Railway ALP & Technician Exam 2018: Errors in Paper | Share Response

Railway ALP & Technician Exam 2018: Errors in Paper | Share Response

Railway ALP & Technician Exam 2018: Errors in Paper | Share Response

Railway Recruitment Board this year announced around 1,22,907 vacancies in Railway Group-D & ALP/ Technicians Posts and around 2,70,00,000 students applied to appear for the same. Exam by RRB for Railway Group-D & ALP/ Technicians Posts are being conducted after a good number of years which is the cause of an upsurge in the number of competitors. To deal with the expectations of those large number of candidates successfully, Railway Recruitment Board seems to make fast attempts to wrap up all the proceedings. Even after a re-conduct of one of its exams on 4th September, RRB has already released its answer key for RRB ALP 2018 Exam on today morning.

With its hasty steps to conclude the exam result, countable errors regarding questions/answers are noticed in the Railway ALP 2018 Exam shifts. To make you sure of your solutions' correctness, we are providing a list of Wrong Questions along with exam date, Shift and correct answers.

We have received a lot of mails regarding the same and we have also filed all the questions from our side. We will also be launching a campaign on change.org in order to bring the change.

Source : BankersAdda

Exam Date
ID Of Question
Mistake in Question/ Answer
117th Aug 20183rd Shift9864493391Correct Ans is option "3. Mercury"
220th Aug 20183rd Shift9864495172Correct Ans is option "3. Father"
33rd Shift9864495178Correct Ans is option "2. 27Q"
43rd Shift9864495166Correct Ans is option "3. R-19, T-21"
53rd Shift9864495162Correct Ans is option "4. Only conclusion II follows"
63rd Shift9864495179Correct Ans is option "4. 343"
73rd Shift9864495161Correct Ans is option "1. Grand Son"
83rd Shift9864495180Correct Ans is option "1. 4"
93rd Shift9864495177Correct Ans is option "3. N"
103rd Shift9864495171Correct Ans is option "4 Mahendra Singh Dhoni"
113rd Shift9864495159Correct Ans is option "3. Saina Nehwal"
123rd Shift9864495160Correct Ans is option "2.  NBOHP"
1330th Aug3rd Shift9864493012Correct Ans is option "2.  4 hrs 40 min"
1417th Aug1st Shift9864493034Correct Ans is option "2. Thursday"
151st Shift9864492946Correct Ans is option "2. 58"
161st Shift9864493022Correct Ans is option "3. 5/6"
1721st Aug3rd Shift9864492373Correct Ans is option "3. Amish Tripathi"
183rd Shift9864493627Correct Ans is option "4. 273K"
1920th Aug2nd Shift9864494034Correct Ans is option "1. B"
202ndShift9864494485Correct Ans is option "2. Rifath Sharook"
2114th Aug1st Shift9864492944Correct Ans is option "2. 76"
2220th Aug3rd Shift9864495170Correct Ans is option "4. East"
2329th Aug1st Shift9864494027Correct Ans is option "1. Both I & II"
2414th Aug1st Shift9864493140Correct Ans is option "3. 700 m"
2520th Aug2nd Shift9864494201Correct Ans is option "1. 5:1"
2620th Aug1st Shift9864493927Correct Ans is option "1. Only conclusion II Follows"
2720th Aug1st Shift9864494034Correct Ans is option "4. B"
2820th Aug3rd Shift9864495168Correct Ans is option "Both 1 and 2 are sufficient"
2921st Aug1st Shift9864493651Wrong Question
3029th Aug1st Shift9864492504Wrong Question
319th Aug2nd Shift9864492998Correct Ans is option "3. 57"
329th Aug2nd Shift9864494117Correct Ans is option "2. both follow"
339th Aug2nd Shift9864492544Correct Ans is option "3. 100"
3413th Aug3rd Shift9864492536Correct Ans is option "4. 96"
3529th Aug3rd Shift9864494862Correct Ans is option "1. 20 hours"
3630th Aug1st Shift9864493814Correct Ans is option " 1. only conclusion 2"
379th Aug2nd Shift9864492622Correct Ans is option "1. 6 3/7"

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