GIC Re Assistant Manager Scale-I Exam Analysis 23 July 2018

GIC Re Assistant Manager Scale-I Exam Analysis 23 July 2018

GIC Re Assistant Manager Scale-I Exam Analysis 23 July 2018

GIC Re Assistant Manager Scale-I Exam has successfully conducted on Jul 22, 2018. The Paper consists of Six sections, viz, Higher Order Reasoning Ability/Critical Thinking, Reasoning, English Language, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude & Computer Literacy and Descriptive Test for a stipulated time duration of 2.5 hours. Here is a brief analysis of the GIC Re Assistant Manager Scale-I Exam.

Overall, the exam was of moderate level.

GIC Re Assistant Manager Scale-I Exam Highlights:

  • Higher Order Reasoning Ability/Critical Thinking - This section consists of the question from Puzzles, Seating Arrangement and Logical Reasoning/Critical Thinking. The level of this section was Moderate. Questions of Logical reasoning were perception based. This section was difficult
  • Test of Reasoning - This section had moderate level questions. Questions from Inequality, Syllogism, Direction Sense and data sufficiency were asked.
  • Test of English Language - In this section, there was no new pattern question. Questions from Reading Comprehension, error spotting, sentence improvement and fillers were asked.
  • Test of Quantitative Aptitude & Computer Literacy - 10 questions from Quantitative Aptitude and 10 Questions from Computer Literacy were asked. The level of the questions was simple. In Quant, only arithmetic topics were asked.
  • Test of General Awareness - This section had questions from current affairs, static gk and some question related to insurance awareness.
  • Essay, precise and Comprehension - The topics were related to insurance and finance.

Higher Order Reasoning Ability/Critical Thinking:

This section had 40 questions. This section puzzled the candidates very much as all the questions were perception based. Go through the below table to know all about the topics asked in this section -
Topic No. of Questions Level
Logical Reasoning 15 Moderate
Puzzle 25 Moderate-Difficult
Total  40 Moderate-Difficult


20 questions were asked in this section. The level of the questions in this section was Moderate -difficult. Following table consists of the topics asked in Test of Reasoning -
Topic No. of Questions Level
Data Sufficiency 4 Moderate
Puzzle 5 Moderate
Inequality  4 Easy
Coding-Decoding 3 Moderate
Syllogism 4 Moderate
Total  20 Moderate

Quantitative Aptitude & Computer Literacy:

Quantitative aptitude comprises of 20 questions. The level of the questions was Moderate. This section also had questions of computer literacy. There were 10 questions from Quantitative Aptitude and 10 from Computer literacy. Check the below table to be aware of the topics asked in Quantitative Aptitude Section -
Topic No. of Questions Level
Computer Literacy 10 Easy
Misc.  10 Moderate
Total 20 Easy to Moderate

English Language:  

Topic No. of Questions Level
Sentence Improvement 5 Moderate
Fill in the Blanks 5 Moderate
Error Detection 5 Moderate
Reading Comprehension 5 Moderate
Total 20 Moderate

General Awareness:

Most of the Questions in this sections are asked from Static, Banking & Economic. Few questions were from Current and from Insurance sections. And we must say that most of the questions were asked from BSC’s CA Refresher. Overall this section was of Easy to Moderate level

Descriptive Test:
Essay: There were 6 topics asked in this section.
1. Portability of Health Insurance Sector in India
2. Explain Marine Insurance
3. Give brief of Baggage Insurance
4. Importance of Insurance for Hypertension Patients
5. Insurance and type of Fraud associated with it

Precise Writing:
1. Solvency and its effect on an Organization

1. Financial Management (5 Questions)

Questions Asked in GIC Assistant Manager (Scale - I Officer) Exam 2018 

  1. What is the minimum age requirement for a Lok Sabha MP? - 25 years
  2. Which cricketer has received 'Hall of Fame' - Rahul Dravid
  3. Palme d'or (Golden Palm Award) is related to which field? - Film
  4. Which actress won National award for Best Actress - Sridevi
  5. What is the plate colour for electric vehicles with the font in white Colour?- Green
  6. Largest flag of India is in which State?- 
  7. Vijay Prahar exercise is between which of the two? - Indian Army and IAF
  8. Which film has received Golden Globe award in the musical or comedy category?-
  9. Which State has signed MOU with Singapore for zenome2 - Telangana
  10. Who is the Chairman of Payment council of India?- Vishwas Patel
  11. ThyssenKrupp European steel operation has partnered with which company - Tata steel
  12. What is the name of the Railway app for missing children? - ReUnite
  13. Who is Minister of state for skill development ?- Anant Hegde 
  14. Karni Mata Temple, also known as Rat temple is situated in which state? - Rajasthan
  15. 106th Indian Science Congress is to be held in which state ?- Jalandhar
  16. What is the name of Himachal Pradesh chief minister? - Jairam Thakur
  17. Who is the Chief election commissioner- Om Prakash Rawat
  18. Who is one of the Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India- M k Jain
  19. Which continent has maximum countries - Africa
  20. Who is the first ODI captain of Indian women cricket team - Daina Edulji
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