Most Important One Word Substitutions Beginning With J

Most Important One word substitution is one of the most important part of English section in SSC & Other Competitive Exams. In order to make it easy for all the aspirants,we have started our series named 'Master English ' in which we have already posted Idioms & Phrases. We are starting with One Word Substitution now. Go through the article and let us know if it is helpful for you. We also welcome your suggestions regarding our series Master English.

Important One Word Substitution Beginning with J

Meaning in Hindi:बाजीगर
Meaning in English:One who exhibits trick that requires the  skill of hand or eyes.
Meaning in Hindi:पास-पास रखना
Meaning in English:Placing a thing beside another
Meaning in English:A young person.
Meaning in Hindi:किशोर
Meaning in Hindi:न्यायपीठ
Meaning in English:A body of people sworn to give a verdict in a legal case on the basis of evidence submitted to them in court.
Meaning in Hindi:पचासवीं वर्षगांठ
Meaning in English:A year of emancipation and restoration, kept every fifty years.
Meaning in Hindi:घबराना
Meaning in English:Feelings of extreme nervousness.
Meaning in Hindi:बेवफा
Meaning in English:A person, especially a woman, who capriciously rejects a lover.
Meaning in Hindi:मज़ाक
Meaning in English:A thing said or done for amusement;
Meaning in Hindi:भ्रमण
Meaning in English:A short excursion or journey made for pleasure.
Meaning in Hindi:शब्दजाल
Meaning in English:Special words or expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand.
Meaning in Hindi:जैकपोट
Meaning in English:A large cash prize in a game or lottery
Meaning in Hindi:कठोरता के साथ चुभोना
Meaning in English:Poke roughly or quickly, especially with something sharp or pointed.
Meaning in Hindi:पत्रिका
Meaning in English:A newspaper or magazine that deals with a particular subject or professional activity.
Meaning in Hindi:कंगारू का बच्चा
Meaning in English:A young Kangaroo

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