Idioms and Phrases Beginning with J

Idioms & Phrases is one of the most important part of English section in SSC & Other Competitive Exams. In order to make it easy for all the aspirants,we have started our series. We have posted Idioms & Phrases in Hindi as well so that you can easily memorize them. Try to make sentences by using these idioms and post them in comment section as well.Lets see how many of you can make good sentences.

List of Important Idioms and Phrases Beginning with J

1.Jump the gun- बिना सोचे समझे जल्दी से एक्शन लेना
Meaning: Do something too early, especially without thinking
Use: The media jumped the gun and gave out their verdict of the scandal even before the investigation was complete.
2.Jack of all trades- हर फील्ड में निपुण
Meaning: somebody who has many skills or who is versatile in ever field.
Use: Sandeep is the jack of all trades as he can teach, sung and do many different job at a time.
3.Jump to conclusion- निष्कर्ष पर पहुँच जाना 
Meaning: form an opinion or judgement hastily.
Use: Wait till we get the report; don’t jump to a conclusion.
4.Jam on the brakes- अचानक और जोर से ब्रेक दबा देना 
Meaning: to press the brakes suddenly and in a hard way.
Use: I had to jam on the brakes because a kid suddenly appeared from nowhere and crossed the road.
5.John Hancock- किसी आदमी के हस्ताक्षर
Meaning: A person's signature.
Use: Put your John Hancock at the bottom of the will.
6.Jump on the bandwagon- नयी प्रवृत्ति अपनाना
Meaning: To profit from a craze; to join a trend.
Use:After the incredible success of the new product, the company has jumped on the bandwagon, and released a new version of it.
7.Jump the lights- सिगनल तोडना
Meaning:Pass traffic lights, when they are red.
Use:Don’t jump the lights as it may be fatal for you.
8.Justice is blind- अँधा कानून  
Meaning:This expression means that justice is impartial and objective.
Use:No matter who you are, you must respect the law. Justice is blind!
9.Jangle someone’s nerves- किसी को नर्वस कर देना 
Meaning:Annoy someone or make them nervous.
Use:The noise of the dog jangled my nerves.
10.Jump for joy- बहुत जादा खुश होना 
Meaning:To be extremely happy:
Use:The blood tests so far show my mother doesn't have cancer, but it's still too early to jump for joy because she has to have more tests.
11.Just deserts- जिसके लायक हो वो मिल जाना 
Meaning::Get what one deserves.
Use:After a lot of hard work he got his  just deserts.

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