English Quiz For IBPS PO

Question 1:

(A) Before measles immunization was available , nearly everyone in the US got measles. 
(B)Although less common , some persons with measles develop encephalitis, resulting in brain damage. 
(C) if vaccinations are stopped , each year about 2.7 million measles deaths worldwide could be expected. 
(D)More than 90percent of people who are not immune will get measles if they are exposed to the virus. 

(i) A , B AND C 

(ii) A,B AND D 
(iii) Only B 
(iv) Only C 

Question 2:

(A) The men look about with half shuttered eyes, rubbing the gold heavy chains like talisman around their wrists and necks. 
(B) Their wives are dressed in brilliant African prints and dazzling metallic outfits. 
(C) Everybody else are making cheerful preparation to go to places like Kenya, Malalwi or St. Mauritius 
(D) It has been implied that if wetried to tlk to anyone who opposes the president , the interview is off. 

(i) A and B 
(ii) B and C 
(iii)A, C and D 
(iv)B , C and D 

Question 3:

(A) The activists did not respond in any way and tried to defuse the situation peacefully. 
(B) The marine officer pushed two activists of the kerb into the street and knocked the phone out of the third activists hand. 
(C) He insisted that they moved their protest to the opposite side of the street 
(D) Throughout this outrageous incident , the activists maintained composure and did absolutely nothing to aggravate the situation 

(i) A and D 
(ii) B and C 
(iii) A and C 
(iv)B , C and D 

Question 4:

(A) A pale hand reached up slowly to comb a few errant locks of silver away from the general’s face. 
(B) falling back , terrified that he had just about killed his cloud , the silver warrior collapsed over the side of the seat and started crawling away. 
(C) if he was the reason cloud died, he could forgive himself 
(D) he could feel a painful pulse in his legs and couldn’t tell if he had them curled up under himself or spread behind him 

(i) C and D 
(ii) A , B and C 
(iii) A, B and D 
(iv)B and D 

Answers with Explanation:

1) Sentences A , B and D are correct. In C ,there is an error with respect to the use of the conditional. This is an example of unreal or improbable situation and provides an imaginary result for the situation. so we require the subjunctive past form from in the if clause. Moreover, the second part of the sentence that has the could + base form of the verb , gives us a clue.The correct sentence should begin as “ if vaccinations were stopped”  Hence (iv ) is the correct answer 

2) Sentence A has an error pertaining to the royal order of adjectives, according to which the adjective indicating observation(heavy) should preced the one indicating material (gold). B is correct in all respects. In C , their is subject – verb agreement error. Everybody should be followed by a singular verb and not a plural one. Sentence D expresses a supposition that is assumed as a fact, hence , in the indicative mood. The latter part of the sentence gives us a clue that the verb in the if clauses should also be in the present form – we try. so sentences A,C and D are incorrect.(iii) 

3) Sentences A and D are grammatically correct. In sentence B , the correct expression should be off the kerb , which implies that the activists were displaced from the pavements into the streets. There is another error in this sentence – we require the possessive form : activist’s and not just the plural. In C , there is an error in the subjunctive form of the verb. In sentences with verbs in the present subjunctive are in their base forms.so the correct expression in C should be : he insisted that they move.. Hence (ii ) is the right answer. 

4) Sentences A and B are grammatically correct. Sentence C denotes an unreal or impossible situation with hypothetical results. so we require the present unreal conditional from here. so the correct sentence should begin as: if he were the reason .. In sentence D, the reflexive pronoun (himself) and the possessive pronoun (him ) have been mixed in the same sentence , whicih resultsw in a parallelism error. The form has to be uniform in order to make the sentence correct. Hence (i) is the correct answer.

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