1. The phenomenon of splitting of white light into seven colours is called________?
A. Refractive index
B. Dispersion
C. Reflection
D. Refraction

2. In which part of eye lies the pigment that decides the colour of the eyes of a person?
A. Iris
B. Vitreous body
C. Cornea
D. None of the above

3. When a coin placed in a bowl of water is seem from above, it appears:
A. At the same position
B. Raised from its position
C. Below its position
D. None of the above

4. Which of the following gas turns lime water milky?
A. Nitrogen dioxide
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Hydrogen dioxide
D. Carbon monoxide

5. Nitrogen combines metal to form—
A. Nitrite
B. Nitrate
C. Nitride
D. Nitrosyl chloride

6. Ozone is an _________ of oxygen.
A. Allotrope
B. Isomer
C. Isotope
D. Isomorphism

7. Which one of the following is a mixed fertilizer?
B. Urea
D. Ammonium sulphate

8. Substance found in blood which help in clotting—
A. Heparin
B. Thrombin
C. Globine
D. Fibrinogen

9. Mammals who have the capacity to distinguished the colour?
A. Man, dog and monkey
B. All mammals
C. Man and dog
D. Man and monkey

10. The release of which one of the following into wells helps in controlling the mosquitoes?
A. Snail
B. Gambusia fish
C. Dogfish
D. Bear

  • 1-B
  • 2-A
  • 3-B
  • 4-B
  • 5-C
  • 6-A
  • 7-C
  • 8-D
  • 9-B
  • 10-B
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