Himachal Pradesh GK 150+ Questions with Answers (Download PDF)

Himachal Pradesh GK 150+ Questions with Answers (Download PDF)

Himachal Pradesh GK 150+ Questions with Answers (Download PDF)

Himachal Pradesh GK Quiz - General Knowledge Questions and Answers. In this article, we have provided Himachal Pradesh GK Questions with explanation for the various competitive examinations. These questions are often asked in the different exams. We have collected and arranged the Himachal Pradesh Questions in the Himachal Pradesh GK Online Test. Thus, the applicants can practice the Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge Quiz which is organized on this page. Hence, the competitors can check the below sections to know the Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge Questions and Answers., These questions will help you to crack various Exams of Himachal Pradesh, HP Exams like HPPSC Allied Services, HPAS & HAS Exams.

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Here is the list of Himachal Pradesh GK:-

  1. What is the capital of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Shimla.
  2. What is the Area of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: 55,673 KM Square
  3. Total Population of Himachal Pradesh State? - Answer: 6,864,602.
  4. Total Population of Villagers in HP? - Answer: 6,176,050
  5. What is the Sex Ratio of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: 972
  6. Number of Villages in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: 20,690.
  7. Who is the Present Governer of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Acharya Devvrat
  8. Who is the present Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Shri Jai Ram Thakur
  9. Who is the First Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer:  Dr. Yashvant Singh Parmar
  10. Name the first Governer of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Shri. S. Chakrabarti
  11. First Lady Governer of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Shrimati Sheela Kaul
  12. Who won the first Paramvir Chakra in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Major Somnath Sharma
  13. When was First Loksabha Election held in Himachal Pradesh?  Answer: 1951.
  14. Where was the first railway line started in HP? - Answer: Kalka to Shimla.
  15. Where is the oldest fort in H.P.? - Answer: Kangra.
  16. Oldest News Paper of the Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Kshatriya Tej.
  17. Name the largest Area wise District of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Lahaul – Spiti.
  18. Largest river of the Himachal Pradesh State? - Answer: Chinaav.
  19. Longest River of the Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Satluj.
  20. The Highest situated lake in the Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Surajtal.
  21. Which is the highest mountain peak of the Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: L Sheela(7026 Meter)
  22. Which is the largest Airport in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Gagal (Kangra)
  23. Name the district which has the largest number of Roads? - Answer: Kangra
  24. Which is the largest Apple producing district of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Shimla.
  25. Which is the highest District headquarter in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Kelong (Lahaul-Spiti)
  26. Which District have largest numbers of Panchayat in it? - Answer: Kangra.
  27. Name the Asia’s Highest Dam in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Bhakhra Bandh.
  28. Highest Village in the Himachal Pradesh State? - Answer: Kibbar.
  29. Highest cricket ground of the world? -  Answer: Chayal.
  30. Tick the Smallest district of the Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Hamirpur (1118 KM Square)
  31. The district with the lowest population? - Answer: Lahaul-Spiti
  32. Which is the smallest river of the Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Yamuna.
  33. Name the smallest artificial lake of H.P.? - Answer: Pandoh.
  34. How many rivers are in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: 5.
  35. Parashar Lake is situated in Which District of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Mandi.
  36. The height of the Kamrunag lake from the sea level? - Answer: 3150.
  37. Manimahesh Lake is in which District of H.P.? - Answer: Chamba
  38. Which is the largest artificial lake of the Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: GobindSagar Lake.
  39. How many Airports are in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: 3.
  40. The great Himalayan Park is situated in which District of Himachal Pradesh? -Answer: Kullu.
