SSC CPO 2017 Tier I exam is going to be conducted from 1st July 2017 to 7th July 2017. Time is running short and at this moment you should be done with your syllabus. Now your focus should be just on revision. Some students do not perform well in exam because of silly mistakes. They get panic and nervous during the exam and become blank. This article is all about how to overcome your fear during exam and attempt the paper in a best possible way.

Tips to Attempt SSC CPO/Delhi Police 2017 Tier I Paper Effectively 

 SSC CPO prelims consists of 4 sections as given in the table below.
Subject No. of Questions Max. Marks
Part-A General Intelligence & Reasoning 50 50
Part-B General Awareness 50 50
Part-C Quantitative Aptitude 50 50
Part-D English 50 50

1. Never underestimate yourself 

Some students think that they are not prepared well for the exam and spoil it just by their assumption. Never think that you are less than anyone and you can not do well in the exam. If you will not feel positive about yourself, there are fare chances that you will spoil your exam. Positive attitude is a key towards success.

2Check Your Computer and Mouse

Sometimes the system provided to you is not in a proper condition. In this situation immediately call your invigilator.

3. Attempt your strongest section first

Everybody knows about their weak and strong sections. Try to attempt the section which you think is your strongest one. Sometimes you are not able to answer the question in exam which you easily solved at your home. This is the time you feel the real pressure. The best way to handle such situation is to skip the question and move to the next one.

4. Do not get emotionally attached to a particular question.

Some students commit a mistake by wasting a lot of time on a particular question. Whenever they find a question of their favorite topic, they try to solve it anyhow and they end up by wasting a lot of precious time. Please guys do not commit such mistakes in exam. Each question carry equal marks so all the questions are important for you.

5. Do not get panic

Sometimes when you start solving the exam paper, you find that first 10 questions are so difficult for you and you are not able to solve them. You get so panic and start feeling that you have lost the battle. To avoid such situation just skip that section and move to another one. At the end try to solve this section which you skipped. This will save your time.

6. Proper Time Management during the exam

Your all exam preparation may go in vain if you do not have proper time management during the exam. You have to attempt all four sections so do not stick to just one section. Whenever you are stuck somewhere just skip it or mark for review and move to another one. Time management plays important role in your selection.

7. Do not make silly mistakes

Some students are in such hurry that they read incomplete question and answer it and lose marks unnecessarily. Even if you know all the answers and make such silly mistakes, you will end up in loosing marks and not getting selected in SSC CPO exam.

8. Carry small water bottle with you.

Students feel ashamed in carrying water bottle with them specially boys. When you become nervous in the exam just have a sip of water, it really helps.

9. Do not try to attempt all the questions

Some students try to attempt the whole paper and they even try to guess the answers. Do not make such kiddish mistakes. This is not your school exam where you have to score full marks. In competitive exams, you should first check the cut-off of the previous year and try to score 20-30 marks more than previous year. Now a days cut-off is increasing every year so you should try to keep yourself in safer zone.

10. Keep calm during the exam

Do not get excited or nervous during the exam because in both the cases you tend to make silly mistakes. Stay cool and attempt your exam paper effectively.

All the best!!!Team
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