Reasoning Puzzle for SBI Clerk 2018: 9 April

Reasoning Puzzle for SBI Clerk 2018: 9 April

Reasoning Puzzle for SBI Clerk 2018: 9 April

Directions (Q. 1-7): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
A group of seven friends S, T, U, V, W, X and Y has four males and three females. Each of them has a different type of watch, viz Titan, HMT, Rado, Fastrack, Reebok, Casio and Tissot, and each of them has passed out from a different college – GLA, HCC, PTC, RKC, GNC, SPDC and SRMC but not necessarily in the same order. None of the females has Casio or Titan. U has Rado and she has passed out from GNC. S has passed out from SPDC. T does not have Fastrack. W has Tissot and has passed out from HCC. X has Titan and has not studied in GLA. Y has Casio and has studied in PTC. The one who has Fastrack has passed  out from SRMC. The one who has HMT has studied in GLA. None of the female members has studied either in SPDC or in HCC.
1. Which of the following watches does V have?
        1) Casio                 2) Fastrack            3) HMT        
        4) Rado                 5) None of these
2. Which of the following combinations is true?
        1) U-Rado-GNC-Female
        2) S-Reebok-HCC-Male
        3) Y-HMT-GLA-Female
        4) W-Tissot-HCC-Female
        5) None of these
3. Which of the following groups has only female members?
        1) XVT                   2) WUY                 3) UVT          
        4) VST                   5) None of these
4. The one who has Titan has passed out from which of the following colleges?
        1) HCC                  2) GNC                  3) SPDC
        4) RKC                  5) Can’t be determined
5. From which of the following colleges did W pass out?
        1) PTC                   2) HCC                  3) RKC         
        4) Can’t be determined                      4) None of these
6. Who possesses HMT?
        1) T                         2) U                        3) V               
        4) W                       5) X
7. Which of the following statements is true?
        1) V has passed out from GLA college.
        2) U is a male and possesses Rado.
        3) X possesses Titan and has passed out from RKC.
        4) Y is a female and possesses Casio.
       5) All are true

Direction (Q. 8-11): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
A, B, H, K, M, P, R and S are eight team heads and are sitting around a square table in such a way that four of them sit at four corners of the square and face the centre while four sit in the middle of each of the four sides and face outward. B does not sit at any of the corners but sits second to the right of S. M sits third to the right of P. P is not an immediate neighbour of S. R and K are immediate neighbours of each other but R does not sit at any of the corners of the table. H is an immediate neighbour of neither P nor S.

8. What is the position of P with respect to M?
        1) Immediate left                2) Third to the right
        3) Second to the left            4) Third to the left
        5) None of these

9. Who among the following sits second to the right of K?
        1) M          2) B           3) A           4) S            5) H

10. Who among the following are the immediate neighbours of H?
        1) M, K                  2) B, R                   3) B, M         
        4) A, R                   5) A, K
11. Who among the following sit(s) exactly between P and A?
        1) Only B               2) K and R            3) Only H
        4) H and M           5) No one sits between P and A

Directions (Q. 12-13): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below
P, Q, R, S, T and W are six members of a family. They are Engineer, Stenographer, Doctor, Draughtsman, Lawyer and Judge but not necessarily in the same order. P the Engineer is married to the lady Stenographer. The Judge is married to the Lawyer. W the Draughtsman is the son of Q and brother of T. R the Lawyer is the daughter-in-law of S. T is an unmarried doctor. S is grandmother of W. There are two married couples in the family.

12. What is the profession of Q?
        1) Lawyer              2) Judge                 3) Draughtsman
        4) Doctor               5) Can’t be determined

13. Which of the following is/are a couple/couples?
        1) QR                                     2) TS             
        3) PS                                       4) Both QR and PS
         5) Both PR and QS

Answers will be updating soon…

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