Directions (1-15): Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pair to make the sentences meaningfully complete.

Q1. The fear ___________ when feeling incompetent is the fear of being humiliated, embarrassed and ___________.
(a) endowed, criticised
(b) afflicted, downtrodden
(c) consistent, damaged
(d) associated, vulnerable
(e) imbued, exposed

Q2. Gopal was frustrated with Sunder who would not ___________ himself to a deadline. Sunder claimed he was working well without a deadline, but Gopal ___________ and finally prevailed.
(a) encourage, enforced
(b) inculcate, ordered
(c) cooperate, stipulated
(d) commit, persisted
(e) declare, pressurized

Q3. I am not easily ___________ by pressures that would interfere with accomplishing the goals of my unit. I stick with my ___________.
(a) pessimistic, views
(b) swayed, convictions
(c) discouraged, achievements
(d) empowered, organisation
(e) demurred, projections

Q4. Coercion sometimes leads to the __________ of short-term goals, but its drawbacks far __________ its advantages.
(a) realization, damage
(b) appreciation, percolate
(c) accomplishment, outweigh
(d) achievement, crumble
(e) destination, magnify

Q5. The teacher must __________ the unique style of a learner in order to __________ it to the desired knowledge.
(a) advocate, direct
(b) perpetuate, develop
(c) appreciate, focus
(d) absorb, maintain
(e) discover, harness

Q6. Not all countries benefit ___________ from liberalization, the benefits tend to ___________ first to the advantaged and to those with the right education to be able to benefit from the opportunities presented.
(a) equally, generate
(b) richly, downgrade
(c) suitably, ascribe
(d) uniformally, percolate
(e) judiciously, facilitate

Q7. He has __________ sense of words. Therefore, the sentence he constructs are always __________ with rich meaning.
(a) profound, pregnant
(b) distinguished, loaded
(c) terrific, tempted
(d) meaningful, full
(e) outstanding, consistent

Q8. He was an __________ musician, had been awarded the George Medal during the second world war and __________ with the title of Rai Bahadur.
(a) outstanding, popularized
(b) underestimated, declared
(c) accomplished, honoured
(d) impressive, assigned
(e) obdurate, proclaimed

Q9. Whether it be shallow or not, commitment is the __________, the bedrock of any __________ loving relationship.
(a) expression, perfunctory
(b) foundation, genuinely
(c) manifestation, deep
(d) key, alarmingly
(e) basis, absorbing

Q10. Many people take their spirituality very seriously and __________ about those who do not worrying about them and __________ them to believe.
(a) think, criticising
(b) pride, appraising
(c) rationalize, enabling
(d) wonder, prodding
(e) ponder, venturing

Q11. Unless new reserves are found soon, the world’s supply of coal is being __________ in such a way that with demand continuing to grow at present rates reserves will be __________ by the year 2050.
(a) consumed, completed
(b) depleted, exhausted
(c) reduced, argument
(d) burnt, destroyed
(e) utilized, perished

Q12. If you are __________ you tend to respond to stressful situations, in a calm, secure, steady and __________ way.
(a) resilient, rational
(b) obdurate, manageable
(c) propitious, stable
(d) delectable, flexible
(e) supportive, positive

Q13. Management can be defined as the process of __________ organizational goals by working with and through human and non-human resources to __________ improve value added to the world.
(a) getting, deliberately
(b) managing, purposefully
(c) targeting, critically
(d) realizing, dialectically
(e) reaching, continuously

Q14. If you are an introvert, you __________ to prefer working alone and if possible, will __________ towards projects where you can work by yourself or with as few people as possible.
(a) like, depart
(b) advocate, move
(c) tend, gravitate
(d) express, attract
(e) feel, follow

Q15. Despite __________ knowledgeable, he remained __________ all through.
(a) having, ignorant
(b) of, doubtful
(c) owing, through
(d) having, enriched
(e) being, poor

  • 1. (e) 
  • 2. (d) 
  • 3. (b) 
  • 4. (a) 
  • 5. (e) 
  • 6.(d) 
  • 7. (a) 
  • 8. (c) 
  • 9. (b) 
  • 10. (e) 
  • 11. (b) 
  • 12. (a) 
  • 13. (d) 
  • 14. (c) 
  • 15. (e) 
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