Banking Awareness MCQs for SBI PO/Clerk Mains 2018: 12 July 2018

Banking Awareness MCQs for SBI PO/Clerk Mains 2018: 12 July 2018

Banking Awareness MCQs for SBI PO/Clerk Mains 2018: 12 July 2018

In every banking examinations, Banking Awareness section plays a pivotal role in scoring good marks in the section. It is very relevant for all the examinations. So, we are providing important Banking Awareness MCQs on the daily basis, which will certainly aid your preparation. Make most of it.
1. The small finance banks (SFBs) are mandated to open what per cent of branches in unbanked areas?
1) 05 per cent
2) 15 per cent
3) 10 per cent
4) 25 per cent
5) 20 per cent
2. Who among the following is the present chairman of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI)?
1) Devender Kumar Sikri
2) US Paliwal
3) Chandan Sinha
4) NS Vishwanathan
5) Madhusudan Sahoo
3. The State Bank of India (SBI) had first merged State Bank of Saurashtra with itself in which year?
1) 2002
2) 2008
3) 2004
4) 2006
5) 2000
4. The RBI’s revised PCA framework to cut risk for banks with weak balance sheets is effective from Apr 1, 2017. Here, the term PCA stands for
1) Prior Corrective Action
2) Preferred Corrective Action
3) Preemptive Corrective Action
4) Prompt Corrective Action
5) None of these
5. “Buddy” is an e-wallet launched by which of the following banks?
1) ICICI Bank
2) HDFC Bank
3) Axis Bank
4) SBI
5) Punjab National Bank
6. The Bank Boards Bureau (BBB) has evolved GRAF for public sector banks to ensure that they have the ability to compete with other banks. The term GRAF stands for
1) Governance, Reward and Accessibility Framework
2) Governance, Reward and Accountability Framework
3) Governance, Reward and Availability Framework
4) Governance, Reward and Affordability Framework
5) None of these
7. What is the objective of the government behind setting up a Minimum Export Price (MEP) for a particular commodity?
1) To promote import
2) To promote exports
3) To check price rise
4) To help exporters
5) None of these
8. Which of the following policies of the financial sectors is basically designed to transfer local financial assets into foreign financial assets freely and at market determined exchange rates? 
1) Capital Account Convertibility Policy
2) Financial Deficit Management Policy
3) Minimum Support Price Policy
4) Restrictive Trade practices Policy
5) None of these
9. Which one of the following may be the consequence of buying forex in the market by the RBI?
1) It leads to inflation
2) It leads to control over inflation
3) It does not affect inflation
4) It results into deflation
5) None of the above
10. What is meant by “Underwriting”, the term frequently used in financial sector?
1) Undervaluation of the assets
2) The act of taking on a risk for a fee
3) Giving a Guarantee that a loan will not become a bad loan
4) The act of permission to float an IPO
5) None of these
  1. 4
  2. 5
  3. 2
  4. 4
  5. 4
  6. 2
  7. 3
  8. 1
  9. 4
  10. 2
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