Sentence Correction Questions for IBPS RRB

Sentence Correction Questions for IBPS RRB

Directions (Q. 1-5): In the following questions, a sentence has been given with some of its parts in bold. To make the sentence correct, you have to replace the bold part with the correct alternative given below. 
1. We all know that the gold ornaments are of all weakness ladies.
  1. for all weak ladies
  2. weakness for all ladies
  3. weak of all ladies
  4. weakness of all ladies
  5. No correction required
2. I don’t know why everybody makes such fuss about few mosquitoes.
  1. such fuss regarding few
  2. such a fuss in respect of few
  3. such a fuss about a few
  4. such a fuss about few
  5. No correction required
3. The company has been struggling to hang onto its sales forces.
  1. hang out its
  2. hang up its
  3. hang back its
  4. hang around its
  5. No correction required
4. Magistrates are investigating a nationwide web of alleging kickbacks and illegal financing.
  1. alleged kickbacks and illegal
  2. alleged kick off and illegal
  3. alleging kick out and illegal
  4. allegedely kicking up and illegal
  5. No correction required
5. She rode on pillion of her son’s motorbike.
  1. on pillion in
  2. pillion on
  3. over pillion of
  4. at pillion of
  5. No correction required
6. This book is as much his handiwork as my, so far as the difficult and delicate task of translation goes.
  1. handwork as I
  2. handiwork as mine
  3. handiwork as me
  4. handworking as our
  5. No correction required
7. The realities of life are idealised by genius and given the form that makes drama, poetry or great prose.
  1. and gives the form
  2. and give the form
  3. and giving the form
  4. and given to the form
  5. No correction required
8. This epic has been an unfailed and perennial source of spiritual strength.
  1. has been an unfailing
  2. had been an unfailed
  3. was an unfailing
  4. is being an unfailed
  5. No correction required
9. The Mahabharat was composed of many thousands of years ago.
  1. of many thousand of
  2. many thousands of
  3. many thousand
  4. of many thousand
  5. No correction required
10. There are beautiful palaces and gardens and the lives laid are cultured and luxurious.
  1. laid are cultures
  2. led are cultural
  3. lied are cultured
  4. led are cultured
  5. No correction required


  1. 4

  2. 3

  3. 5

  4. 1

  5. 2

  6. 2

  7. 5

  8. 1

  9. 3

  10. 4

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