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IBPS PRE 01 DEC 2016 -SLOT -01 

Passage asked :
One day Shepherd went to the court and complained at the king that “my neighbor is very negligent fellow, he didn’t care about his wall though it is weak, one of the walls was fell down and one my sheep’s died”.
Veera, one of the courtiers interrupted and said “My Lord the story narrated by Shepherd is half only need further investigation to know the truth. Now the next the neighbours turn and said ” It is not my fault,ask the builder who built this. Now builders turn “My Lord this is not my mistake even, mistake done by the labour who mixed more water than I suggested”, and now Labour “My Lord, the shopkeeper has given big container and less quality cement, so it’s not my fault even”. And Now the Shepherd is the culprit guy as he only the shopkeeper.
The kings final words “Your sheep died just because of your carelessness”. The Shepherd feeling ashamed and went away.

Antonym and Synonym asked :

  • Shaky
  • carelessness

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Simplification asked
  1. (ROOT613+ROOT86+X)=25
  2. 320/X*13=1040
  3. 20%150+35%0F 200=??
  4. 164+388/X-613=1103
  5. %(133.59+366.74-140.33)=144
  6. 8 7/12- 4 1/4 =X/36*12
  7. X+0.8^2=0.9^2*50
  8. ROOT625*X/40=6.4+53.6
  9. 85%200+X*14=870
  10. 3.5/5*0.5/(1-0/93)=??
Q. A boat travel 10.2 km in 36 min. speed of stream is 2 kmph. find downstream speed of boat in 2 hr.

Q. A Item Is Sold 30% Profit So Profit 162.If Cost Of B Is 200 Less Thn A..Then If It Sold 20% Profit Then B Is Sold In??

Q. A gets a SI of 144 in 3 years at 12% on X principle, then find SI for 3X in 2 years at 13%

Q. Five years ago A’s age is 1/5 times B’s age. Sum of there present age is 70. Find A age hence 5 years

Q. The ratio of A’s age 4 years ago and B’s age 14 years ago is 1:3. If A is 4 years younger than B then what is B’s Present age?

Q.  A Invested 12 Mnth B,C Joined After 6 Month,,,B Iinvested Half Of A,,C Invested 25% Less Of A..If Rofit15600 Then C Share??

Q. Capacity=300litr...Inlet Fioo 180 Litr In 12 Hr,,Due To Likeaga Fill In 33 1/3 Hr..So Leakage Van Empty In?

Q.  If 40% Of X Is Added To Y,,Then Y Is Incread Itself 1/5 More..So X:Y??

Q. 16---In 2010,,Femal Is 25% More Thn Male..In 2011 Total Population Incresed 10%..So That Incresed 450 People,,So In 2010 Number Of Male??

Q. Shiya Income 25% More Then Aman..If Each Save 1/3 Of Income,,And Both Saving Total 11000...Then Income Diff??

Q.  5 Yr Ago A Is 1/3 Of B..If Total Age Of A+B=70..Then A 5 Yr After??

Number series
  1. 7,  20,  46,   85,  ? , 202 = 137
  2. 4,  13 , 40 , 121,  ? , 1093 = 364
  3. 17 , 18 ,  14 , 23,   7,  ? = 32
  4. 2180 ,  2179,  2152  , 2027, ? =  1684
  5. 6 ,  10,  19,  32 , 48, ? =  66
Solutions :
  1.  +13….+26….+39….+52…+65   ( Table of 13 )
  2.  +9….+27….+81…..+243
  3.  +1….-4….+9…..-16….+25
  4.  -1….-27….-125…..-343…..-729   ( cube of 1,3,5,7 )
  5.  +4……..+9……..+13……+16……+18   

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Q.  9768234 arrange in descending order from left to right. Find the difference between 3rd from left and 4th from right.

Linear Arrangement asked :
8 people – G,H,I,T,U,Q,R,S seating in straight line facing North.

Only 3 people are sitting to the left of T. Two people sits between T and H.
There are more than two people between T and U. G and I are sitting together, neither G nor I is Neighbor of T.
I is not sitting at any extreme end. R is second to left of U. S is not Neighbour of I.

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