IB ACIO Exam Analysis 15th October 2017

IB ACIO Grade II Exam Analysis 15th October 2017

Intelligence Bureau (IB) ACIO is one of the prestigious recruitment drives among all the examinations conducted by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). The exams are being conducted in 1 shift (10 AM to 11 AM). The IB ACIO Tier 1 exam is scheduled only for 1 day.

The IB (ACIO) 2017 is being held in OFFLINE mode as usual but exam pattern has changed from last year (which was last held in 2015). So dear students, without much ado, let's get straight to the detailed  Exam analysis.

Let’s have the complete IB ACIO 15th Oct Exam Analysis 2017 for Tier 1 exams. This exam analysis based on the applicant’s feedbacks who have attempted the Intelligence Bureau examination.


IB ACIO Section Wise Exam Analysis 15th October 2017 

Now we will discuss here about the subject and section wise exam analysis for the IB ACIO Examinations scheduled for 15th October 2017. The exam pattern, number of questions, total time allotted, good attempts, and the difficulty level is being explained herein.

IB ACIO Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme 2017

Total Marks
Time Duration
General Awareness
252560 min
Quantitative Aptitude
General Intelligence
English Language

IB (ACIO) Over All Exam Analysis 15th October 2017

If we talk about the overall difficulty level of exams, then we can say the exam was Moderate. There were hardly any twist and turns found. 

Good Attempts
General Intelligence
General Awareness
Quantitative Aptitude
English Language

IB (ACIO) Exam Analysis Quantitative Aptitude

In Quant section more than 15 Questions out of 25 were based on Time and Distance Topic. So if you are not well versed with this topic, then there will be a substantial decrease in the number of attempts. Being a moderate section and assuming an avg student.

TopicNumber of QuestionsLevel
Number Series3Difficult 
Speed Time and Distance 12Calculative & Lengthy 
Compound Interest & Simple Interest1No Option was right
Average4 Easy but time taking
Sum of Series1 Easy
Percentages1 Easy
Time & Work1 Easy (based on garrison concept)
Ratio & Proportion1Easy 
Permutation & Combination1Easy  

IB (ACIO) Exam Analysis General Awareness

This came as a surprise where most of the questions were based on Current Affairs. Few questions were from Economics, Polity, History and rest of the General Awareness Topics. 
TopicNumber of QuestionsLevel
Current Affairs (6 months old)6Last three Months
Physics1Solar based 
Medival History3 Moderate
Computer2 Difficult
Indian Polity5 Based on Ammendments (moderate)
Economy 6 Conceptual

IB (ACIO) Exam Analysis General Intelligence

This was the only section students liked the most in the exam. Most of the students have attempted all the questions. 
  • Few questions were mismatched in Hindi and English part. 
  • There were no special surprise in this section.
TopicNumber of QuestionsLevel
Statements and Conclusions4Moderate
Arithmetic Operations5Moderate to Difficult
Number/Alphabetical Series4Moderate to Difficult
Coding – Decoding2Easy
Clock & Calendar2Easy
Blood relation1Easy
Distance & Direction1Logical
Pattern Completion1Easy
Logical Venn Diagram1Easy
Counting of figures2Difficult & No.of Straight lines was asked

IB (ACIO) Exam Analysis English Language

English language section was of moderate level. 3-4 Questions were based on Phrases. 
  • The pattern of Questions was different. 
  • No reading Comprehension & Cloze test was asked.
  • Many questions were based on Antonyms and Synonyms. 
TopicNumber of QuestionsLevel
One Word Substitution2Easy
Idiom Phrases4Easy to moderate
Antonym/Synonym6Difficult (pattern of questions was different from SSC CGL)
Fill in the blanks5 Easy 

If you remember any question from the exam, do share it in the comments section. 

Note: Only recommendation for aspirants who are yet to attempt IB ACIO Exam in the upcoming days/shifts would be – “AVOID NEGATIVE MARKING”.

General Awareness Questions Asked in IB ACIO Exam 15th October 2017

  1. 2017 lndia-ASEAN Youth Summit was held from 14th – 19th August 2017 in? – Bhopal
  2. Under project ‘Navika Sagar Parikrama’, which will commence in September 2017, a team of women officers of the Indian Navy would circumnavigate the globe on an Indian-built sail boat named? – INSV Tarini
  3. On August 18, 2017, which Asian country launched its first cyber court specializing in handling Internet-related cases? – China
  4. On August 18, 2017, Power Grid Corporation, announced that it will get a loan of $500 million from which international financial institution for its various projects? – Asian Development Bank
  5. Who among the following cricketer has continued to be the world’s top-ranked One-day batsman in the latest ICC ODI rankings, released in Dubai on August 18, 2017? – Virat Kohli
  6. Who among the following has won a silver medal in the javelin throw at the first World Para Athletics Junior Championships in Nottwil, Switzerland? – Rinku Hooda
  7. ‘Requisitioning and Acquisition of Immovable Property (Amendment) Bill, 2017’, a bill providing for amendment to the regulations governing compensation amount payable at the time of acquisition of immovable property by the central government was introduced in the Lok Sabha on July 18, 2017. This bill is an amendment to the original act that came into force in? – 1952
  8. A bill providing for setting up of the Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy in ______________ was introduced in the Lok Sabha on July 18, 2017? – Andhra Pradesh
  9. The best example of the extinction of species due to man’s intervention is?
  10. Which of the following utilises sunlight in a direct fashion?
  11. In Internet term WWWW, the 4th W stands for?
  12. IPv6 addresses have a size of? – 128 bit
  13. The Constitution of Indian recognizes?
  14. During which of the following Mughal Emperor’s rule, number of Hindus employees by Emperor’s Administration was the highest?
  15. The Mansabdari system introduced by Akbar was borrowed from the system followed in? – Mongolia
  16. Who among the following is said to have witnessed the reigns of eight Delhi Sultans? – Amir Khusrau
  17. The President of India referred the Ayodhya issue to the Supreme Court under which Article? – 143
  18. Right to privacy as a Fundamental Right is implied in?
  19. The interval between two sessions of parliament must not exceed? – 6 months
  20. With reference to inflation in India which of the following statements is correct? – Decreased money circulation helps in controlling the inflation
  21. Which of the following brings out the ‘Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Worker’? – The Labour Bureau
  22. ‘Golden Revolution’ is related to? – Jute
  23. A country is said to be in a debt trap if? – It has to borrow to make interest payments on outstanding loans
  24. With respect to GST, consider following statements GST?
  25. India’s currents account deficit in Balance of Trade is mainly due to?
IB ACIO Question Paper 15 Oct 2017 - Download PDF Here
The below mentioned IB ACIO Answer Key is made considering above IB ACIO 2017 Question Paper PDF attached. You can comment in the below section if you find any answer incorrect. We will look into this and update the same.
IB ACIO Grade II Exam Answer Key 15th October 2017

Quantitative AptitudeGeneral AwarenessReasoning AbilityEnglish Language

We anticipate your Best performance in the exam. Feel free to drop any of your queries/ suggestions in the comments section below. You can also share the questions asked in the exam in the same place. Stay connected for more information regarding IB ACIO Exam 2017. Follow us on www.ibtsindia.com or www.ibtsindia.com/ibtsinstitute.com

All the Best for your Next Shifts & Upcoming Exams.

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