Phrasal Verb Quiz Solution For SSC CGL Tier 2

Phrasal Verb Quiz Solution For SSC CGL Tier 2

Phrasal Verb Quiz Solution For SSC CGL Tier 2

Directions (1-15): In each of the questions, four alternatives are given for the Phrase. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the Phrase and click the button corresponding to it.

Q1. Set to
(a) To enter
(b) Determined
(c) Start
(d) Arrive
S1. Ans.(b)

Q2. Hold Out
(a) Resist
(b) Take care of
(c) Continue
(d) Distribute
S2. Ans.(a)

Q3. Fall in with
(a) Come with
(b) Release
(c) Agree with
(d) To fall
S3. Ans.(c)

Q4. Go down
(a) Be believed
(b) Carry on
(c) Reach
(d) Postpone
S4. Ans.(a)

Q5. Round up
(a) Crush under
(b) Arrest
(c) Defend
(d) To wander
S5. Ans.(b)

Q6. Take down
(a) Pretend
(b) Wear
(c) Write
(d) Pursue
S6. Ans.(c)

Q7. Work upon
(a) Influence
(b) Careful
(c) Be deceived
(d) Learn about
S7. Ans.(a)

Q8. Turn up
(a) Incite
(b) Take place
(c) Identify
(d) Cleanse
S8. Ans.(b)

Q9. Look up to
(a) Respect
(b) Endure
(c) Crush
(d) Come across
S9. Ans.(a)

Q10. Jump at
(a) Refrain from
(b) Accept happily
(c) Come over
(d) To jump higher
S10. Ans.(b)

Q11. Live off
(a) To die
(b) Means
(c) Source of income
(d) Confined to bed
S11. Ans.(c)

Q12. Lay by
(a) Save money
(b) Dismiss temporarily
(c) Plan building
(d) Pardon
S12. Ans.(a)

Q13. Look down upon
(a) Search for something
(b) Hate
(c) Like
(d) To check out
S13. Ans.(b)

Q14. Come by
(a) Get
(b) To lose
(c) To get angry
(d) To meet someone
S14. Ans.(a)

Q15. Wind up
(a) Affect adversely
(b) Bring to an end
(c) Form a habit
(d) Unusual
S15. Ans.(b)

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