  41. Shikari Devi Park is situated in which district of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Mandi.
  42. The history of Mandi State is written by which Writer? - Answer: Manmohan Singh.
  43. The book Tarikh-e-Riyasat was written by? - Answer: Ranjor Singh.
  44. Dharti Hai Bali dan Ki” Book is written by which writer? - Answer: Shanta Kumar.
  45. What is also known as Choti Kashi of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Mandi.
  46. Dharamshala is also known as? - Answer: Mini Lhasa.
  47. 47.The place which is known as Shiva Place? - Answer: Bharmour.
  48. The district which is known as Valley of Gods? - Answer: Kullu.
  49. The lake which is known as “Lake of the Moon”? - Answer: Chandra Tal.
  50. Which is known as the Apple State of India? - Answer: Himachal Pradesh.
  51. Manimahesh Temple is situated in which Place of H.P.? - Answer: Bharmour.
  52. “Masroor Ekasham Mandir” is situated in which District of H.P.? - Answer: Nagrota Suriyan (Kangra).
  53. Jwalaji Temple is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Kangra.
  54. Shikari Devie Temple is located in which city? - Answer: Sundar Nagar (Mandi).
  55. Where is Tara Devi temple located? - Answer: Shimla.
  56. Arjun Gufa is located in which district? - Answer: Kullu.
  57. Baba Balak Nath temple is located in Which District? - Answer: Hamirpur.
  58. Chintpurani Temple is situated in which District? - Answer: Chintpurani (Una District).
  59. The temple Baba Bhadbhag Singh temple is located in which District? - Answer: Medi (Una).
  60. Tabo Math is in which district of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Kaja (Lahaul-Spiti)
  61. Triloki Nath Temple is in which District of H.P.? - Answer: Udaipur. (Lahaul-Spiti).
  62. Nalbadi Mela is held in which District? - Answer: Bilaspur.
  63. Minjar Mela is held in which District? - Answer: Chamba.
  64. Which is the famous National Level Fair held in Mandi District? - Answer: Shivratri Mela.
  65. Manimahesh Yatra is Held in Which Month of the Year? - Answer: August.
  66. In which District the Dussehra is Famous? - Answer: Kullu.
  67. Baba Bad Bhag Singh Mela is held in which District of H.P.? - Answer: Una.
  68. Where is Vyas Gufa Situated in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Bilaspur
  69. Bhuri Singh Museum is Located in which District? - Answer: Chamba.
  70. Sainik School in Himachal Pradesh is situated in which Place? - Answer: Sujanpur Tihra.
  71. War Memorial is in which city? - Answer: Dharamshala.
  72. Sant John’s Church is in the city? - Answer: Dharamshala.
  73. Shobha Singh Art Gallery is in which City? - Answer: Palampur.
  74. Who is the founder of Dalhousie? - Answer: Lord. Dalhousie.
  75. Who is he founder of Kangra Town? - Answer: Susharma Chand.
  76. Name the founder of the Hamirpur Town? - Answer: HamirChand.
  77. What is the old name of Baijnath? - Answer: Kir Gram.
  78. The old name of Bilaspur City? - Answer: Vyaspur.
  79. What is old name of Kullu? - Answer: Kulut.
  80. Kangra Fort is made by which of the following? - Answer: Susharma Chand.
  81. Where is SheeshMehal situated in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Nahan.
  82. First Radio station of the Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: 91.9 Big FM, Shimla
  83. The first person from Himachal Pradesh to climb Mount Everest? - Answer: Sunil Sharma.
  84. When the Pahari day is celebrated in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: 1 November.
  85. How many times Dr. Yashvant Singh Parmar is Selected as Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: 4 Times.
  86. Himachal Pradesh University Shimla is Established in which year? - Answer: 1971.
  87. Which District is located in the south of the Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Sirmour
  88. Most rainy place in the Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Dharamshala.
  89. What is the height of Kailash Mountain Peak in Chamba? - Answer: 5,660 Meter
  90. Khir Ganga is famous for What? - Answer: Trekking and Hot water.
  91. Which place is known as the land of grapes? - Answer: Ribba Kinnaur.
  92. Halda Festival is famous in which District of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Chandra – Bhaga Ghati.
  93. Major Somnath Sharma belongs to which District? - Answer: Chamunda (Kangra)
  94. Name the birthplace of the Chief Minister Virbhdra Singh? - Answer: Sarahan (Shimla)
  95. National Institute of Fashion Technology is in which district? - Answer: Kangra (Cheb)
  96. Himachal Pradesh Technical University is found in which year? - Answer: 2011.
