How to Remember Important Days of January in a Story Mode?


How to Remember Important Days of January in a Story Mode?

Important Days plays important role in every bank exam. At least one question comes from this topic. To remember all the important days is a challenge for your memory. But it is easy to remember them in the form of stories. January month has nearly 13 important days. To remember them I have framed a short story. The story starts like this,

Once there lived a NRI family in a small village in India. They lived happily and they used to laugh a lot. One day a youth from Army came to their village and proposed to marry their only girl child. Though some of their relatives opposed their marriage, their parents voted that they can marry. After their marriage, they went for the tour to many places around India to celebrate first Republic day after their marriage. Though both had different customs, they protected and respected each other’s customs. Suddenly one day that girl got affected by leprosy and died on one martyrs day. Here the story ends sadly!!!
How to Remember Important Days of January in a Story Mode

Observed AsDay
Global Family DayJanuary 1
NRI DayJanuary 9
World Laughter DayJanuary 10
National Youth DayJanuary 12
Army DayJanuary 15
National Girl Child DayJanuary 24
National Voters DayJanuary 25
National Tourism DayJanuary 25
India’s Republic DayJanuary 26
International Customs DayJanuary 26
Data Protection DayJanuary 28
World Leprosy Eradication DayJanuary 30
Martyrs DayJanuary 30
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