NABARD Grade-A Prelims : Exam Analysis - 5th Aug 2017 (Shift 1)

NABARD Grade-A Prelims : Exam Analysis - 5th Aug 2017 (Shift 1) 

The First shift of NABARD Grade ‘A’ Pre is over. As you know, the Paper consisted of Seven sections, viz, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, English Language, General Awareness, Computer, Economic & Social Issues, Agriculture & Rural Development and General Awareness for a duration of 120 minutes. Here is a brief analysis of the first slot exam.

Overall, the exam was of Easy to Moderate Level.

All the sections were easy, expect Agriculture and rural development that students found to be difficult.

NABARD Grade-A Prelims 2017 Over-All Exam ANALYSIS

English Language 19-23
Reasoning 13-17
Quantitative Aptitude11-13
Computer Knowledge16-18
General Awareness14-16
Economic & Social Issues23-27
Agriculture & Rural Development15-17

Exam Analysis for Quantitative Aptitude 

The level of quantitative aptitude was Easy-Moderate level. 
Data Interpretation was based on : Pie Chart
The Topics for Questions were:
TopicNo. of QuestionsLevel
Data Interpretation 8Moderate
Ratio & Proportion1Easy
Pipes and Cistern1Moderate

Exam Analysis for English Language 

This section had 40 questions for 40 marks. was Easy level. The Reading Comprehension was on the topic related to Argentina's Agriculture. The Topics for Questions were:
TopicNo. of QuestionsLevel
Reading Comprehension 10Easy
Fillers 8Easy
Word Usage
(Find the word that fits the best)
Error Detection 7Easy
Sentence Rearrangement6Easy

Exam Analysis for Reasoning Ability

The level of reasoning was also Easy. Sitting Arrangement Question Asked were based on Linear equations. The Topics for Questions were:
TopicNo. of QuestionsLevel
Sitting Arrangement  
Blood Relation
Machine Input Output
Logical (Inference)

Exam Analysis for General Awareness

Overall General Awareness Section was Easy. Aimsuccess One-liner GK / Static GK Section & Current Affairs Section helped students a lot as many questions asked were covered in the Articles already. Most of the questions were from current affairs of June and July.

Exam Analysis for Computer Knowledge

This section was for 20 marks. Overall this section was Section was Easy. Most of the questions were from the terms frequently used in the Internet, MS Office, and DBMS.

Exam Analysis for Economic & Social Issues 

This section was for 40 marks with questions focused on rural India. Overall this section was Section was Easy. Most of the questions were from economics part - GDP, Social Rights, Human Nature etc.

Exam Analysis for Agriculture & Rural Development 

This section was for 40 marks and very difficult in comparison to all other sections of this exam. Most of the questions were related to various agriculture components.

Question Asked in NABARD Grade-A Prelims Exam 05 Aug 2017 

General Awareness Question Asked in NABARD Grade-A Prelims Exam 05 Aug 2017 

  1. Dhola Sdiya bridge on which river and state ?
  2. Where is the headquarter of IUCN ?
  3. Where is the headquarter of World Bank ?
  4. What is the budget allocation amount of Fasal Bima Yojna ?
  5. Ranking of India in sustainble development index ?
  6. SAATHI by raiilway related question
  7. What does S stands for in PLSS ?
  8. Question related to Elevate-100?
  9. Where is ROWA wildlife sanctuary ?
  10. Question-related to North Natuna Sea.
  11. Rowa Wildlife sanctuary located in?
  12. Where is Dhola Sadiya bridge situated?
  13. Where was the surface to air missile, 'Spyder' test fired?
  14. Railways launched an app, SAARTHI. What does 'S' stand for?
  15. In 'ELSS', what does 'E' stand for?
  16. Where is the headquarter of IUCN located?
  17. G77 is related to?
  18. National Multi Commodity Exchange has been merged with?
  19. The budget of Fasal Bima Yojana?
  20. What is the deadline of Skill India Development Programme?
  21. Where was G20 summit conducted?
  22. Name of former Chief Minister of Assam, who passed away recently.
  23. Asian Dialogue location
  24. Question related to International Youth Day
  25. Which committee gave the term, 'Capital Account Convertibility'?
  26. When was the 2nd Narasimhan committee formed?
  27. What was the food grain production of India in 2016-17?
  28. What is India's rank in Sustainable Development Index?
  29. Question related to Education Committee.
  30. Elevate 100 scheme has been launched by which state?
  31. Question-related to UNESCO World Heritage City
  32. Human Development Index is published by?
  33. Question-related to India China trade amount.
  34. What is the Nominal GDP rank of India?
  35. Questions related to crop varieties.
  36. Headquarters of World Bank. 

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All the best for upcoming Exams !!!!

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