Important Topics for BOB Manipal PO 2017 (Based on Previous Year Paper)

Here we are sharing  Important topics for Bank of Baroda Manipal exam 2017. Bank of Baroda is going to conduct the online examination for the selection of 1200 probationary officers on 27th May 2017. There are two phases in this examination  The first phase is objective exam followed by a descriptive exam . The second phase is interview and group discussion. The candidates who clears both the phases candidates will have to go through a PGDBF Program at Manipal school of banking. On successful completion of the program , the candidates will be posted as Probationary Officers at branches of Bank of Baroda across India.
This is  a very important exam for those who want to make the respectful career in banking as probationary officers. Now very less days are left for this exam. In order to maximize the utilization of this limited time for you , we are providing here Important tips for BOB Manipal Exam 2017 :

Exam pattern of BOB Manipal PO 2017:

The objective exam is an online exam of 2 hours which will consist of 200 questions. There are total 4 sections in objective exam of total 200 marks. There is  no sectional timing allotted in this exam. The objective test is followed by a descriptive exam. Descriptive exam will also be conducted online just after the objective test.

Go through the below table to have a clear idea about the pattern of BOB Manipal PO Exam 2017 .
Name of Section
Number of Questions
Maximum Marks  
Total time
Reasoning Ability
Composite time of 120 minutes
English Language
Quantative Aptitude
General Awareness (With special reference to banking industry)
Essay and Letter Writing
Composite time of 30 minutes


Important Topics for BOB Manipal PO based on previous year paper :

Reasoning Ability

Take a look at the below table to know the number of questions asked from each topic in reasoning ability section :
Number of Questions
5 Questions 
6 questions 
Input output
6 Questions
Puzzle and seating arrangement
18-20 Questions
Data Sufficiency
5 Questions
Direction Sense
3 questions
3 questions 
Logical Reasoning
4 questions
  1. Puzzles and Seating Arrangement : As you can see , puzzles and seating arrangement dominated this section by having a contribution of approx 20 questions. The same thing is expected this year also. If your aim is to score good in this section, it is very important to have a good hand on puzzles and seating arrangement. Linear seating arrangement and circular seating arrangement were asked last year.Practice questions in which persons are facing different directions , For example practice questions in which persons are facing north and south both directions and in circular , practice questions in which persons are facing both inside and outside direction.
  2. Inequality:  Inequality is a very important topic which is having a weightage of 5 questions in exam. The questions asked can be of direct and coded inequality. Practice a good number of questions before appearing for the exam to grab these 5 marks.
  3. Syllogism : Last year 6 questions were asked frm this topic. There is high possibilty of 1 set of syllogism this year too. Practice more questions of complex case such as , Possibilty cases , All can never be and other such complex cases. Also a new pattern of syllogism , that is known as reverse syllogism has been introduced in bank exams. There is a high probabilty that aset of reverse syllogism will be asked in BOB Manipal PO Exam. So practice a good number of question of this topi and also be very familiar with all the concepts of revere syllogism.
  4. Input Output : There were 5 questions from input output. Input output is an important topic for PO level examination. But no more simple questions of Input output are asked in bank examinations. Practice complex questions of Input output. Now in new pattern there is some coding decoding also involved in Input output questions. Practice these high level questions before appearing for the exam to score in input output question.
  5. Data Sufficiency : 5 questions can come from data sufficiency in this section. Data sufficiency is acombiantion of all the topics of reasoning. It is important to know all the concepts of each topic , if you want to score full marks in Data sufficiency questions. This include questions from blood relation , direction , ranking , coding decoding etc. Practice a good number of questions from this topic to solve them quickly
  6. Direction Sense : 3 questions were from this topic. This is a scoring topic , if you are well aware with the concepts. Practice difficult and tricky questions from this topic.
  7. Ranking : 3 questions were from order and ranking topic.  This topic is also easy and scoring and only based on formulas. Study the concepts well and score well in exam.
  8. Blood relations : 1-2 question can come from this topic. This topic requires a good knowledge of generation tree. Coded blood relation can also come this year. Practice ggod questions from this topic.
  9. Logical Reasoning : 4 questions were asked from logical reasoning topic. The topics included were statement and assumption , course of action , deriving conclusions from paragraph. This year you can expect 5-6 questions of logical reasoning. Do not ignore this topic while your prepartion. Study all concepts of topics of Logical reasoning. But in exam , attempt this only if you are sure about your answer. Do not involve guess in your answers , as this can fetch you negative marking. 

