SSC CGL Job Profile 2017: Salary, Job Location, Promotion Details

SSC CGL Job Profile 2017: Salary, Job Location, Promotion Details

SSC CGL 2017 Notification has been declared on 15th May 2017, but many aspirants don't know what will be the job profiles, salary, & job location once they'll get selected in SSC CGL. There are so many posts under various ministries which creates lot of confusion to decide which post is best.
So in this article, we are going to share Different posts of SSC CGL and the preference order. This will be beneficial for the aspirants who are targeting SSC CGL 2017 and all those who cleared SSC CGL 2016 Exam. You can check the SSC CGL work profile, Grade Pay (Salary), and post preference order which is made by considering some important points listed below.
  1. Job Location: If you are from north India and you are posted in Chennai then of course you will not like your job. Everybody wants to stay near home.
  2. Salary: The ultimate goal of all of us is to make a decent amount of money. Check here SSC CGL Salary structure after 7th Pay Commission
  3. Promotion: In some posts you get promoted soon while some take years to get.
This is also a very important criteria while you fill choices of SSC CGL post preference that whether you want Desk job/Field job.

Detailed Information about SSC CGL Jobs Profile 2017

We will be giving you details about each SSC CGL post to help you decide that exactly which one is suitable for you. This is very important because your career is based on it. A single mistake can put you in trouble so go through the article properly. Share your queries and thoughts with us in comment section.

1. Assistant Section Officer (CSS) - 

CSS is considered to be one of the best “Assistant” jobs offered by SSC CGL.
Job Location- Delhi
Job Profile- Your work profile will normally include clerical work like completing files and making reports. As an Assistant Section Officer, you also need to maintain the vital link between Parliament and the Central Secretariat, especially when it comes to handling of Parliament Questions, Assurances & Government Bills.

2. Assistant (Central Vigilance Commission) 

Assistant in Central Vigilance Commission is a Group B, Non-Gazetted Post.
Job Location- Limited to Tier 1 cities.
Job Profile- You will be mostly be confined to a desk job. You will be given work similar to clerk.

3. Assistant Section Officer (Central Vigilance Commission) -

Posting- CVC HQ in Delhi
Job Profile- Your work profile will normally include clerical work like completing files and making reports and putting them up to the higher authorities who are generally group A officers.
4. Assistant Section Officer (Railway Ministry) -
Job Location- Anywhere in India.
Job Profile- The job profile of assistant in railway ministry is more clerical type but in terms of grade it is above upper division clerk (LDC).

5. Assistant Section Officer (External Affairs) 

 Job Location- India and Foreign
 Job Profile- Very Responsible work is given and MEA also gives training to the whole ASO batch for about two weeks in Foreign Service Institute.

6. Assistant Audit Officer (Under C & AG) 

Only gazetted post offered through SSC CGL Exam.
Job Location-Anywhere in India.
Job Profile- Performing audit of various government offices and government owned corporations. Sometimes you may also get a field job.

7. Assistant Section Officer (AFHQ) 

AFHQ comes under the ministry of defence, you would be entitled for benefits provided to those in armed forces.
Job Location- Posting in Armed Forces Headquarters in Delhi.
Job Profile- It is an indoor job where you need to assist the section officer in imparting his duties of management, distribution & coordination of work to staff.

8. Assistant (Other Ministries) -

Job Location- Mostly Delhi (There are few other organizations under Govt. of India such as Dept. of Personnel & Training, Parliamentary Affairs, Election Commission etc., where these assistants would be posted)
Job Profile- File work.
Hectic/Relaxing Job- Desk job.

9. Inspector of Income Tax (CBDT) - 

Income Tax Inspector is a grade C post.

Job Location- Anywhere in India
Job Profile- Job profile includes assessing, verifying, processing IT records of individuals & business  concerns etc., They would also be a part of teams conducting raids.

