Most Important Idioms and Phrases Beginning with X,Y,Z

Idioms & Phrases is one of the most important part of English section in SSC & Other Competitive Exams. In order to make it easy for all the aspirants,we have started our series. We have posted Idioms & Phrases in Hindi as well so that you can easily memorize them. Try to make sentences by using these idioms and post them in comment section as well.Lets see how many of you can make good sentences.

List of Important Idioms & Phrases Beginning with X,Y,Z

1. X marks the spot - सही जगह दिखाने के लिए कहना 

Meaning: Said to show the exact spot.Use: Would you like to jump from here- X marks the spot

2. X-rated - बच्चो के लिए उनुपयोगी

Meaning: Not suitable for childrenUse: This horror movie is X-rated, so they are advised not to watch this movie.

3. Yoke around someone's neck - एक प्रकार का बोझ, दबाव

Meaning: A type of burden, pressureUse: They buy a house on installments and it becomes a yoke around the neck.

4.Yeoman's service - अच्छी सेवा 

Meaning: Very good service,Use: Providing food to hungry is a yeoman's service.

5.Young Turk - विद्रोही

Meaning: A rebellion, an anarchistUse: Ram is a young Turk as he tries to change the politics of his region.

6.You got me there - जबाब ना दे पाना 

Meaning: Unable to answerUse: I don’t know what to say, you got me there.

7.Young at heart - बुढ़ापे में भी युवाओं जैसा भाव रखना 

Meaning: To have a spirit of youth even in old age.Use: Although he is 90 years old, he is young at heart.

8.Zero hour - किसी काम को शुरू होने का पॉइंट

Meaning: The time when something is already planned to start.Use: This is the zero hour for the attack, said the major.

9.Zero tolerance - एक सख्त तरीके से असामाजिक व्यवहार की अस्वीकृति

Meaning: Non-acceptance of antisocial behaviour in a strict mannerUse: I will be chairing an organisation that will always take a zero tolerance approach to drug abuse in sport

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