SSC CGL Tier I 2017 Exam: Last Day To Challenge Wrong Questions


SSC CGL Tier I 2017 Exam: Last Day To Challenge against Wrong Questions

Dear Readers, As we all know that SSC has asked the candidates to file the errors on the response sheet for SSC-CGLE 2017 conducted in the month of August. So, this time we have decided to come to the rescue of candidates in reporting the errors from the response sheet. Also, there are some points on which SSC needs to rethink & change their way of functioning for the smooth facilitation of this huge recruitment procedure. To charge money from the students for the mistake that has been done on the part of recruitment agency is not at all fair.

In this article, we have shared Question IDs of wrong questions which are needed to be challenged. We have made the list of incorrect questions shift-wise with reasons. You can check your shift in the table given below.
Exam Date Shift ID Of Question Mistake in Question/ Answer
5th August Morning - -
Evening 128 No option is correct
Evening 134 Correct answer is option 3
Evening 171 Multiple options are correct.
6th August Morning -
Evening -
8th August Morning 18 Correct option is 4.
Morning 61 Answer is 2.
Afternoon 134 Correct ans. 2
Afternoon 121 Correct option is 2.
9th August Evening 223 No answer is correct.
Morning 67 Answer is 150. No correct option is given.
10th August Evening 211 Answer is wife. So, the correct option is 4.
Evening 236 Correct answer is Vena Cava. No option is correct
Morning 47 Correct Answer is Om Puri
Morning 20 Correct answer is 18. So, Option 2 is right.
11th August Morning 8 H29, No option is correct
Morning 15 No option is correct
12th August Morning 44 Correct answer is Option 2
Morning 19 No correct option is given
Afternoon 105 2 options are correct
Evening 212 2 options are correct
16th August Evening 264 No correct option is given. Question is wrong.
Afternoon 117 Correct answer is option 2
Afternoon 116 Option A should be the answer.
Afternoon 135 Correct answer is option 2
Evening 219 Wrong Question
17th August Afternoon 173 Answer is 20. So option 1 is right.
Evening 267 Slope should be 3, So correct option is 2
Evening 273 All options are wrong
18th August Morning 51 Answer is 9. No correct option is given.
Afternoon 148 No option is correct
Afternoon 119 All options are correct
19th August Evening 254 Answer is 200/7. No correct option is given.
Morning 16 Correct answer is 75. No given option is correct.
Morning 18 Answer should be option 1.
Evening 222 2 options are correct
Evening 285 Correct ans is option 3 "To release someone from blame"
Evening 213 Wrong Question
20th August Afternoon 171 Question is not correct. It should be Sec instead of Sin Sec.
Morning 19 All options are wrong.
Evening 219 No option is correct.
Evening 206 Two options are correct.
21th August Morning 64 Answer should be 121, no option is correct
Afternoon 118 2 is the answer.
Afternoon 119 No option is correct.
22nd August Evening 219 No option is correct.
Afternoon 176 2 options are correct
Afternoon 195 No option is correct. correct ans is
"The shopkeeper says that prices are shooting up alarmingly."

Note: If you feel like any question to be added then let us know at comment section with your response sheet attached. 

How to File Online Representations for SSC CGL Tier 1 2017?

  1. Click on the Following Link – Click Here
  2. Click on Click Here in the next page
  3. Enter Roll Number, Password and Exam Date
  4. Enter Submit
  5. Answer Key will display on Screen
  6. Representations will be accepted till 12th September till 5.00 PM

How to file Online Representation for SSC CGL 2017 Tier-1 Wrong Answer Keys?

  • Click on challenges on Top Right corner of Answer Keys
  • Roll Number will display on new window, Click to Proceed
  • A new Payment Gateway will open, candidates must pay fee of Rs. 100 for each representation
  • Candidate must enter all personal details as in admit card or application form
  • File Representations
  • Submit Representations by clicking on Submit Button
  • Representation of the answer key will be displayed on the Screen
  • Submit Representation by 5.00 am of 12-09-2017
We will update you another section's wrong question also. Please comment questions which you have reported with exam date, shift, Question ID and explanation. So that maximum challenges against the wrong answer key can be done.

Thank you.
Team AimSuccess
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