10. Inspector (Central Excise) CBEC - 

Central Excise Inspector works in CBEC(Central Board of Excise and Customs) like two other SSC CGL posts Examiner and Preventive Officer.
Job Profile- Anywhere in India.
Work Profile-  The duty of this person is to Inspect the taxes/returns filed by companies, verify the correctness of claims submitted, process the data, maintain records etc., Some field visits may be necessary but overall, it is highly respected job among business owners & public.

11. Inspector (Preventive Officer) CBEC- 

As the name suggests, the officer will be in charge of gathering information & acting based on that information to prevent malpractice. The inspector may also have to report during night time for certain operations. Posting will be mostly in cities that have ports/airports (Chennai, Cochin, Kolkata & Mumbai).
Job Location- Port/Airport
Job Profile- Documentation and examining imported and exported goods.

12. Inspector (Examiner) CBEC- 

Examiner post is considered a very good post.
Job Location- Mostly in coastal regions.
Job Profile- The work is limited to examining of items & verifying whether appropriate taxes have been levied on goods moving in & out of the port. 

13. Assistant Enforcement Officer (Department Of Revenue)- 

Assistant Enforcement Officer  post is similar to the inspector.
Job Location- Posting will be only in enforcement directorate offices located at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow , Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Calicut, Guwahati, Indore, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Madurai, Nagpur, Patna, Srinagar and Varanasi only.
Job Profile- Job profile is similar to that of an inspector job that involves inspecting, preventing & arresting those into money laundering/ forgery etc.

14. Sub-Inspector (CBI)- 

CBI doesn’t require any introduction as it is one of the most respected organization in India & a SI also commands an equal amount of respect.
Job Location- Anywhere in India.
Job Profile- This job is similar to that of state police but since CBI is under central govt. , they have more powers to investigate anti­-corruption cases and other conventional crimes.

15. Inspector of post (Dept. of Post)- 

This person is responsible for acquiring & promoting business growth for post offices that come under his/ her control. He/ She may have to travel but allowances shall be provided. There could be some slight pressure to showcase performance.
Job Location- Anywhere
Job Profile- Managing

16. Divisional Accountant (Under C & AG)- 

They will be posted in offices located at various Indian cities that come under CAG. I heard they are normally seated in public works department of a state thereby auditing the expenses of works/ projects carried out by that state government. Their reports are sent to CAG head office which point out the malpractices if any. No or very less travel. Statistical Investigator
Job Location- In zones of government departments like PWD,Irrigation offices, Public Health Office etc.
Job Profile-  Chief accountant or financial advisor to above mentioned offices and scrutinising, passing of various bills of the above mentioned offices.Transfer will be in the same state where you are posted in the beginning.There may be a mutual transfer.

17. Junior Statistical Officer (Statistics)

 Job Location-Delhi- Maximum of postings come under National Sample Survey office (NSSO).
Job Profile- Data Collection, Data Compilation, Data Processing, Conducting different Surveys for various govt. initiatives.

18. Inspector (Central Bureau of Narcotics) - 

This job is to keep a check on the cultivation of opium poppy In India & conduct periodic checks in companies to ensure its not used illegally. They may also have to monitor the imports/ exports for any smuggling of banned narcotic drugs. Reports to the Superintendent of Narcotics / District Opium officer. Job location would be mostly in north India & local travel shall be part of the job.
Job Location-  Anywhere in india.
Job Profile-  Maximum posting will be done in MP, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

19. Auditor (Under C & AG) - Comptroller and Auditor General of India

Job Location- State Capitals.
Job Profile- Audit and paper work.

20. Auditor (Under CGDA) -­ Controller General of Defence Accounts.

Job Location- Posting at Various defence offices/Headquarters.
Job Profile-Auditing of accounts of army and air force.

21. Auditor (Under CGA & Others) - CGA ­ Controller General of Accounts.

Job Location- Posted in Pay & Account offices under various ministries.
Job Profile- Clerical Job.

