6 Days Study Plan for NICL AO Prelims Exam 2017

6 Days Study Plan for NICL AO Prelims Exam 2017

Dear Readers,
Here we are going to share 6 days Study Plan for the upcoming NICL AO. National Insurance Company Ltd released the notification to recruit 205 administrative officers.The exam is scheduled to be held on 3rd and 4th June 2017. So with just 6 days left for the exam, you all must be preparing hard to confirm a seat in NICL AO. We are sharing this 6 days study plan so that you can utilize the remaining time in a best way possible.

In this one week ,you will need to have a realistic approach. One week is not enough time to pick up the very new chapters, but it is enough time to review what you have prepared and how can you make it stronger . Also it is enough time to be more acquaint with those chapters in which you feel less confident. In this way you’ll be ready to ace the big day. So go through the below article to prepare for NICL AO Prelims in 6 days :

Exam Pattern of NICL AO Prelims :

There are three sections in NICL AO Prelims Exam. The exam is total of 100 marks comprising of 100 questions. You will be given 60 minutes to solve these 100 questions. Take a look at the below table to know the exam pattern :
Name of Section Number of Questions Maximum Marks Composite time
Quantitative Aptitude 35 35 60 Minutes ( 1 hour )
Reasoning Ability 35 35
English Language 30 30
Total 100 100

We have already shared Detailed Exam Pattern and Syllabus of NICL AO Prelims 2017 in our previous article. Go through it to be more acquaint with this exam.

6 Days Smart Study Plan :

As you can see from the exam pattern, you need to cover only 3 sections in Prelims Exam. Since only 6 days are left to gear up for the exam,we will be focusing on those chapters more  ,which are the most important from the point of view of Exam.
Quantitative Aptitude
Reasoning Ability
English Language
Day 1
  • Learn tables from 1- 30 , Squares upto 50 and cubes up to 30. Revise the short tricks of finding square roots , cube roots and other such time saving tricks.
  • Pick up the topics of Simplification , approximation and number series. First Brush up your concepts and then apply these concepts in to questions.
  •  Try to solve different types of questions of different levels from these topics.
  • Cover  the topics  which are less complex as well as which are having a very good weightage in exam.
  • Cover topics of Inequality, syllogism and Alphanumeric series . Revise the basics and solve different level of questions.
  •  In inequality , cover both the patterns , direct pattern as well as coded pattern.
  • In syllogism , solve questions of syllogism old pattern as new pattern . The concepts for both the patterns are same. Only structure of question has been changed
  • Learn and revise the grammar rules of Tenses ,articles ,noun , pronoun , verb , adverb , adjective , adverb , Preposition , conjunction. Specially focus on Subject – verb agreement rules.
  • Solve the exercises of Error spotting, Sentence Correction and Sentence Improvement and note down the questions which you are not solving right.
Day 2
  • Focus on topics of Quadratic equations and also some important miscellaneous topics .
  • Clear the basic concepts of Average, Ratio & Proportion , Percentage , Profit &  loss , SI & CI and Problem based on Ages.
  • Solve enough number of question so that you can be familiar with most type of questions from these topics.
  • Choose topics of Blood relation, Direction Sense , Order & Ranking and  Coding-decoding . Try to practice difficult and complex questions of these topics.
  • Solve enough number of questions of new coding decoding pattern.
  • Focus on clearing the concepts of Phrase Replacement ,Cloze Test , Para jumble .
  • Your good grammar basics will help you a lot in these two topics.
Day 3
  • Dedicate this day to clear the concepts and revise everything in Data Interpretation.
  • In data interpretation , there are topics of Tabular Chart , Bar Graph , Pie Chart , Line Graph and Mixed DI.
  • Cover  each one of these in a dedicated manner .
  • Focus on topics of Input & Output and Logical Reasoning.
  •  From Input output topic , there are complex questions in exam , so pick up tough questions from  these topics.
  • Logical reasoning has various topics which are Statement & Assumption , Course of Action , Conclusion based on paragraph. Cover the concepts of each one of these accurately
  • Cover the topics of Fill in the blanks , double fillers , Odd one out , Sentence starter .
Day 4
  • Again give this day to solve data interpretation questions. Try to solve questions of different types and different levels.
  • Solve questions from previous year papers.
  • Cover miscellaneous topics of Partnership, Probability, Time ,speed & Distance , Time & work .Boat & Stream and Mensuration.
  • Give this day for Seating arrangement topic.
  • Pick up complex question of person facing in both direction etc.
  • Focus on Linear arrangement , Floor/Box Arrangement
  • The more type of questions you will solve before exams , the more speed you will get during exam in seating arrangement questions.
  • Focus on covering the topics of Para completion and Reading Comprehension.
Day 5
  • Solve the questions of miscellaneous topics mentioned above.
  • Cover Data Sufficiency Topic.
  • Cover all the topics under Puzzle chapter.
  • Pick up mixed puzzles to solve in which there are 2-3 variables to find out.
  • Try to solve more questions of scheduling based puzzle , Birth year based puzzle and blood relation based puzzle.
  •  Revise the vocabulary and solve more exercise of  Reading Comprehension
Day 6
  • Revise the topics of your choice.
  • Give one full length mock test and analyse it properly.
  • Revise the topics of your choice.
  • Give one full length mock test and analyse it properly.
  • Revise the topics of your choice.
  • Give one full length mock test and analyse it properly.

Master Tips to follow :

Mock Tests: Mock tests are key to success in examination. Solve as many mock test as you can, but try to at least give 4 mocks in these 6 days. Following are the key benefits of solving mock tests :
  • It will develop very good speed, which is key factor to ace competitive examinations.
  • You will be able to adopt proper Time-management Strategy  through solving mock tests.
  • You will be familiar with the current level of questions in Exam
  • You will learn to tackle the exam pressure.
Analysis of mock tests :  Analyze your mock tests very properly. It will you about your strengths and weak points. Accordingly focus on sharpening your strengths and Maintaining your weak areas in different sections.

Read English newspaper & articles regularly :  It is a must do thing to score good in English Section. All the topics of English section require good knowledge of Vocab and English Grammar. Through regular newspaper reading , you will accomplish both of these.

Keep yourself updated: Keep yourself updated with the changing pattern of questions. Do not just keep solving the old pattern question. After clearing the basic concepts push yourself to solve new pattern and complex questions.

Make a habit of writing Notes: Do not forget to note down important things you go through while solving different topics. The collection of important notes will help you a lot before exams.

Make revision the main aim in last days: Revision should be the main purpose in last few days. Revise topics which you have already studied.

Take proper diet and proper sleep: Don’t take tension. Take proper diet before exams and keep yourself hydrated. Take proper sleep so that you can study and giver mocks with a attentive mind everytime.

Have faith on yourself : Have faith on your capabilities. Do not think negative about the exam or result. Only prepare and revise in a dedicated manner.

All the best for your exams !
Team aimsuccess!!

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