Result for IBPS PO Mains Exam 2016 was recently announced. We have been receiving a lot of requests from our readers about tips for the upcoming IBPS PO Exam Interviews. So,here are some suggestions that would he helpful for you in the upcoming interviews.

Interviews are not exactly a test of your knowledge but of your ability to use it at the right time. They are the last and major hurdle that you need to get through to get a job. They aim to test following things -
  • Your competency for the job.
  • To gain insight into your personality and abilities

What to expect and what not

First and foremost, remember interviews are unpredictable in nature. Questions asked usually vary from panel to panel.
  • Prepare yourself well for some basic questions that are asked in most interviews. Some of them are listed below -
    (a) Tell me about yourself.
    (b) Why do you wish to join this organisation/ banking.
    (c) Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses
    (d) Why did you leave your previous job (for experienced candidates)
    (e) Try to familiarise yourself with any recent events or other static information relevant to the place you belong.
  • Be ready to be grilled over your academic specialisations. For instance, if you are a B.Com graduate, you can expect a few questions from Economics, Accounts etc i.e. basically your graduation subjects.
  • Make sure that you go through your resume thoroughly since questions may be raised from any of the points mentioned there as well, especially regarding your extra curricular activities and hobbies. Take due care of what hobby you mention, since they may follow it up with another question.
  • Go through some of the recent events, especially the ones related to economic sector. For instance, Demonetisation is the most trending topic in this field currently, so you may expect a few questions from this topic in interview.
  • Be aware with the basic banking terminologies. You can expect a few questions from this domain as well since you are appearing for a bank job's interview and you are expected to be well acquainted with its nitty gritties.

Do’s and Don’ts

There are a lot of things in interview that you need to take care of. You may control some while others are beyond your control.

Behavioral Factors

  • Be honest with yourself and the interviewer. Bluffing in interview will only ruin your chances of selection.
  • Answer the questions you know in a confident manner. If you have some idea of question asked, you may start by telling, “I’m not sure but it could be…”. However, if you do not know the answer, do not beat around the bush, tell them straight away.
  • Try not to argue with the interviewers. If at any point you feel that interviewer disagrees with you, do not push it too much.
  • Do not worry too much if you make some mistake while speaking. Be calm and correct yourself in the next sentence.
  • At the end of the interview, interviewers may ask if you have any questions for them. Be ready with some decent questions for such scenario. For instance, you may ask what kind of training you may expect or about the interviewers etc.

Body Language

  • Ask for permission before entering and do greet the interviewers when you enter the room.
  • Be confident. Everyone panics in such situation but how you handle it and present yourself makes all the difference. For instance, fidgeting with your fingers or slumped shoulders indicate lack of confidence. So, stay relaxed.
  • Make Eye contact with the interviewers while answering questions. This indicates your confidence.
  • Sit straight and do not cross your hands or legs.
  • Speak clearly. Do not speak too fast while answering questions. Take a moment to think before you reply.

Interview Attire

  • Remember, First impression is usually the last impression. Make sure your attire is simple and sober.
  • Dress smartly. How you dress reflects your interest in job and commitment towards it.
  • Avoid casual and fancy attire.

Documents -

Make sure you have all your documents prepared beforehand to avoid any last minute hustle. You will be provided the document list in the mail. We have provided here important documents that would be required at the time of interview -
  • Do carry a copy of your resume with you.
  • Along with the original documents and transcripts, carry at least 2-3 xerox sets of following -
  • Identity and Address Proof 
  • Transcripts (Post graduation, Graduation, Senior Secondary and High School)
  • Character Certificates (if required)
  • Caste Certificates (if applicable)
So, stay calm, believe in yourself and be the best version of yourself..!!
All the best for your Interviews..
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