22. Accountant/Jr. Accountant (Under C & AG) - 

Many vacancies & state postings are available. 
Job Location- State Capitals
Job Profile- A lot of paper work,field visit, auditing of different government organisations.Work pressure.

23. Accountant/Jr. Accountant (Under CGA & Others) - 

The No. of posts is less compared to CAG. 
Job Location- If appointed in any ministry or other central govt. organization, job location will be in Delhi.
Job Profile- As a CGA Auditor, your main objective will be assisting in the preparation of critical analysis of expenditures, borrowings,revenues and the deficit for the finance minister every month. You will also assist in the preparation of annual Appropriation Accounts (Civil) and Union Finance Accounts for presentation to the Parliament. Hence, your job profile will mostly confine you to a desk post with lots of auditing work.
Job Location- Government Offices

24. Senior Secretariat Assistant (Central govt. offices) - 

Also known as upper division clerk in various government offices.
 Job Location- Delhi and Various government offices mostly in capitals.
Job Profile- Clerical job and Managing RTI replies.

25. Tax Assistant (CBDT) - 

Central Board of Direct Taxation CBEC The duties of Tax Assistants (TA) in both these boards are more like that of a desk officer. The TA`s are supposed to asses, verify, modify any data related to taxes of an individual or business concern (in case of CBDT).
Job Location- Anywhere in india.
Job Profile- Assessment of the income tax of various departments and firms.

26. Tax Assistant (CBEC) - CBEC ­ Central Board of Excise and Customs 

Job Location- Anywhere in india.
Job Profile- The duty of Tax Assistants (TA) is more like that of a desk officer.

27. Compiler (Registrar General Of India) - 

We have tried to give an overview of the post functions.
Job Location- Compilers are posted in Statistical division.
Job Profile- Registrar General of India responsible for census,in charge of compiling the collected information through various means.

28. Sub-Inspector (Narcotics) - 

It shall have frequent travels to ensure no entry of narcotic drugs into the state border. The work is similar to that of an inspector expect this person has to do more of field work than him.
Job Location- State Borders
Job Profile- Frequent travels to ensure no entry of narcotic drugs into the state border.

29. Sub-Inspector (NIA)- 

The NIA is the agency that leads investigations in terrorism & other national security related issues. Since security of the country is of prime importance, During or after terrorist attacks, the work load could increase many fold which means you have to spend more time with the case. They have offices in each state but initial posting could be mostly in Delhi.
Job Location- Mostly Delhi
Job Profile- The Job of SI in NIA involves lot of travel, collecting evidence from sites, gather intelligence inputs regarding terrorists etc.

 SSC CGL Job Profile and Salary 2017

Post Code
Job Posts/Department
AFAssistant Audit Officer (Under C & AG)4800
Assistant Accounts Officer (Under CAG)

Assistant Section Officer (Central Secretariat)
Assistant (Central Vigilance)
Assistant Section Officer (Intelligence Bureau)
Assistant Section Officer (Railway)
Assistant Section Officer ( Ext. Affairs)
Assistant Section Officer (AFHQ)
Assistant (Other Ministries)
Assistant (Other Ministries)
Inspector of Income Tax (CBDT)
Inspector (Central Excise)- CBEC
Inspector (Preventive Officer) - CBEC
Inspector (Examiner) - CBEC
Assistant Enforcement Officer (Dept. Of Revenue)
Sub-Inspector (CBI)
Inspector of post Dept. of Post)
Divisional Accountant (Under C & AG)
Junior Statistical Officer (Statistics)

Inspector (Narcotics)
Auditor (Under C & AG)
Auditor (Under CGDA)
Auditor (Under CGA & Others)
Accountant/Jr. Accountant (Under C & AG)
Accountant/Jr. Accountant (Under CGA & Others)
Senior Secretariat Assistant (Central govt. offices)
Tax Assistant (CBDT)
Tax Assistant (CBEC)
Sub-Inspector (Narcotics)
Sub-Inspector (NIA)
Upper Division Clerks (Border road org.)




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