How to write a Formal and Informal Letter in English for SSC CHSL

How to write a Formal and Informal Letter in English for SSC CHSL

SSC CHSL Tier II (Descriptive Test) Exam is going to be conducted on 25th June 2017. It is very important to know the correct format of formal and informal letter writing. In this article we have provided the correct formats with examples and some questions for your practice.Go through this carefully and share your feedback in comment section.

How to write a Formal letter?

A format letter must be taken seriously because it is written for business and official purpose. There are some points which should be taken care while writing a formal letter.
  • You cannot use contracted forms like didn’t, couldn’t instead use Did not, Could not etc.
  • You cannot use idioms in a formal letter.
  • Phrasal verbs ( A verb which has preposition like Find out, Go up) should not be used in a formal letter.
  • Imperatives like Do your work, send it soon should not be used in a formal letter.
We are going to provide you the format of a formal letter and elaborate it with the help of an example.

Format of A Formal Letter

Sender’s address (on the left top corner of the page)
Date (Just below sender’s address)
Receiver’s address
Salutation (sir, ma’am) if not sure about gender just write sir
Subject: (Mention the problem in 6 to 8 words)
Body of letter (3 to 5 paragraphs) 
  1. Intro
  2. Main content
  3. Conclusion
Thanking you.
Yours Faithfully/Truly
Name (Note: if not mentioned in the question just write ABC OR XYZ. Do not write your name)

Example:  You are niharika, write a letter to the editor of a newspaper complaining about irregular and inadequate bus service in your area.


House no. 121
Sector 88, Noida (U.P.)


The Editor
Hindustan Express
New Delhi


Subject: Irregular and Inadequate bus service in my area.

I am niharika, resident of Noida sector 88, through esteemed column of your newspaper I want to draw attention of the transport authorities towards the hardship faced by residents of sector 88 due to irregular bus service.
Every day many people take bus from this area to their workplace and many students also travel to their Schools, Coaching and Colleges in buses. But the existing bus service is far from meeting the requirement of people.
Most of the buses are preoccupied with the passengers from other areas by the time they reach our sector and they accommodate very few people of our area.
The situation is worse at peak hours because most of the buses do not even stop in our area and people get late for their work. The authorities are requested to introduce new buses to start from sector 88 as it would be a huge help to public.
I hope you will publish my letter in your esteemed newspaper and bring this problem to the concerned authorities.

Thanking You
Yours Faithfully

(Concerned Citizen)

More questions to practice
  1. Write a letter to a bank for the grant of a study loan to enable you to join a college.
  2. Write a letter to the commissioner of police inviting his attention to the number of thefts in your area. Also suggest measures to improve the situation.

How to write an Informal letter?

Informal letter, you can say more friendly one because You write informal letter to your friends, family etc. There are some points which should be taken care while writing a informal letter.

  • You use contracted form of words like Can’t,Didn’t etc. unlike in formal letter.
  • You can use idioms in an informal letter.
  • You can use phrasal verbs in an informal letter.
  • Use imperatives like do your work properly, Send me a packet of chocolates etc.
We are going to provide you the correct format of writing an informal letter.

Format of Writing an informal letter

Sender’s  Address (at the top right corner)

Salutation (My dear Father,My dear friend)

                             Good Morning/Hope you are doing well etc.
                             Body of letter (

With best wishes/With regards
Name of the sender

Example: You are Purnima / Pavan , living at 3244, Sarita Colony, Mumbai-32. Your friend Sunitha / Sanjeev has gone to Chennai due to the transfer of her/ his father. Recollecting the sweet memories of old times, write a letter in about 100 words inviting her /him to stay with you during the vacation. Also, mention the programme you have planned according to her/his liking.

3244- Sarita Colony
Mumbai -32
18th Dec., 2014

Dear Sanjeev,
Just a quick letter to know how you are getting on in your new set-up. You left for Chennai only a month ago but I feel ages since we met. I miss you a lot especially during the study hours when we used to sit together and discuss our doubts. Memories are still fresh -  going for a walk in the morning, playing chess on Sundays. I really miss all those sweet moments with you.
Why don't you drop in here during your vacations. We shall visit all the places we used have lots of fun. We shall meet our old friends and plan for a picnic. I am sure you will visit my place and won't disappoint me. Do write to me when you are coming. I shall pick you up you at the railway station. 
Convey my loving regards to your dad and mom. Nothing more to pen now.

With Best Wishes,

We hope this will help you in cracking SSC CHSL Exam.All the very best.


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