
Answer - b

110.When did the Union Territory of Himachal Pradesh become a full fledged state?
a.24th March, 1952
b.15th August, 1954
c.25th January, 1971
d.1st November, 1966
Answer – c

111.Which Upanishad deals with "Paravidya" and "Aparavidya"?
d.Mandukya Upanishad
Answer -*c
112.Which heritage building of India has recently been included in the list of world heritage sites recognised by UNESCO?
b.Red Fort
c.Qutub Minar
d.Konark Sun Temple
Answer -*b

113.Which countries have adopted Europe's unified currency Euro since January, 2008?
a.Malta and Cyprus
b.Norway and Finland
c.Portugal and Spain
d.None of these
Answer -*a

114.A violent incident that occurred at Chauri-Chaura was responsible for the withdrawal of non-co-operation movement. In which state is Chauri-Chaura is situated?
b.Uttar Pradesh
Answer -*b

115.In the recently held(1st January, 2008) elections to elect five non-permanent members to UN security council which continent was able to get two members elected from its ranks?
c.South America
Answer -*b
116.In the year 2008, the British government has appointed an Indian economist as its chief economist. He happens to be
a.Professor Amartya Sen
b.Professor Jagdish Bhagwati
c.Parthsarthee Shome
d.Shubhassheesh Gangopadhyaya
Answer -*c
117.Who has been declared "Person of the Year" for the year 2007 by the prestigious magazine "Time"?
a.Vladimir Putin
b.Gordon Brown
c.Railah Odinga
d.Nicholas Sarkozi
Answer -*a
118.The year long one hundred fiftieth anniversary celebrations of which historically important event in the annals of modern India have concluded recently?
a.Jalianwala Bahg Episode
b.Founding of Congress
c.First War of Independence
d.Dandi March
Answer -*c
119.Which company has launched the most economical Laptop "Mileap" in the January, 2008?
a.Microsoft Corporation
Answer -*d
120.The important issue decided by Lisbon Treaty in December 2007, is
a.Arresting the climate change
b.Reformation of decision-making procedure of European union
c.Expansion of Shenzan area
d.Curbing the terrorism
Answer -*b
121.Which gas is used to ripen the fruits?
Answer -*d
122.Which is the biggest part of earth's atmosphere?
a.Carbon dioxide
Answer -*b
123.While climbing a mountain a person bends forward to
a.reduce fatigue
b.avoid slipping
c.increase speed
d.increase stability
Answer -*d
124.The acid commonly present in Lemon and Grapes is
a.Lactic acid
b.Citric acid
c.Ascorbic acid
d.Tartaric acid
Answer -*c
125.Which part of human body is affected first of all by nuclear radiation?
Answer -*d
126.Optical Fibers are mainly used for which of the following?
a.Eye Surgery
d.Musical Instruments
Answer -*c
127.Which metal is mixed with iron to prepare steel?
Answer -*a,b
128.Among the following which industry requires heavy water?
b.Atomic Energy
Answer -*b
129.Which factor is considered responsible for the phenomenon of global warming?
a.Greenhouse has effect
b.Forest fire
c.Dry farming
Answer -*a
130.Name the vitamin which is conducive for the clotting of blood?
a.Vitamin A
b.Vitamin B
c.Vitamin K
d.Vitamin C
Answer -*c
131.What is the purpose of mixing baking soda in kneaded flour?
a.To generate moisture
b.To get flavour
c.To obtain fine colouring
d.Generation of Carbon dioxide
Answer -*d
132.What was the basic aim of Akali movement?
a.Reformation of Sikh religion
b.Enhancement of Sikh Unity
c.Redemption of Gurudwaras from the clutches of Mahants
d.Protection of holy shrines of Sikhs
Answer -*c
133.Who was termed " Father of Indian Unrest" by British journalist Valentine Chirol?
a.Subhash Chandra Bose
b.Chandrashekhar Azad
c.Lokmanya Tilak
Answer -*c
134.Who ensured Swamin Vivekananda's participation in the World Parliament of Religions held in September, 1893 by unstinted and all-round help?
