Complex Puzzle for IBPS / NICL AO Main

Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
There are eight friends, namely A, B, C, D, P, Q, R and S, studying in eight different centres of BSC in different cities, ie Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna, Bangalore, Faridabad, Ranchi and Gurgaon. All of them are sitting in two parallel rows containing four people each, in such a way that there is an equal distance between adjacent persons. In row 1 A, B, C and D are seated and all of them are facing South. In row 2 P, Q, R and S are seated and all of them are facing North. Therefore, in the given seating arrangement each member faces another member of the other row. (All the information given above do not necessarily represent the order of seating as in the final arrangement.)
P, who does not sit at any of the extreme ends, is sitting opposite the person who is on the immediate right of the one who is studying at BSC Bangalore.The person from BSC Faridabad sits at an extreme end but does not face the person from BSC Kolkata.S and R are immediate neighbours and neither of them faces B. There is only one person between C and D and that person is from BSC Gurgaon.A, who is neither from BSC Ranchi nor from BSC Patna, sits second to the left of B. B faces the one from BSC Mumbai. Q is not from BSC Faridabad.The person from BSC Ranchi is an immediate neighbour of the person from BSC Kolkata.There is only one person sitting between P and S. D and A are immediate neighbours. S is from BSC Kolkata.
1.Who among the following is from BSC Faridabad?
1) Q
2) B
3) C
4) A
5) Can’t be determined
2.Which of the following is true regarding Q?
1) He is not from BSC Patna.
2) He is not to the immediate left of the person from BSC Mumbai.
3) He is not sitting at any of the extreme ends of the row.
4) All are true
5) None is true
3.Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on the given seating arrangement and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
1) B
2) D
3) R
4) S
5) P
4.R is studying at which of the following centres?
1) BSC Patna
2) BSC Delhi
3) BSC Ranchi
4) BSC Bangalore
5) BSC Mumbai
5.C is related to BSC Bangalore in the same way as R is related to BSC Patna based on the given arrangement. Who amongst the following is S related to, following the same pattern?
1) BSC Ranchi
2) BSC Mumbai
3) BSC Gurgaon
4) BSC Bangalore
5) None of these
Directions (Q. 6-10): Read the information given below and answer the questions that follow.
A, B, C, D, E, F and G are seven members of a family. Each member of the family belongs to a different profession. There is a lawyer, a teacher, a doctor, a singer, an artist, an engineer and a tennis player in the family. All are sitting around a circular table facing the centre of the table.
  • I.  No spouse is sitting together.
  • II. In the family, there are four generations and three couples. D’s son is a doctor whose daughter is C, a singer.
  • III. The father of tennis player is not sitting next to any male. E and F belong to the same gender and F, the spinster, is a tennis player.
  • IV. A, the eldest person in the family, is a lawyer but the spouse of A is not a teacher.
  • V. The person who is an artist is sitting second to the right of the father of the person who is a singer.
  • VI. G, who is son-in-law of the teacher, is an engineer. F is daughter of the engineer. The doctor is second to the right of the person who is a spinster.
  • VII. The son-in-law of the doctor is not an immediate neighbour of the tennis player or the doctor.

6.What is the relation of A with respect to the Engineer?
1) Father-in-law
2) Mother
3) Mother-in-law
4) Father
5) None of these
7.Who is the unmarried person in the family?
1) Teacher
2) Singer
3) Tennis player
4) Engineer
5) Can’t be determined
8.In a certain manner four of the five are alike. Find the odd one out.
1) FAE
2) DGC
3) BAD
4) EGF
5) GED
9.Which of the following statements is true?
1) The tennis player is not an immediate neighbour of a male.
2) The doctor is a male and husband of teacher.
3) The singer is two places away from females.
4) B, D and G are male members in the family.
5) None is true
10.Who is the daughter-in-law in the family?
1) Doctor
2) Tennis player
3) Engineer
4) Singer
5) Teacher

  1. 3
  2. 5
  3. 4
  4. 3
  5. 2
  6. 5
  7. 3
  8. 3
  9. 2
  10. 5

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