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We have already seen five stories to remember important days till August month. Today let us see another story to remember important days which fall in the month of September. This Story is about Ahmad, who is working in a charity!!!

Once there was a charity in a village. Main objective of that charity is to improve literacy among the village people. Ahmad is a Hindi Diwas, working in that charity. He always used to teach the village people about three things. They are DemocracyPeace, and Ozone Layer depletion. One day he thought that nuclear weapons should be eliminated, so he went for a tour around the world to bring awareness about its effect. Unfortunately during his travel, he got affected by the disease Rabies and struggled a lot to recover. Because of the disease he couldn’t able to marry. His heart got broken. Finally he decided to write a story about his life and to translate it into different languages.

Observed AsDay
Charity DaySep 5
Literacy DaySep 8
Hindi DiwasSep 14
Democracy DaySep 15
Prevention of Ozone Layer DaySep 16
Peace DaySep 21
Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapon DaySep 26
World Tourism DaySep 27
World Rabies DaySep 28
World Maritime DaySep 29
World Heart DaySep 29
International Translation DaySep 30

  • National Tourism Day: January 25
  • World Tourism Day: September 27

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