Mountain and Valley winds

Mountain-valley breezes are formed by the daily difference of the thermo effects between peaks and valleys. In daytime, the mountain side is directly heated by the sun, the temperature is higher, air expands, air pressure reduces, and therefore air will rise up the mountain side from the valley and generate a valley breeze. The valley breeze reaches its maximum force at around 2 p.m. After this time, the breeze decreases in power and come to a complete stop by sunset. By nightfall, the mountain side region is able to dissipate heat more quickly, due to its higher altitude and therefore temperature drops rapidly. Cold air will then travel down the mountain side from the top and flow into the valley, forming a mountain breeze.

Local Winds :These local winds blow in the various region of the world.

Hot Winds 

  • Sirocco - Sahara Desert         
  • Leveche -Spain
  • Khamsin -Egypt
  • Harmattan -Sahara Desert
  • Santa Ana - USA
  • Zonda -  Argentina
  • Brick fielder -Australia

Cold Winds

  • Mistral Spain and France
  • Bora - Adriatic coast
  • Pampero - Argentina
  • Buran -  Siberia

Descending Winds

  • Chinook - USA
  • Fohn - Switzerland
  • Berg Germany
  • Norwester - New Zealand
  • Samun Persia (Iran)
  • Nevados - Ecuador
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