Sentence Fillers for IBPS Clerk Main

Sentence Fillers for IBPS Clerk Main

Sentence Fillers for IBPS Clerk Main

Directions (Q. 1-5): In each of the following questions a short-passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent (coherent means logically complete and sound).

Q1. In 1996, Siddharth Shankar Ray, who had taken over as governor of Punjab, called me to Raj Bhavan and said he was greatly disturbed by the allegations of extra-judicial killings. He told me, “I want these people (terror suspects) to be prosecuted in court and punished in accordance with the law.” Khalistani militancy was at its height and police were doing away with terror suspects, partly because prosecution was an almost impossible task: in the atmosphere of terror, there were hardly any witnesses willing to depose against terrorists. ________. Judges, too, lived under constant threat, making it difficult for them to function without fear.       
  1. Restrictions on grant of bail and extension of judicial custody, as prescribed in TADA, were approved by the Supreme Court, and this further helped in brining the situation in Punjab under control.        
  2. By law, it should not matter whether a victim is an ordinary person, a militant or a terrorist.        
  3. Victims of terror belonging to the same village as the accused would refuse to identify them in the court.               
  4. Thus, legitimate tools have to be crafted for dealing with the menace of terrorism.       
  5. Guilt or innocence can be decided neither by a Kangaroo court nor by TV studios, TV anchors or social media.

Q2. Various business, political and analyst circles are abuzz with questions about whether the Tata Sons board’s action in unceremoniously removing its chairman Cyrus Mystry followed the best business practices. ________. One section feels the Tata Group was right in removing a chairman who was not working in its best interests. The other, much bigger, group feels that Mistry has been wronged, as he was doing all it needed for the group’s profitability and growth.
  1. Obviously, all this did not happen overnight.
  2. If anything, it has created a clear divide in the corporate sector.
  3. With many of its firms doing badly, Cyrus’s handling of affairs did not gel with the group elders.
  4. Even though an expert panel is on the job to look for Mistry’s successor, in many ways, things are moving slowly at the Tata Group, as both sides are firing salvos at each other in a blame game and are on the brink of a legal battle.
  5. So what were Mistry’s faults?

Q3. On New Year’s Eve, an incident that can be only described as mass groping, took place in upmarket areas of Bengaluru. Though there were 1,500 policemen deployed in the vicinity, they apparently did little to dissuade the miscreants. Karnataka’s home minister, while condemning it, has bizarrely laid some of the onus on “youngsters who are almost like Westerners, copying not only western mindsets but also their dress”. ________. The least he can do is apologise, profusely, for his comment. Otherwise he should resign.
  1. This is tantamount to blaming the victim for the crime that was committed on her.
  2. Policing and administration have to be beefed up, but what is more important is a fundamental change in people’s attitude, opinion and ideas.
  3. It is easy to blame the minister and police, but wink at a deep inequality in social mores for men and women.              
  4. The state’s administration cannot afford to risk Bengaluru’s reputation as a city safe for women to work, live and commute in.
  5. Politics such as that of right-wing outfit Sri Ram Sena that goes around attacking women at pubs and the conservative ideologies, whether of Hindutva or of puritanical Islam, must be recognised as contributing to the nastiness in Bengaluru on New Year’s eve.

Q4. ________. Nobody can deny the convenience of net banking, wallets or cards. But, these are not accepted at all places and may not be useful when needed. We are just coming out of a major security breach with credit and debit cards, which impacted millions of card holders—debit and credit.
  1. People in India have innovative ways to overcome adversities and this adversity shall pass.
  2. One must use cards to gain from incentives like cashback and reward points.
  3. The need for cash is causing pain to those travelling within India and are unable to withdraw from ATMs or banks.
  4. The move towards a less-cash economy is beneficial for everyone and has its upsides.
  5. It is not enough to create an emergency fund and use it when crisis strikes.

Q5. Each ATM is connected to a host computer, which is fitted inside the machine itself. ________. The central server is the main brain behind the ATM and gives it instructions to perform various functions, including dispensation of cash. All the screen instructions in an ATM are sent from the central server.
  1. Once the withdrawal option is selected, the machine asks for the amount to be withdrawn.
  2. If the card is from the same bank it is known as on “on-us” transaction and, when the card has been issued by a different bank it is known as an “off-us” transaction.
  3. The central server recognizes the approval by the bank host and then issues instructions to the ATM to dispense cash.
  4. This computer is connected to the central bank server also known as the ATM Switch, which resides at the bank level.
  5.  The central server then checks the balance, debits the account for the amount and then sends instructions to the ATM to dispense the cash.

  1. 4
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 1
  5. 5

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