1. When did Queen Victoria declared the taking over of Indian Administration under British Crown?
(a) 1November 1858,
(b) 31 December 1857,
(c) 6 January 1958,
(d) 17 November 1859

2. The revolt of 1857 at Lucknow was led by—
(a) Begum Hazarat Mahal,
(b) Tantia Tope,
(c) Rani laxmi Bai,
(d) Nana Sahib

3. With reference to the ‘revolt of the year 1857, who of the following was betrayed by a friend captured and put to death by the British?
(a) Nana Sahib,
(b) Kunwar Singh,
(c) Khan Bahadur Khan,
(d) Tantiya Tope

4. Who was the Governor General of India during the sepoy Mutiny?
(a) Lord Canning,
(b) Lord Dalhousie,
(c) Lord hardings,
(d) Lord Lytton

5. The decimal numeral system, including the concept of zero was invented in India during which one of the following dynasty
(a) Saka,
(b) Gupta,
(c) Pala,
(d) Chola

6.‘Kumarasambhavam’ an epic, was composed by—
(a) Banabhatta,
(b) Chandbardai,
(c) harisen,
(d) Kalidasa

7. In the courtyard of the Quwwat-ul-Islam. Mosque of Delhi stands the famous iron pillar in the memory of —
(a) Ashoka,
(b) Chandra,
(c) Harsha,
(d) Anangpal

8. Which one of the following literary works did not belong to the Gupta Period?
(a) Abhijnashakuntalam,
(b) Amarakosa,
(c) Charaka Samhita,
(d) Mrichhakatika

9. During the reign of which of the following dynasties did kalidasa flourish?
(a) Mauryas,
(b) Sungas,
(c) Guptas,
(d) Vardhanas

10. Which one of the periods marks the beginning of the Indian temple architecture?
(a) Nanda,
(b) Maurya,
(c) Sunga,
(d) Gupta

  • 1-a
  • 2-a
  • 3-d
  • 4-a
  • 5-b
  • 6-d
  • 7-b
  • 8-c
  • 9-c
  • 10-d
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