Quantitative Aptitude

Last year , following topics were asked of total 50 marks :
Number of Questions
Number Series
5 Questions
Quadratic Equation
5 Questions
5 Questions
Data Interpretation
20 Questions
15    Questions
  1. Data Interpretation: This is the topic which dominates the quantitative aptitude section.  Last year 20 questions were asked from this topic out of total 50 questions. In last year exam , line graph ,table , pie chart and caselets were asked. This year you can also expect the same. Also there are high chances of 1 set of Missing DI topic, so practice it well.
  2. Number Series : Number series is an important topic in this section. 5 questions were asked from this topic in last year’s exam. The level of number series can be high in this year exam. So practice different and unusual pattern of number series to score good in this topic.
  3. Quadratic Equations : Last year 5 questions were asked from Quadratic equations. This is a scoring topic which require good observation of equations and then good observation of the values of x and y.
  4. Approximation : Last year 5 questions were asked from this topic. You can also expect questions of simplification this year. Practice high level of simplification and approximation question to grab these 5 marks.
  5. Miscellaneous : 15 questions were asked from Miscellaneous topics. The topics asked were Partnership , mixture and allegation , percentage , profit and loss , time and work , and mensuration. Practice these questions well.

English Language

Below mentioned topics were asked in last year's exam : 
Number of Questions
Reading Comprehension
10 Questions
Cloze Test
5 Questions
Error Spotting
5 Questions
Para Jumbles
5 Questions
Double Fillers
5 Questions
Phrase Replacement 
 10 Questions
  • Reading Comprehension : This topic is very important for the exam. Last year 10 topics were asked from reading comprehension in BOB Manipal 2016 and the topic was based on Education system in all the shifts. Because it is PO level exam , so there will be no story based RC. There are chances of RC from the topics of economy important social issues around the world. You can easily score 4 marks in this topic by attempting the questions of vocabulary first.
  • Error Spotting : This question has come up as one important topic , as 10 questions were asked from this in last year exam. This is a must do topic which is scoring as well as takes less time comparatively.
  • Cloze Test : There were 10 questions from this topic in last year's exam. Cloze test was based on Technology in all shifts of BOB Manipal PO last year.
  • Para jumbles : There were 5 questions of moderate level in last year exam. Sentence rearrangement or parajumble is a important topic for this examination.
  • Double flllers : 5 questions were asked from the double fillers. These questions require a good observation skill.
  • Phrase Replacement : This topic is more like sentence correction topic. There were 10 questions from this topic last year. So you can understand how important this topic is for the upcoming BOB manipal PO exam

General awareness : 

General awareness section is of 50 marks. Last year this section was of easy level. This section includes question from general awareness with special refernce to banking and financial awareness. Static GK and Static banking knowledge is also an integral part of the section. Last year mostlyquestion were from current affairs. Some of questions asked in this section are mentioned below :
  1. Current CRR Rate 
  2. How many Indian companies are there in Forbes list
  3. HRD minister 
  4. Sbi mingle app
  5. Green bond
  6. Maximum amount in small account
  7. First GST state 
  8. Theme of World Humanitarian day 
  9. KAWAL Tiger Reserve 
  10. Interest rate on Loan to woman working group
  11. Small scale business range
  12. In Rio Olympics, who won bronze in wrestling 
  13. Inflation prediction by Government for the next five years
  14. No. of banks included in UPI
  15. New Development Bank headed by?
  16. Government Committee to monitor Border security
  17. Current Repo Rate 

Descriptive Test : 

This is a test of 50 marks , which starts just  after the online objective exam. In this you need to write one essay topic and one letter topic in 30 minutes. 3 topics will be given from each i.e. essay and letter writing and you need to choose 1-1 topic of your choice from each . 
The letter topics which were asked last year in all shifts were :
  1. Letter regarding Lokpal Bill
  2. Letter to Police Commissioner regarding Cyber Crime
  3. Letter to Newspaper Editor regarding Noise Pollution
  4. Letter to UN Secretary about Nuclear weapon.
  5. Letter to Newspaper Editor regarding enlarge the Reader section.
The essay topics which were asked last year were as following : 
  1. Is it right to pry into the lives of politicians and film stars ?
  2. Government initiative on startups
  3. Reality of Paid Journalism and its impact on Ethical Journalism
  4. Festival as a means of National Integration
  5. Interlinking of Rivers for food security
some topics are general and opinion based and some are related to current affairs of that time. The same pattern you can expect this year too. Be well aware about the current changes in society , government , new things introduced , new social issues , etc.
Important points to remember :
  • Make a clear idea in you mind of last year's BOB PO sectional and overall cutoff and attempt questions accordingly.
  • Make up your mind beforehand that which section you are going to attempt first, how much time you need to allot to each section. In this way , you will not feel confused during exam.
  • It is advisable that you should always start the exam from the section in which you are good. It will boost your cofidence. Do no start with the section in which you are weak , because it will make you you feel low in the starting of exam
  • Do not panic during exam if you find the exam tough. If it tough , then it is tough for everyone. Just keep attempting the easy questions with utmost accuracy.
  • Always focus on accuracy. Do not fetch negative marking for you.
  • Keep calm and give your best.
All the best for your exams.
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