a.Maharaja of Mysore
b.Madras Devotees
c.Bhaskar Setupati of Ramnadu
d.Raja Ajeet Singh Khetari
Answer -*d
135.Hurling to a bomb on Viceroy Lord Hardinge on the eve of Delhi Durbar was challenge to British imperialism. The revolutionary who performed this act of outstanding boldness was
a.Lala Hardayal
b.Ras Bihar Bose
c.Zorawar Singh Barhat
d.Vasant Vishwas
Answer -*b
136.Where did Swami Dayananda Saraswati complete his magnum opus "Satyartha Prakash"?
Answer -*c
137.Who was known as "Frontier Gandhi" during freedom movement?
a.Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
b.Khan Mamdot
c.Sikandar Hayat Khan
d.Doctor Khan
Answer -*a
138.Who eulogised as "Prophet of Nationalish" by Deshbandhu Chitranjan Das?
a.Mahatma Gandhi
b.Vipinchandra Pal
c.Sri Aurbindo
d.Lokmanya Tilak
Answer -*c
139.The title of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's autobiography is
a.Bliss it was that Dawn
b.Living an Era
c.Roses in December
d.An Indian Pilgrim
Answer -*d
140.Our national song "Vande Mataram" was composed by
a.Ravindranath Thakur
b.Subrahmanyam Bharati
c.Makhanlal Chaturvedi
d.Bankim Chandre Chattopadhyaya
Answer -*d
141.Who carried out the feat of extra-ordinary philanthropy of donating at a time rupee 32 lack way back in 1916 to Madan Mohan Malaviyaji to enable him to establish Banaras Hindu University?
a.Maharaja of Kashi
b.Jamshedji Tata
c.Raja Baldev Das Birla
d.Jamnalal Bajaj
Answer -*c
142.M A Jinnah, as Governor General of Pakistan, issued a stern warning to rioters of Karachi not touch the statue of a great Indian leader, installed at a prominent place in the city. Name that towering Indian leader whom even Jinnah respected so profoundly?
a.Lokmanya Tilak
b.Mazrul Huq
c.Dada Bhai Naoroji
d.Pandit Motilal Nehru
Answer -*a
143.Who has underlined the melancholy of Taj Mahal in the following soul stirring words:"Taj is a teardrop on the cheeks of time".
a.Mahadevi Verma
b.Sumitranandan Pant
c.Ravindranath Pant
d.Parveen Shakir
Answer -*c
145.Who was W C Rand, who was assassinated by Chafekar brothers in 1897?
a.Police Commissioner of Pune
b.British Judge
c.Chaiman of Pune Plague Commission
d.Medical Docto
Answer -*c
146.Who case sarcastic aspersion on the members of Swaraj Dal for their practices of entering the council chamber and then walking out of it on one pretext or the other, by terming it as "Patriotism in Locomotion"?
a.Sardar Patel
b.Shrinivas Shastri
c.Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru
d.Surendranath Bannerjee
Answer -*c
147.What was the basic factor that prompted reorganisation of states on linguistic basis after independence?
a.Report of State of Reorganisation Commission
b.Death of P. Shri Ramulu
c.Report of Dhar Committee
d.Justice Wanchoo Committee Report
Answer -*b
148.Who propounded the concept of Total Revolution?
a.Jaiprakash Narayan
b.Vinoba Bhave
c.Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya
d.Acharya Narender Dev
Answer -*a
149.Why did Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri call upon the people to observe "Vijaya Vrata" on every Monday?
a.To give a befitting reply to bellicose Pakistan
b.To enhance the spirit of sacrifice in the masses
c.To accept the challenge of Canada in the matter of foodgrains
d.To instil the spirit of Chivalry in the youth
Answer -*c
150.Kam Raj Plan aimed at
a.Improvement of national economy
b.Removal of thorns in flesh in congress organisation and government that troubled Pandit Nehru
c.Encouragement to national integration
d.Drafting a model code of conduct for MLAs and MPs
Answer -*b

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