  97. Shoolini University is found in which district of H.P.? - Answer: Solan.
  98. Sri Sai University is located in which city of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Palampur.
  99. United Service Club is established in which year? - Answer: 1844.
  100. When was H.R.T.C department established? - Answer: 2 October 1974.
  101. Where is the headquarters of the Lahaul Spiti District of Himachal Pradesh located? - Answer: Keylong.
  102. In the district, the population of Scheduled Tribes is lowest in which district? - Answer: Una.
  103. What is the most populated village in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Kangra.
  104. Which is the lowest population density district in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Lahaul Spiti.
  105. Who is the highest population of Scheduled Castes in the district? - Answer: Kangra.
  106. Which is the first PVC conqueror of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Major Somnath Sharma
  107. What is the first newsletter of the state government? - Answer: Giriraj
  108. Where was the first radio station of Himachal Pradesh installed? - Answer: Shimla
  109. The largest fishing center Dioli is located in which district? - Answer: Bilaspur
  110. Which revolution is related to milk production? - Answer: The White Revolution.
  111. What is the relationship of operation black board? - Answer: Literacy
  112. Which is the largest lake in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Renuka.
  113. Which is the most industrial district in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Solan
  114. Where is the National Biological Laboratory situated? - Answer: Palampur.
  115. Which is the lowest literacy district of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Chamba.
  116. “Indian Institute of Advanced Study” is located in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Shimla
  117. In Indira Gandhi Medical College, where is located in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Shimla
  118. When was the establishment of Himachal Pradesh Vishwa Vidyalaya? - Answer: In 1971
  119. Where is the HP Education Board located in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Dharamsala.
  120. Place where B. in Himachal Pradesh Ed. Is college located? - Answer: Dharamsala.
  121. Who founded the “World Cotton School” in Himachal Pradesh in 1863? - Ans: John Laurence.
  122. When was the first primary school opened in Chamba state? - Answer: In 1863.
  123. Where is the headquarters of Mandi district situated? - Answer: Mandi House.
  124. When was the war of Narayati Shahpur in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: In 1786.
  125. Where is “Dal Lake” in Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Kangra.
  126. When did the Himachal Pradesh transport corporation Established? - Answer: 1974 AD.
  127. Who built the Golden Temple? - Answer: Guru Ramdas.
  128. Which is the tallest Rock of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Sheela.
  129. Which river is situated at the edge of Manikaran? - Answer: Parvati.
  130. BSP is its auxiliary river? - Answer: Of Sutlej.
  131. Where is the Motilal Nehru Library located? - Answer: In solan.
  132. Where is the Bhimakali temple situated? - Answer: Sarahan.
  133. Where is the apple research center located? - Answer: In mashobara.
  134. What is the ancient name of Dhameri? - Answer: Noorpur.
  135. Where is the Mahadev Temple of “Bijli Mahadev”? - Answer: Kullu.
  136. Where is the Great National Himalayan Park situated? - Answer: Kullu.
  137. Kiragram is whose mythological name is? - Answer: Baijnath.
  138. Which artificial lake is the largest? - Answer: Govind Sagar.
  139. In which district are the Suketi fossil park? - Answer: Sirmaur.
  140. Who is said to be Hilli Gandhi? - Answer: Baba Kashi Ram.
  141. Nako Lake is in which district? - Answer: Kinnaur.
  142. In which district is the “Dhankar” lake situated? - Answer: Lohaul Spiti.
  143. What is the “Suhay Mela” story related? - Answer: Chamba.
  144. In which district is the Kunihar valley? - Answer: Solan.
  145. Sardar Shobha Singh is related to? - Answer: painting.
  146. Who was the first woman governor of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Sheila Kaul.
  147. Where is the headquarters of Sirmaur district located? - Answer: In Nahan.
  148. “Suraj Taal Lake” is located in which district? - Answer: Lahaul Spiti.
  149. What is the state tree of Himachal Pradesh? -Answer: Cedar.
  150. Who was the first woman assembly speaker of Himachal Pradesh? - Answer: Vidya Stocks.
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