Static GK for PPSC Inspector Exam 2018 : 30 March

Static GK for PPSC Inspector Exam 2018 : 02 April

Static GK for PPSC Inspector Exam 2018 : 30 March

Dear students Advertisement for the post of Inspector Cooperative Society Punjab is out.This exam will be held in May/June 2018. & We have to start Preparation from now for PPSC Inspector 2018 exam as this is a golden opportunity for students who are aspiring for government jobs.In this article Aimsuccess & IBTS Institute Chandigarh, PPSC Inspector Cooperative Societies Coaching is Sharing Must do & most Important Questions for your exam preparation.

Q1. Which country has the most coal reserves?
किस देश में सबसे अधिक कोयले के भंडार हैं?
(a) Russia/ रूस
(b) India/भारत
(c) China/ चीन
(d) USA/ अमेरीका
S1. Ans.(d) Sol.More than 80% of the world's total proved coal reserves are located in just 10 countries. The US tops the list with more than a quarter of the proven coal reserves, while China, which ranks third, is the biggest producer and consumer of coal.

Q2. Venus is the _______ planet from the Sun.
शुक्र सूर्य से _______ ग्रह है
(a) 2nd
(b) 4th
(c) 6th
(d) 8th

S2. Ans.(a) Sol.Venus is the second planet from the Sun, orbiting it every 224.7 Earth days. It has the longest rotation period (243 days) of any planet in the Solar System and rotates in the opposite direction to most other planets (meaning the Sun would rise in the west and set in the east).

Q3. What is the capital of Australia?
ऑस्ट्रेलिया की राजधानी क्या है
(a) Copenhagen/ कोपेनहेगन
(b) Canberra/ कैनबरा
(c) Athens/ एथेंस
(d) Helsinki/ हेलसिंकी
S3. Ans.(b) Sol.Canberra is the capital city of Australia.It is Australia's largest inland city and the eighth-largest city overall.

Q4. Ashoka was an emperor of the __________ Dynasty.
अशोक __________ राजवंश के एक सम्राट थे
(a) Mughal/ मुगल
(b) Chola/ चोल
(c) Maurya/ मौर्य
(d) Gupta/ गुप्ता
S4. Ans.(c) Sol.Ashoka, or Ashoka the Great, was an Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty, who ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent from c. 268 to 232 BCE.

Q5. Which Mughal emperor imprisoned his father and executed his brother?
किस मुगल सम्राट ने अपने पिता को जेल भेजा और अपने भाई की हत्या की थी?
(a) Babur/ बाबर
(b) Humayun/ हुमायूं
(c) Aurangzeb/ औरंगजेब
(d) Shah Alam II/ शाह आलम II
S5. Ans.(c) Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad, commonly known by the sobriquet Aurangzeb or by his regnal title Alamgir, was the sixth, and widely considered the last effective Mughal emperor.

Q6. Piano was invented by ________.
पियानो का _______आविष्कार द्वारा किया गया था
(a) John Barber/ जॉन बार्बर
(b) Sir Henry Cole /सर हेनरी कोल
(c) Josephine Cochrane/ जोसफिने कोचरन
(d) Bartolomeo Cristofori/ बार्टोलोमेओ क्रिस्टोफोरी
S6. Ans.(d) Sol.The piano is an acoustic, stringed musical instrument invented in Italy by Bartolomeo Cristofori around the year 1700, in which the strings are struck by hammers.

Q7. What is the viscosity of an ideal fluid?
एक आदर्श तरल पदार्थ की श्यानता क्या है?
(a) Equal to its mass/ इसके द्रव्यमान के बराबर
(b) Equal to its weight/ इसके भार के बराबर
(c) Zero/शून्य
(d) One/एक
S7. Ans.(c) Sol.A hypothetical fluid having a zero viscosity ( μ = 0), Such a fluid is called an ideal fluid and the resulting motion is called as ideal or inviscid flow. In an ideal flow, there is no existence of shear force because of vanishing viscosity.

Q8. The SI unit of intensity of sound is ______.
ध्वनि की तीव्रता की एसआई इकाई _______ है
(a) watt per square meter/ वाट प्रति वर्ग मीटर
(b) joule per square meter/ जूल प्रति वर्ग मीटर
(c) newton per square meter/ न्यूटन प्रति वर्ग मीटर
(d) tesla per square meter/ टेस्ला प्रति वर्ग मीटर
S8. Ans.(a) Sol.Sound intensity also known as acoustic intensity is defined as the power carried by sound waves per unit area in a direction perpendicular to that area. The SI unit of intensity, which includes sound intensity, is the watt per square meter.

Q9. In present Indian Constitution  has how many Schedules?
वर्तमान भारतीय संविधान में कितनी अनुसूचियां हैं
(a) 4
(b) 8
(c) 12
(d) 16
S9. Ans.(c) Sol.World's lengthiest written constitution had 395 articles in 22 parts and 8 schedules at the time of commencement. Now Constitution of India has 448 articles in 25 parts and 12 schedules. There are 101 amendments have been made in the Indian constitution.

Q10. Who was the first Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha?
लोकसभा के प्रथम उपाध्यक्ष कौन थे
(a) G. V. Mavalankar/ जी. वी. मावलंकर
(b) सर्वपल्लीRadhakrishnan/ सर्वपल्ली राधाकृष्णन
(c) M. Ananthasayanam Ayyangar/ एम. अनंतसायानम अय्यंगार
(d) Dr P V Cherian/ डॉ पी वी चेरियन
S10. Ans.(c) Sol.Madabhushi Ananthasayanam Ayyangar was the first Deputy Speaker and then Speaker of Lok Sabha in the Indian Parliament. He was Governor of Bihar also.


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