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Q.1) Reading Comprehension was based on the story of a king related to digging of a well.
Antonym & Synonym
  • Pleased
  • Retained
  • Frail
  • Flattered
Title of the passageQuestions related to passage were asked & you have to find the answers from passage.
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Q) 16, 17, 13, 22 ,6, ? = 31 (+1…-4….+9…..-16….+25)
Q) 22, 54, 102, ?, 246  = 166 (16….32…..48….64….50  ( table of 16 )
Q) 9, 12, 20, 3,2 47, ?  =  64(+3….+8…..+12…..+15…..+17)
Q) 3, 10, 31, 94, ?  = 283 ( +5….+4…..+3……+2)
Q) 17, 18, 14, 27, 7, ?  (x3+1….x3+1….x3+1….x3+1)

Q.2) D.I Based on Tabular Graph
No. of mobile sold by P,Q,R, S, T from Sunday to Thursday.

Q.3) There were two persons, First person monthly salary was 40% of second person. Each save 20% of their salary. The total saving of both the person was 12000. Find the difference between their salary ?

Q.4) A tank full capacity is 24oL. 1st tap fill the 60 L of tank in 15 hours. The 2nd tap empty the tank. When both the tap are open it takes 20 4/7 hours to fill the tank. Find the time taken by 2nd tap to empty the tank.

Q.5) A boat takes 24 min to go 5.2 km upstream. The speed of stream is 3kmph. Find the downstream distance covered by boat in 2 hours.

Q.6) A rectangle has l:b in 7:5 ratio. The square side is more than 30% of the breadth of rectangle. Find the area of rectangle?

Q.7) 4 years ago, A is half the age of B. The sum of the current age of A & B is 62. Find age of B after 6 years.

Q.8) A sum of money x rupees at 17% rate of interest in 2 years give simple interest of 782. Then, on 4x sum of money at 6% rate of interest the interest earn is ?

Q.9) A started a business with some amount. After 4 months B & C joined him. B’s amount was one third of A & C’s amount is 50% less than A. Total profit at the end of year is 2100. Find the share of A ?

Q.10) One article is sold at 40% profit & gets rupees 248 as a profit. The cost price of another article is 300 less than the 1st article. If another article is sold at 10% profit then what will be it’s selling price.

Q.11)The ratio of A’s age 4 years ago and B’s age 14 years ago is 1:3. If A is 4 years younger than B then what is B’s Present age?

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Q) Alphabet Test: ARE, OLD ,TAB ,NUV ,LTE
( not sure about last two two words but consider it for example )

Questions based on it – UNDER REASONING
  • QUES 1. arrange first letter of all words in alphabetical order and tel which one comes second from the LEFT
  • QUES 2. ADD letter C before each words and tell how many will make a meaningful word ( EG – C+ old = COLD , C + are =CARE)
  • QUES 3. How many letters are there in between SECOND letter of 2nd word and FIRST letter of 4th word in ENGLISH alphabets
  • QUES 4. How many words have a vowel in it
  • QUES 5. Take each letter in each word and rewrite it with the next letter which comes in English alphabets ( EG if A then B , C then D so on for each letter ) and tell after rearranging how many words will have a vowel in it .

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