The GATE 2017 Exams are going on. Today GATE EC Examination will going to take place in two different shifts from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. The morning shift of exam has already over & we are here providing you the GATE 2017 EC Analysis and Questions Asked for morning session. Read on to know GATE 2017 EC Analysis and Questions asked in actual GATE Exam along with the difficulty level, topic and number of questions asked from each subject of Electronics & Communication.

Exam Analysis & Questions Asked in GATE 2017 EC -05 February 2017 1st Slot

As compared to previous year this time Electronics & Communication paper was easy. Most of the questions are asked from basic element of electronic devices, rank of matrix, transient state.

The GATE paper of MORNING Shift was of Moderate level.

General Aptitude analysis for  GATE EC 05 February 2017 - 1st Slot
  • Moderate difficulty level. 
  • If you have gone through this part then you have easily solved upto 6 questions. 
  • It was less time consuming & scoring.

Technical Section analysis for  GATE EC 05 February 2017 - 1st Slot

Paper was time consuming but easy as comparison to last year. One can easy score 45 to 50 marks if attended paper seriously. The difficulty level of different subjects asked in today exam is mentioned below:
  • Control System – Easy
  • Math – Tough
  • Electronic Device & Circuits – Tricky
  • EMFT – Moderate
  • Analog – Easy
  • Microprocessor – Easy
  • Signal & System – Difficult

General Aptitude Questions Asked in GATE EC 05 February 2017 - 1st Slot

  1. Three indian and three chinese split into subgroups having atleast one indian. How many subgroups are possible?
  2. One sitting arrangement type problem was asked.
  3. One question was based on Pie Chart.

Technical Questions Asked in GATE EC 05 February 2017 - 1st Slot

  1. Microprocessor : 8085 microprocessor with frequency 1.25 Hz was given along with a programme was given & you have to find the now many T- State are there ?
  2. Microprocessor : A short programme was written 7 you were asked to find the value of accumulator ?
  3. One Question was based on shift registers & counters. A diagram was given & No. of clock pulses after 1111 state was asked ?
  4. Control System : Two question were based on system stability.
  5. Formula based questions are asked from Laplace transform.
  6. A matrix was given & you have to find out, rank of matrix & Eigen value.
  7. One question was on integral calculus.
  8. Some values were given & you have to find Discrete Convolution, DTFT ?
  9. Electronic devices & circuit : Questions were related to continuity equation and minority carrier decay , relaxation time ?
  10. Mid band voltage gain problem was asked ?
  11. Taylor series 1+2x+3/2 x^2 + 7/6 x^3 was given & based on that one numerical was asked ?
  12. What is Saturation value in opam ?

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