Most Important One Word Substitutions Beginning With M

Most Important One word substitution is one of the most important part of English section in SSC & Other Competitive Exams. In order to make it easy for all the aspirants,we have started our series named 'Master English ' in which we have already posted Idioms & Phrases. We are starting with One Word Substitution now. Go through the article and let us know if it is helpful for you. We also welcome your suggestions regarding our series Master English.

Important One Word Substitution Beginning with M

1. Martyr
Meaning in Hindi:- शहीद
Meaning in English:- One who undergoes the penalty of death for the shake of great cause.
2. Misogynist
Meaning in Hindi:- स्त्री जाति से घृणा करने वाला
Meaning in English:- A person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.
3. Manuscript
Meaning in Hindi:- हस्तलिपि
Meaning in English:- A book, document, or piece of music written by hand rather than typed or printed.
4. Mercenary
Meaning in Hindi:- स्वार्थी
Meaning in English:- Primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics.
5. Misanthropist
Meaning in Hindi:- मानव शत्रु
Meaning in English:- A person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society.
6. Matrimony
Meaning in Hindi:- विवाह संस्कार
Meaning in English:- The state of being married
7. Magistrate
Meaning in Hindi:- न्यायाधीश
Meaning in English:- The person who punishes those who breaks the laws.
8. Miners
Meaning in Hindi:- खान में काम करने वाला
Meaning in English:- A person who works in a mine.
9. Movable
Meaning in Hindi:- चलायमान
Meaning in English:- That which can be moved.
10. Memento
Meaning in Hindi:- स्मारक/निशानी
Meaning in English:- An object kept as a reminder of a person or event.
11. Mob
Meaning in Hindi:- जनसमूह
Meaning in English:- Crowd of unruly people.
12. Misnomer
Meaning in Hindi:- मिथ्या नाम
Meaning in English:- A wrong or inaccurate use of a name or term.

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