How to Crack Bank Exams by Self-Study at Home, without Coaching

How to Crack Bank Exams by Self-Study at Home, without Coaching

How to Crack Bank Exams by Self-Study at Home, without Coaching

Dear Readers,
Today, we are going to share how you can crack bank exams by self-study at home, without coaching. If you follow the correct strategy ad approach, clearing any bank exam by self study becomes comparatively easy. You just need to give your self-study proper direction and you can easily clear any bank exam in first attempt, even without coaching.

Bank jobs are one of the most reputed and sought after jobs of the country. Every year students in enormous number appear for various bank exams. However, only a handful make it to the final list. The ones who get through the exams to grab these jobs are not always the one who take coaching classes regularly.

How to Crack Bank Exam in first attempt without Coaching?

In order to clear bank exam at home, first and foremost requirement is to understand the pattern of the exam. Almost all bank exams today are conducted in 2 phases, namely, Preliminary and Mains phase, which is followed by Interview.
Exam pattern of almost all major bank preliminary exams is similar. The exam pattern followed for prelims is –
S. N. Name of Test Number of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
1. English Language 30 30 1 hour (60 minutes)
2. Reasoning Ability 35 35
3. Quantitative Aptitude 35 35
Total 100 100
Pattern of Mains phase varies from exam to exam. In some exams, time division is provided for different sections, while a composite time is provided in others. Subjects included in Mains exam include –
You can always find the exam pattern in the official notifications of the bank exams. You can also go through them on aimsuccess under ‘Studynotes’ tab of different exams in Study column. Once you are clear with the exam pattern, have a look at the syllabus of exams. There is usually a slight difference between the syllabus or prelims and mains exam. However, one should be very clear with it. 

What next after Exam Pattern and Syllabus?

Once you are clear with the exam pattern and syllabus, go for a self-analysis.
  • You are already aware with the syllabus of exam. Identify the topics that you are good and weak at.
  • This exercise is essential to strategize for the exam.
  • Set a proper goal along with time frame to ace the topics that you are not very good at.
  • You usually get about 2-3 months after notification, before the exam is conducted. Make sure that you have a proper plan for this time.
  • Do not procrastinate. The more you wait out before starting serious studies, the more you will ruin your chance of selection.
  • Clear the basic concepts of different topics first. Again, you can find the study notes of all the topics in the ‘Subjects’ column under ‘Study’ tab at the bottom of the app.
  • Study the concepts properly, because you will not be able to solve the question properly unless you are aware with the basic approach.
  • However, do not restrict your studies just to theory. Once you are done with the concepts, make sure that you attempt questions based on that topic.
  • Do not jump to the mock tests directly. You will only lose confidence if you don’t score well. Instead start with topic wise quizzes first. This will not only help you have a good hold over the topic but will also help you in a time bound practice.
  • After you have mastered at least half the topics start with mock tests.

Bank Exam Preparation: Self-Study Vs. Coaching

Ask yourselves a question first, what is done differently in a coaching that you cannot do on your own at home?

We’ll answer that for you. Apart from study notes, Coaching centres enable you to study regularly for a fixed amount of time, which you’re usually not able to do at home.

However, if you set your mind and heart to something once, nothing is impossible. Decide a time table for yourself first. It should not be too strict, just enough to make sure that you devote at least 6 hours on a regular basis to your studies. 6 hours out of 24 in a day isn’t too much to devote, right?

You can find all the study notes of different topics here on aimsuccess. We have various series like banking awareness, current affairs, static awareness that will help you prepare for General Awareness Section apart from subjective study notes. You can also go for the test series that are available for different exams. The only thing expected on your part is dedication and determination.
So, if you are a self-starter, get on with your studies now. Remember,

‘Your only limit is You’

So, push yourself. Get past the fear that if you do not join any coaching center, you won’t be able to clear the exam. You will, just study hard, with dedication.

All the best for your exams...

Team aimsuccess...!! 

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