Error Detection for SSC CGLE Tier-II

Error Detection for SSC CGLE Tier-II

Error Detection for SSC CGLE Tier-II

Directions (Q. 1-10): In the following questions, some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, then your answer is D), i.e No error.
  1. I don’t suppose A)/anyone will volunteer, B)/ will they ? C)/No error D)
  2. I am A)/looking forward for B)/ the day of my wedding. C)/No error D)
  3. “Can you cope up A)/with all this B)/work ?” he asked. C)/No error D)
  4. He served as President A)/of the Lions Club B)/ since fifteen years. C)/No error D)
  5. That was A)/the most unique opportunity B)/he got in his life.C)/No error D)
  6. There is A)/no place of you B)/in this compartment. C)/No error D)
  7. Mother Teresa asked a building A)/where she and her workers B)/could care for the poor people always. C)/No error D)
  8. Shelley is A)/superior than Byron B)/in his vision of democracy. C)/No error D)
  9. When at last A)/we got to the theatre, B)/the much publicized programme by the Bollywood stars was begun. C)/No error D)
  10. Several prominent figures A)/involved in the scandal are required to B)/appear to the in vestigation committee. C)/No error D)


  1. D; No error
  2. B; Replace ‘for’ with ‘to’.
  3. A; Delete the preposition ‘up’, because correct phrasal verb is ‘cope with’ that means ‘to deal successfully with something difficult’.
  4. C; Replace ‘since’ with ‘for’. Because ‘for’ is used to show period of time.
  5. B; It is not proper to use ‘most’ (superlative adjective) before the word ‘unique’. Therefore delete ‘most’.
  6. B; Replace ‘place’ with ‘room’.
  7. A; Add a preposition ‘for’ after the word ‘asked’.
  8. B; Replace ‘than’ with ‘to’.            
  9. C; Replace ‘was’ with ‘had’. Since, when two events happen in the past, we use past perfect for the event that happens earlier.
  10. C; Replace ‘to’ with ‘before’.

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