Questions Asked in DDA ASO Exam 19 September 2017

Questions Asked in DDA ASO Exam 19 September 2017

In this article, we bring you the Questions Asked in DDA ASO Exam 19 September 2017 which is important to analyse your exam. This will be beneficial for the aspirants who are going to appear for DDA ASO Exam on further dates.

Today is the DDA ASO Exam, & was held as a Computer Based Online test. So, Now it's time for DDA ASO Exam Review and Questions Asked. So that all other aspirants can get an overall and clear idea about exam pattern and difficulty level.

Questions Asked in DDA ASO Exam 19 Sep 2017  SLOT 1

Questions Asked from General Awareness

  1. Who is the CEO of Snapchat?
  2. Who was the Governor general at 1857?
  3. What was the duration of Rajya Sabha in MP?
  4. If President & vice President is not available then who takes the responsibility?
  5. Nector nuts nachos related to?
  6. Who was the First President of independence Bangladesh?
  7. Why India mixed economy?
  8. One question from Black cotton soil.
  9. Zen Nawesta is the holy book of whom?
  10. Nepolian burried at the bank of which river?
  11. Who is the writer of Malgoodi book?
  12. After independent Dr B.R. Ambedkar became?
  13. Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP) recently in news due to which reason?
  14. Hindi written in which script?
  15. cle 356- State Emergency
  16. Where was brexit referendum held– uk
  17. Shivajiraj Gaekwad is the second name of– Rajini kanth
  18. Diffusion Example – burning of incense stick
  19. What is Mariana Trench – Deepest point in Pacific Ocean.
  20. 8th schedule of Indian constitution consist of- 22 languages
  21. Which countries lost in WW2 –Germany,Japan,Italy
  22. Which of these is an Operating System
  23. Kalaryipayattu belongs to which state – Kerala
  24. Who is father of pentium chip – Vinod dham
  25. Who has been nominated for oscar maximum no. of times– Meryl Streep
  26. Founder of Google – Larry page
  27. Kenaru humpy associated with which field – chess
  28. Theme of How to kill a mockingbird- racism
  29. Drukair airline is in which country– bhutan
  30. Vinegar is also known – acetic acid
  31. Uttarakhand capital – Dehradun
  32. True about president of USA- can be elected only 2 times.
  33. Where will the next Olympic be held –Tokyo
  34. Contour lines – measures elevation
  35. Gautam Buddha first Sermon-Sarnath
  36. Recently Chile won which football Season – Copa America 2016

                        Questions Asked from Quantitative Aptitude

                        update soon

                        Questions Asked from Reasoning Ability

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                        Questions Asked from English Language

                        1. Para jumble- How to make salad? -In this you have to arrange the sentences of how to make salad.
                        2. Spelling Check: Connoisseur
                        3. Antonym: Imped
                        4. Idioms/Phrases: Blew to top view to anger
                        5. Fillers: _______ is mightier then sword?
                        6. Reading Comprehension:
                          1. RC (Reading Comprehension): Stephen Hawking
                          2. RC (Reading Comprehension) : Global warming (penguin related)

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