Most Important One Word Substitutions Beginning With E

Most Important One word substitution is one of the most important part of English section in SSC & Other Competitive Exams. In order to make it easy for all the aspirants,we have started our series named 'Master English ' in which we have already posted Idioms & Phrases. We are starting with One Word Substitution now. Go through the article and let us know if it is helpful for you. We also welcome your suggestions regarding our series Master English.

Important One Word Substitution Beginning with E


Meaning in Hindi: पक्का, कट्टर
Meaning in English:That surpasses other


Meaning in Hindi: सनकी
Meaning in English:A person with unusual or abnormal behaviour


Meaning in Hindi: मिर्गी का रोग
Meaning in English:A disease that causes a person to fall unconscious


Meaning in Hindi: द्वि-अर्थी
Meaning in English:One who uses ambiguous words to conceal the truth


Meaning in Hindi: उपाधि
Meaning in English:A phrase that refers to the character or quality of somebody or something.


Meaning in Hindi: चुटकुला
Meaning in English:A pithy saying or remark expressing an idea in a clever and amusing way


Meaning in Hindi: स्त्री स्वभाव वाला
Meaning in English:Having characteristics regarded as typical of a woman; unmanly


Meaning in Hindi: बिना तैयारी के
Meaning in English:
spoken or done without preparation.


Meaning in Hindi: क्षणभंगुर
Meaning in English:Lasting for a very short time.


Meaning in Hindi: पलायनवादी
Meaning in English:The definition of an escapist is someone who escapes from reality and retreats into fantasy


Meaning in Hindi: उपसंहार
Meaning in English:A section or speech at the end of a book or play that serves as a comment on or a conclusion to what has happened.


Meaning in Hindi: स्थानीय  रोग
Meaning in English:A disease regularly found among particular people or in a certain area.


Meaning in Hindi: समाधि-लेख
Meaning in English:A phrase or form of words written in memory of a person who has died, especially as an inscription on a tombstone.

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